13 Annoying Boyfriend Traits and How to Avoid Them

annoying boyfriend traits

Ever wondered if you’re an annoying boyfriend? Well, here’s a list and if you indulge in any of these, rest assured, you’re definitely an annoying boyfriend material. By Rene Marie

Ever considered yourself to be an annoying boyfriend?

Relationships are tricky, but some things are instinctive.

In love, boyfriends can be nice at times and at other times, they can be really annoying.

But seriously, there are a few things that most boyfriends do that are just not excusable at all!

So are you one of them?

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Are you an annoying boyfriend?

Here are thirteen stubborn and annoying traits of an annoying boyfriend.

There may be a few more, but these pointers definitely top the most annoying things boyfriends do.

#1 Take me in the ass

This is just not good. We’re inviting you through the front door, so why the heck would you try poking your way through the back door?

Remember, an anal bang may seem exciting after watching a lot of porno, but almost all girls hate that kind of thing.

It’s creepy and almost any woman who’s tried it would tell you she feels like rushing to the loo each time you take her by surprise.

It’s scary, knee buckling and just gross. So stop pestering your girlfriend constantly to try new things in bed that could freak her out or even scare her. Deep throat, well, that’s an annoying boyfriend question too!

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#2 Getting drunk on a date

Women just don’t like it when their boyfriend gets zonked out on a date. When you date a woman, remember your chivalry and understand that you have to protect her and take care of her. [Read: How to be chivalrous with a girl]

Drink, but never to the point where you can’t drive back home or stand up straight.

When you go clubbing and get wasted like a heap of dung, it scares your girlfriend. The man she loves and trusts to take care of her is unconscious and helpless, and that’s just unacceptable and shattering. Repeat it a few times, and she may leave your annoying ass on the dance floor and go home with someone else!

#3 When you’re indifferent or rude

Women hate this about their boyfriends. Most men can be so frustrating at times. Ask a man “how do I look?” and almost always, he says “nice, yeah… umm hmm…” or “how many times do I have to tell you the same thing?!” without even looking at his girlfriend’s attire for a second! [Read: What women want in a man more than anything else]

We know we’ve asked you how we look the last time we wore the same dress, but seriously, we like to be reassured and critiqued now and then. After all, we’re dressing up to look good in your arms. Can’t you help us feel good about ourselves when we’re going out? Is taking a few seconds out to help your girlfriend really too much to ask?

#4 Girlfriends don’t always need a sex machine

Every time we try to kiss you passionately or try to touch you all over, it doesn’t always mean we want you to take your clothes off in a flash and diveboard into bed.

We do love a good romp in bed, but sometimes we just want to have a good time feeling you up. It’s not foreplay, it’s sexy cuddling and girlfriends like it!

#5 When you get bored shopping

We understand that you take five minutes to pick an entire ensemble. Yeah, go nominate yourself for a world record. But you do understand that your girlfriend takes way longer than that, don’t you? So why is it always a surprise when you go shopping for more than a couple of hours with your girlfriend?

We don’t invite you to shop with us all the time, but on the rare occasion that we do invite you, do play nice. We’ll definitely give you a treat for being nice later!

#6 Exchanging glances with other girls

Now don’t get me wrong, your girlfriend doesn’t really care if you stare at another girl when you’re all by yourself. She may exchange glances at guys when she’s alone too.

But when you’re around your girlfriend, learn to respect her by not straying your eyes on every cleavage or butt that presents itself in front of you. Most guys just can’t restrict their ogling eyes even when they’re around their girlfriend and try exchanging glances with some other girl. That’s demeaning to girlfriends, and makes us feel insecure. After all, if you can stare hard at other girls in front of your girlfriend, who knows what you’d do behind her back? Now that’s definitely an annoying boyfriend trait. [Read: Why men really stare at women]

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#7 When you ask, but don’t listen

Do you really take your girlfriend seriously, and think she’s capable of giving you the right advice? Girls hate it when their boyfriends ask for advice, and then drift away, look lost or make up their own mind without even thinking about what their girlfriend has been talking about. You’d listen to your guy friends, so why do you assume your girlfriend is incapable of giving you a good solution to your problem?

Straight answer, ask us a question and listen to us when we answer it. Or just don’t ask us for our opinion! We really don’t like advising a damn wall. [Read: What girls look for in a guy to fall for him]

#8 Flirting with your girlfriend’s friends

We know men can’t resist flirting with a good looking girl. And your girlfriend does know when you’re flirting with one of her friends. Firstly, you’re being a jerk when you do that. [Read: Why men like breasts so darn much!]

What’s even more annoying is when your girlfriend tells you not to flirt with her friend, and you say you never flirted at all, and it was her friend who was hitting on you all the while. You know, if you ever say that, that’s the lamest no-balls excuse you could ever give your girlfriend.

#9 When you’re being a sexist

Men have epic egos, we understand that. But man up and accept that your girlfriend can be an achiever too. If she ever gets a promotion, do you tell her it’s because she’s sexy or because her boss likes her?

And secondly, when we’re trying to make a point or argue with you, don’t call us a drama queen or ask us whether it’s that time of the month. That’s just you being a sexist. If you can’t win a fight, don’t use a low blow. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for girls]

#10 Comparing your girlfriend to someone else

We hate it when you compare us out of the blue to your ex or even one of our friends. “Why can’t you dress up like your friend Suzy?”, “My ex used to do that for me all the time…”, “You know, my friend Kat is so much more understanding that you are…”

Now that kind of a conversation is never going to end well. And your girlfriend will just have one answer for you. Then go the f**k out with her! And yeah, that’s the last thing you’ll hear from her until you apologize. [Read: Should you stay in contact with your ex?]

#11 When you don’t take care of your girlfriend

When men get ill, they may be capable of dragging themselves into bed and lying low until they feel better. But it doesn’t work that way with women. We need and absolutely love a lot of TLC.

If you’re ever nursing your girlfriend back to good health, try to be nice around her. Girls hate it when their boyfriends say they’ll hang out with them and start to act cranky after an hour. When you’re spending time with a sick girlfriend, don’t neglect her completely and stare mesmerized at the television, don’t roll your eyes when she asks you for more tissues or a foot rub, and definitely don’t get grumpy or grumble when she asks you for a second bowl of soup. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures you could use everyday]

Doing any of that hurts your girlfriend, infuriates her and makes her feel worse. If you can’t take care of her, make an excuse and get out, if possible out of her life!

#12 Boyfriends who love to postpone chores

One of the strangest things about guys is their ability to sink into a comfy couch and become a part of the furniture within minutes. And once a guy is comfortable on a couch, it’s almost impossible to drag him out, for any reason whatsoever!

And when a girl gives her boyfriend any chore or requests him to do anything, he assures her that he’ll do it in a bit, and that never really happens. If you can’t participate in any chores around the house or even pick up after yourself after dirtying the entire living room, go back to your *bachelor pad* and build a beer pyramid. Why the heck would you annoy your girlfriend by being a lethargic walrus?

#13 The angry boyfriend and his shortcomings

Girls hate annoying boyfriends who blame their shortcomings on their girlfriend. It’s pathetic and really irritating. Ever lost your way and blamed your girlfriend because she didn’t give you the right directions? Suffered a stomach ache and blamed your girlfriend because she chose the restaurant? Or my personal favorite, lost your erection and got limp in bed in the middle of a sexual romp and blamed your girlfriend because she wasn’t *into it*? [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

If you’re blaming your girlfriend because you’re an angry idiot, seriously, man up and take responsibility instead of blaming your girlfriend for her food choice, her built-in GPS system or her sexual vibes, will you? [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her melt]

So how many of these things do you indulge in? A few or almost all?

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All boyfriends find themselves in one spot or the other in this list of things that annoy girlfriends at some point. But how much of an annoying boyfriend are you, really? Or do you know of any other things that annoy your girlfriend?

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38 thoughts on “13 Annoying Boyfriend Traits and How to Avoid Them”

  1. Mark says:

    I can assure you…every girl will say this is true but in reality, they will pick the guy who does everything opposite of this “list”. Btw, whoever wrote this is probably a really annoying girlfriend!

  2. Kerry says:

    I disagree with the getting drunk on a date. Yeah fine don’t get paralytic and falling down but seriously girls like a guy who can have fun and get drunk with them!

  3. James Dean says:

    I would never date whoever wrote this article. I don’t know if this is just my experience, but when I go shopping I usually don’t mean some kind of all day adventure. I mean lets try on some shirts, see how they fit and get on with our day. Half the stuff this girl says seems to have some personal undertones. Or maybe her daddy just didn’t love her, I don’t know. Dean out

  4. Woman says:

    Wow. Every guy ever is an annoying boyfriend. Males really shouldn’t have the rights of a human being. They act more like pets that you have to take care of. Like how you get a kitten because its cute, but then you realize that its a monster that constantly claws and bites you so you drop it off at the nearest shelter or give it away to a friend…

  5. Rach says:

    Lol @ guys who wouldn’t date a girl who agrees with this article. Just suck it up and accept it because contrary to what you might hope, most girls would feel this way.

  6. Liza K. says:

    I am absolutely floored by the first

  7. SexyLady says:

    Now I’m not sure if the writer has been there before or not. But I assume I’m not the only girl in the world who has’taken it in the ass’… yes it does make you ‘run to the loo’ afterwards. But during anal sex it is fanatistic!! And trust when I say that at first it hurts especially if you dont do it all the time, but then it’s superb, and causes orgasms from both private parts. lol, anyways I enjoyed reading the article but I believe some of it can be right annoying and others aren’t. I suppose it just really all boils down to each individual guy and girl and what they expect. Truly I don’t like taking it in the ass all the time but I don’t mind special occasions with my guy. I feel that we both have to compromise, give and take a little. So yep that’s my remark.

  8. Yes-chan says:

    Yeah, it seems to me that most points in this article were addressed in the article about annoying Girlfriends, of which I would not be surprised to learn the author is one. Clearly there is something personally going on in this article, and as a woman, albeit a young one, I’d have to disagree with at least eight of the authors points.

  9. Robert says:

    So according to this a “good” boyfriend should be a gooey whipped little b**ch? Which for one makes no sense because every girl want a bad boy and then complains because he treats her “badly”.

  10. Jen says:

    I dont agree with alot of this, i want a guy that is wonderful but has his flaws, a REAL man isn’t perfefct and a good girlfriend doesnt exspect him to be:)

  11. Marie says:

    I am a girl and do not agree with most of these things. Mostly follow #1, 6, and 10 and you should be fine.

  12. Sixstring says:

    “but sometimes we just want to have a good time feeling you up. It

  13. Temperance says:

    Just to add my 2 cents…..

    The traits are only annoying if done extremely frequently, or all at once. It really depends on your personal taste. As some have already stated, woman can like taking in the back, and to some, the indifference trait may not be that big of a deal. I’d suggest to follow this article as an opinion or general guidelines.

  14. tyler arrasmith says:

    i don’t come under any of the bad annoying boyfriend material if she is sick in bed i make sure that she knows that nothing is more important then giving her tlc

  15. Bad Boy says:

    Yeah… this really seems like an opinion based article. Although this article does point out most of the general things… it’s not a one size fits all situation.

    The most important thing is you make a truly honest effort and understand your partner. Because by doing that, you prove to her and yourself that you really care about her.


  16. Jason says:

    To “Woman”, a commenter above…wow. Just wow. Saying that men don’t deserve human rights is such a terrible thing to say. I’m sorry, but with that attitude, I don’t see many guys willing to date you.

  17. Milou says:

    The writer of this article seems like she’s a bit of a drama queen… Every mistake a man makes, every time he’s not a hundred percent involved, her advice is to just piss off and disappear out of her life? Respect goes both ways…
    The first entry just seems childish. A lot of women enjoy anal and in a healthy relationship a thing like that is discussed on forehand. I’ve never heard of a boyfriend (again, in a healthy relationship) ‘taking her by surprise’. If you (the writer) have had a lot of these ‘surprises’, you might want to consider not picking a badboy for a boyfriend, but instead going for a sweet one and realize your idea of a boyfriend has been skewed all along and you’ve been generalizing all this time.
    As for the shopping; just don’t drag him along? He’s not your accessory; if he doesn’t like shopping, accept that. He’s probably got some hobbies you don’t care for and hopefully he won’t drag you along to those as well. Or else just share your wish to go shopping together and listen to what he has to say. You’d be surprised as to what he’s prepared to do for you (without complaining) if you’re willing to listen to him and take his objections seriously, expecting the same from him in return.

    As for being sick? Getting some rest is the best remedy, but don’t act like your suddenly on your deathbed. Grow a pair!

    Stop being a drama queen and start listening and communicating. You’ll find that a true boyfriend will do the same.

  18. callum says:

    wow, so girls hate that guys hate getting blue balled? Serious give a light peck if you just want a kiss. Foreplay and no follow up, is annoying as hell. The writer of this article seems like the embodiment of every annoying girlfriend trait in one big annoying drama queen.

  19. kkk says:

    1. If she really wants to be taken in the ass or some other fetish, she will not tell you or bring it up. Most women play games with a mans mind. SO beware

    2. If u dont get ur drinks on and she likes to get them on, u might be considered insensitive.

    3. If u are not indifferent and rude but good to her and try to treat her right she will get bored of you and leave. Keep a bit of drama. All women are drama queens.

    4. GFs who want sex only when they want it and not the other way around is just sick and selfish. Remember a man is not a machine either.

    5. Shopping with ur GF can be fun ! keep it relaxed. Yes she can get annoying with her stuff but thats parcel of life. Else u will soon be single ! Remember that its a womens choice. She can get laid anywhere but u will have to make ur way back in the dating scence.

    6. Looking at other women is not that bad as most GF’s will have u believe. They look at men as well. The problem is them u start to comapre him/her with your bf/gf in your head. Dont go there.

    7. If u listen to her she will think u are a wuss. Most women want bad boys (at least the good looking ones do). Treat them like a fairy tale princess and she will leave u in no time.

    8. If course flirting with other women in not a good sign in a relationship. BUt WHEN WILL WOMEN UNDERSTAND; strange men are never nice to women for just being nice and helpful. Of course this comes down to trust in a relationship.

    9. Being sexist openly and in a mean way is somethign that turns a woman off. Most bad boys that women love are sexist but they charm the women with banter and hence get away with it. Nice guys, good guys who try to treat women in a true non-sexist manner end up in dissappointment.

    10. DO not compare anyone to anyone else.

    11. Take care of her and she will leave u. Play mind games, treat her good at times and bad at times (means keep the drama up, she will call its an exciting relationship) and u are in for good.

    12. If u do all chores she wants u to do, u are again out the window. Keep a good balance between what u do for her urself and what she wants u to do.

    13. The blame game is played by both sides. So please dont only blame boys. Women do it all the time.

  20. Alexis The Dragon says:

    2. Thats so true, that IS scary that one is very fair and true.

    3. Also so true.

    4. Definetly true, its nice just to cuddle and play and lay in their arms.

    5. we also have to not be self centred and want everything, guys just don’t like shopping most of the time, just let it go, they are human beings too you can’t expect them to worship the ground you walk on, that quick efficiency with their own shopping is a sign of what makes them so strong and efficient and secure and exactly what we need.

    6. I never really get that when they are with me, so its not something that happens in my experience

    7. I personally just consider that a signed contract so strangle my boyfriend, here here?

    8. Shit thats bullshit!? who does that? though in all fairness your friend might be flirting with him first, or they might have both did it at the same time, but it is still lame cause its no excuse to flirt back, but you should call her out too.

    9. Definetly

    10. *shrug* no ones ever compared me to anyone else

    11. thats selfish and tbh being kinda weak and not worthy of being a human being, sure your boyfriend should indeed be nice to you and I’d expect the same but you don’t NEED it.

    There are far inferior creatures that can survive ill in far inferior conditions, we are the pinnacle of evolution you CAN be fine with a cold all alone, you could be fine homeless.

    12. Its his house too, hes tired, let him have some rest, go lye next to him, also thats not mostly how men work, they dont do one little thing they’ll usually clean the entire house one day and get it ALL done, they wont do one little bit at a time or keep it in constant order.

    Thats our job, you can’t have everything and that big burst of activism i was talking about is what will be needed when we need to like renovate the house.

    13. definetly all except the last one of that point, it takes two to tango and if you are playing some kind of emotionless rape victim he may very well feel like some monster abusing you and turn him right off and also emasculate him if you just don’t care.

    Personally as a woman I do not understand any woman at all who can get like that its where i feel completely unique as a mans very light touch is literally electrical to me, it feels like my whole body is wracked with pleasure with the gentlest of touches yet i can’t cum for hours and feel numb if I’m alone and its myself thats doing it.

  21. Dawn says:

    My boyfriend does 1(sometimes),3,6,7,10,13…I wouldn’t use all those examples though, yeah I consider him annoying for many other reasons to but I love the man so damn much

  22. Pedro says:

    “#9 When you

  23. Joe says:

    Truth is a woman will never leave a man she digs. She will put up with all of this crap. She might bitch about it to her girlfriends or whoever but bottom line she is still there.

  24. Troy says:

    This is the dumbest fucking list ever…

    1. Take you in the ass— that’s what I like to do. if that’s not something you’re into well then okay great. But don’t vilify me for what I like. I don’t vilify you for not swallowing cum. It’s not your thing. Fuck it *shrugs* it is what it is.

    2. Getting drunk on a date– getting drunk to the point of not being able to stand isn’t a boyfriend thing, its an alcoholic thing.

    3. When you’re indifferent or rude— You think its annoying I wont tell you that you look nice in a dress I already said you look nice in? Ironically, you need to go look in the mirror. Cus bitch, it’s annoying that you keep asking me the same fuckin question. The problem is you need constant reassurance, not that I am annoyed at having to give it to you. You being insecure is your problem and you’re making it mine. It’s rude of you to keep forcing the issue when I let you know I don’t like to talk about a given topic/issue. And even though you know I don’t give a fuck, you want me to pretend like I do? No.

    4. Girls don’t always need a sex machine– If you touch a man all over, you have the reasonable expectation that he’s gonna want to fuck. To complain about that is stupid. Especially when you bitch about him liking anal sex. You wanna cuddle without sex AND not get fucked in the ass. That’s selfish. You wanna have your cake and eat it, too. Where’s my cake?

    5. When you get bored shopping— Bitch it’s cause I’m bored. If I could somehow not be bored, I would love for that to happen. But for me, shopping with you is b-o-r-i-n-g. That’s why i never wanna go. Be clear, no man volunteers to go shopping with his girl. We might be content to let you go shopping. We might give you money and send you shopping. But we never wanna go with you. You beg/guilt us into going knowing full goddamn well we don’t like it. THAT is whats annoying. And you won’t give me a treat for playing nice. What are you gonna give me? Some pussy? Pussy is not a treat. By fucking me, you’re not giving me anything that I’m not giving you in return, or something that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten anyway. Buy me some Jordans and then you’ll be speaking my language.

    6. Staring at other girls— First of all, girlfriends dont mind if I stare at other girls while I’m alone? Bitch, how the fuck would you know if I stared at another girl when I’m alone??? That makes no sense. And you would care if you knew about it. Heterosexual men want to look at hot girls. Heterosexual girls want to look at hot men. It’s a fact of nature. Accept it instead of trying to fight it.

    7. When you ask but dont listen— That’s not some boyfriend shit, that’s some people shit. Girls do that all the time, too. And guys do it to their guy friends all the time.

    8. Flirting with your girlfriends friends— You know men can’t resist flirting with a pretty girl, but you don’t know men can’t resist looking at them? Do you hear yourself? That makes no sense. Anyway, guys can resist flirting with pretty girls. We do it ALL THE TIME. if we couldn’t resist we would be flirting 24/7 because the reality is most guys would fuck most girls. The number 1 reason more guys don’t flirt more often is because of anxiety; we are nervous about approaching and being flirty with an attractive woman because we fear rejection. That’s an extremely common fact about men that women are oblivious to because you don’t really care to learn about men– you just care to give your opinion. That aside, you should not flirt with your girl’s friends. If she is flirting with you, you make it clear to her that that’s not okay.

    9. When you’re being sexist– In men’s defense, it isn’t always sexism. A lot of shit comes your way because you’re pretty. You would have to be an asshole for your girl to come home and say she got a promotion and then shit on her parade by saying “its only because you have big boobs”. Only a dick would say some shit like that. As far as arguments go, y’all often are drama queens and say nonsense shit. And it is due in large part to the fact that you’re a girl. This whole list has been a bunch of stupid ass shit that women think is a good point. This whole list thus far has been a perfect example. For your whole lives, men chose to not call you out some dumb shit or some bullshit you said because we’re trying ingratiate ourselves to you because maybe you’ll like us if we just agree with you. As a result, you have grown up believing a bunch of false shit and constructing bullshit arguments that you think are valid because they go almost totally unchallenged.

    10. When men compare– Fair point. That’s a shitty thing to do.

    11. When men don’t take care of their girlfriend– Nobody likes that shit. And nobody likes a complainer. If I agree to take care of you, I’m not gonna bitch about it. If I agree to go shopping with you (which I will never do) I won’t bitch about it. Take care of your girl in her time of need.

    12. Postponing chores– Fair enough. If you’re a slob, be a slob at your own house. Respect other peoples’ shit. That perfectly reasonable.

    13. Blaming your girlfriend– Also true. All of those are things that I’m not sure are characteristic of boyfriends rather than just general asshole behavior. But yea, I support accountability.

  25. MEOW says:

    i agree with #1. i always tell my bf “no” and he continues to try. and like an inexperienced sex idiot he ALWAYS, ALWAYS tries to surprise ram it in DRY. annyoing as hell.

  26. Blue says:

    Wow lol ok lets start:

    1. If you tried and told him you don’t like it ok. If he keeps asking ican agree. But you seem biased. If you judge it before trying calling it gross then that’s just disgusting. Don’t judge other peoples fetishes.

    2. I agree. I don’t know how to handle drunk people.

    3. I can understand. I’m insecure too. But then, there are the attention whores who ask just to hear that they are perfect when they already think that way.

    4. Lol if you don’t want sex then don’t tease and get a guy horny. Seems your a control freak who likes to hold a piece of meat in front of your dog, then eat it yourself. Yup, girls try to assert dominance in their own way.

    5. No no NO. Most guys hate shopping. Accept this. The best thing about shipping with a girl are the benches we sit on while the girl looks at every piece of fabric, tries half, then buys none (seems that what they are there for lol). If you don’t like video games, I won’t invite you to a gaming night, so please don’t do the same.

    6. I agree, I’m insecure too. But your kinda overreacting, saying it means they’ll cheat.

    7. I agree but your really sexist. I know tons of girls that ask just to get approval of what they already know they are gonna do. And when they don’t they try to convince the guy to agree. In the end his opinion is irrelevant and if they still disagree they get in trouble.

    8. I agree. But that excuse works. Your friends aren’t holy either. Maybe it’s their fault and they don’t want to be rude.

    9. I agree. But complaining about sexism when the first thing you say is “men have epic ego” is rather hypocritical. Go take a look in the mirror.

    10. I agree. But again, a girl trait too. Guys suffer from gender roles too. Maybe even more since we are supposed to “man up and not be a pussy and complain about it.”

    11. I agree. But again hypocritical. How many girls will go ballistics when a man will ask them to serve them? Lol, today, a guy giving a girl a foot rub is cute, when a girl giving a guy a foot rub is a humiliation.

    12. I agree. But there are some girls that can’t just relax and do nothing (my mother). No one likes to being told what to do and just because you decided to make this a clean day doesn’t mean we want to participate. Instead of humiliating a person by either being mad at them for not obeying you, or them obeying you. Plan ahead the chores or cleaning days and work as a team. Sometimes, guys say “later” just because you told them to do it and they don’t want to feel like slaves. Worst case scenario, don’t do anything either and he will eventually clean stuff himself.

    13. I agree but again. A girl trait too.

    Overall wow. While your not perfectly wrong, a girl that complain like that is more annoying then a guy with all those traits.

    Thank god I’m gay

  27. Helko says:

    #1: Not every guy wants to put his member in your ass. I’ve never dated a guy that wanted that. Don’t judge someone for such an innocent fetish. You are obviously a clueless idiot.

    #2: Who have you been dating? That’s just an alcoholic. Most guys don’t even do this.

    #3: Don’t ask the same stupid questions over and over again. You won’t have an angry boyfriend.

    #4: I’ve come across more horny girls in my life than boys. I’ve dated more horny girls. Dumbest stereotype ever. Just admit it was you that wanted the sex.

    #5: Guys have taken me shopping before. For video games, knives, etc. Just wanting to pop up in random parts of my life. You must be one really annoying girlfriend.

    #6: He’s human, he has the right to glance. Don’t even lie. You do the same thing.

    #7: When he asks, but doesn’t listen? You must have made your boyfriends go through absolute hell and back. He’s likely just asking for a simple favor because of all the shit he’s done for you. Not just shit he’s done for you, she you badgered him to do.

    #8: I never had a guy do this. Your boyfriend must really hate you.

    #9: If you got with a sexist guy, that’s because you’re a sexist whore yourself. If he wasn’t sexist to begin with, he must seriously want to leave you. Dumping your after the promotion. I wouldn’t want to celebrate for someone that bugs me.

    #10: I’ve never had a guy compare me to someone else. You got a promotion, but your boyfriend is leaving you for your friend or some other girl.

    #11: I never had a boyfriend that didn’t want to take care of me. Yes, your guy really hates you. Lucky for him you’re sick and can’t annoy him as easily. He can easily throw some canned soup, over the counter medicine, and a little bit of cash at you.

    #12: Understandable, slobs do suck. Wait, he postponed chores? So, he wasn’t always like this? Yeah, you’re just one super annoying girlfriend. He’s losing motivation because of you.

    #13: Because he can’t bear being with you. Seriously, grow up. I know immature girls like you aren’t after money, but they do waste time and money. They don’t even remember the stupid shit they got their partner to purchase. Heck, girls like you don’t even remember most of the shit they bought with their own money. I am a feminist and girls like you are annoying. Not every girl is like this, but girls like you.

  28. Jason says:

    Getting drunk on a date is unacceptable? Geez, I must have been doing it wrong forever. I can’t say I’ve ever met a girl in my college years who wasn’t up for getting wrecked in a nightclub and staggering home after the sun comes up on the Sunday morning. I suppose it’s different for women in their 30s who want something a little more serious, but I’m going to be living those days up until I’m

  29. bob says:

    Fuck off. The main reason I’m single is because women think they’re gonna tell me what to do and when. So just fuck off, no decent man is gonna do as you say, because they’re smarter than you and you’re gonna be the one doing as they’re told or shit isn’t gonna work. Think about what you bring to the table besides sex and companionship. The latter is worthless to men so get fucking, in the ass, deepthroating and do it right or be replaced. End of story.

  30. Boyfriend says:

    #11 When you don

  31. AdogA says:

    Yeah try having sex with someone who looks like they are not into it at all. Lime they just want it to be over with when sex used to be good or is usually good. How does that not kill an erection?

  32. Christy White says:

    This guy is funny as fuck and on point about this list. And made me laugh and chuckle from his funny as fuck comments about this list I think is some dumb shit too. I like it when he says “bitch _____bwahaha thank u for the laughs!

  33. Christy White says:

    LoL luvin this shit bout time men started tellin women what’s up and exactly whats gonna be expected from the girlfriend. I did straight forward and upfront type shit, versus hidden agenda and unspoken expectations..Now bitch its the way this is gonna be and if you don’t like it well go fuck fuck yourself…Again some funny ass shit we got going on here by these guys and their comments to this list of dumb shit! Hahaha

  34. Christy White says:

    LOL…my favorite one is number 8. Hahaha your bf must really hate you. Hell yeah funny ass shit!

  35. Christy White says:

    Truth right there

  36. Christy White says:

    Proves Joes point wouldn’t you say.. ????

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