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Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie – Picking the Perfect One

buying lingerie for your girl

Ogling at gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models is easy. Buying well-fitting lingerie for your girl is tough business. So how do you figure what to buy? Find out here.

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Knowing the different types of lingerie is always a good start.

But it is just as important to know what your partner prefers. The best way to find this out is by snooping into her underwear drawer.

Make a mental note of the type of lingerie that she has purchased recently.

Also try to find out the type of fabric and the color she prefers.

When you’re done with this, you would have a clearer picture of what she likes, and also what you could look for while shopping for that perfect present.

If your sweetheart doesn’t own any thongs, it probably means she doesn’t like that particular style of underwear.

A pointer while you shop for lingerie, never experiment wildly while buying lingerie, it’s always better to know her dislikes and likes and stick to it, rather than buying something she would not like to wear.

One of the mistakes that most men commonly make is that they buy lingerie that they want to see their partner in, rather than what their girlfriend or wife feels comfortable in. The big question you have to ask yourself is, what type of lingerie would accentuate the personality of your woman.

And what do you think would best reflect her personal style?

It’s also important to know what body parts your wife or girlfriend really likes about herself or is self-conscious about.

You might love her body just the way it is, but she may hate her butt or her tummy.

It helps if you could tell the sales person which areas you want the outfit to emphasize or de-emphasize, so you could pick the perfect one for your woman.

If you don’t want to make the mistake of picking the wrong size for your significant other, then you should pay a lot of detail to the size, particularly the bra size, panty size or the stocking size. You could get this by studying your sweetheart’s closet.

You might probably see a few numbers that you wouldn’t understand but these numbers are extremely useful when you have to select the perfect lingerie.

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4 thoughts on “Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie – Picking the Perfect One”

  1. Summer says:

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  2. Isabella says:

    As a woman who loves lingerie, PLEASE can I give men who want to buy it as a present advice?


    Seriously. The same woman can easily vary by 3 or 4 sizes, both between brands AND EVEN WITHIN THE SAME BRAND. So checking what sizes are in her draw will not help you to pick something that fits. Even if you go to exactly the same store (bra sizes vary hugely between brands, but even within the same brand the a 34C will vary between the different styles. E.g. I might buy one Agent Provocateur bra and be a 32D, but then if I try on a different style I might be a 32 DD and the 32D won’t fit). You cannot know what size to buy unless she comes to the store with you. I know this might ruin the surprise, but it’s a waste of a present to spend good money on something that doesn’t fit. Even if she really likes the design, it’s useless to her if the bra is too big/too small.

    Knickers sizes tend to vary between brands but rarely within them. Lingerie is a great present but I think that the only safe way to purchase it is to buy it with her (then you’ll get the right size and you definitely won’t buy something she doesn’t like!)

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