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Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

like a girl who has a boyfriend

What should you do if you like a girl who has a boyfriend? You can walk away or you can steal her from her own guy. Learn the art of girlfriend stealing right here.

Click here to read the introduction on how to get a girl with a boyfriend.


We’ve all heard stories of “I like a girl who has a boyfriend” and “Why is she going out with that loser when I love her so much”.

Fair enough, unfortunately, at times, some of the best girls in the world hook up on long term relationships with some of the worst guys in the world.

We’ve all seen it, and it truly sucks.

The girl you like has a boyfriend

So do you like a girl who has a boyfriend?

Do you truly love her and think she’ll be happier with you, than with her own loser of a boyfriend?

If you’re a better man than her guy, read on and find out everything that the H.U.Guy has to tell you about what you should do if the girl you like has a boyfriend.

And hey, quite frankly, unless you’re a better man, she’s not going to leave him for you!

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And once you’re through there, you’re ready for step three in the art of girlfriend stealing.

You’ve read about the obvious ways, the not-so-obvious ways and the sneaky ways of stealing a girlfriend. Now we talk about the five things you should never do while stealing a girlfriend.

Things you should never do while stealing a girl

When you’re trying out the earlier steps while talking to the girl you like, it’s easy to get carried away and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Unless you want to create irreparable damage, avoid these five things at all costs.

Never badmouth her guy

Do this at your own risk, risk of being thrown out of her field of vision. She would definitely not want to hear anything bad about her guy. After all, he is her guy and she does love him, still. Insulting her boyfriend also insults her. A little bit of humor is great, but overdoing it, especially at the cost of her boyfriend is something no girl would want to put up with.

Bumping in when she’s with her guy

Did she tell you she’s going out to watch a movie with her guy that evening? Then, don’t ever purposely bump into her at the movies. She may have a great time with you when it’s just the both of you, but bumping someplace just to meet her is a definite breach of privacy. It might annoy her a bit the first time, but a few times in a row, and you can say goodbye to her.

Don’t try to get physically intimate

I would kill you myself if you did that. Unless, of course, she starts it first or reciprocates your flirty touches with more wild flirting. [Read: How to touch a girl and excite her]

Touching a girl unnecessarily makes her feel cheap. Respect her private space and let her be comfortable around you. An accidental brush or a stroke of her hair when there’s something there is fine, but unnecessary rubbing of arms and cheeks is repulsive. Go get yourself a happy ending massage if you’re turned on by that.

Don’t try too hard

I know you really want to flatter her and impress her, but there’s a line. Just like there is in any other circumstance. If you like a girl who has a boyfriend, she may enjoy your flirting, but if you’re going to do that all the time, it would just be plain annoying.

Give her a chance to know you as the person you are, and don’t just focus on your overdone flirty charisma. Let her have a nice time with you. And don’t stare at her cleavage, or stare too hard at her in the first place. That’s going to creep her out. Definitely. [Read: How to compliment a girl]

Don’t ever, ever propose!!!

Gosh, you’d rather kill yourself than do this. Look, she knows you like her, and you know she likes being with you. But a direct “I love you” is a binder. It brings things back onto the spotlight, and it can make her feel uneasy around you.

A proposal from your end confirms in the open that you are interested in her only to hook up. Both of you know you like being around each other so why speak about it before it’s time? Let things stay as they are. You really can’t make her break up with her guy just by saying “I love you” to her. It could actually rip your relationship with her apart.

You may like a girl who has a boyfriend, but if you really want her, you have to play your moves as smoothly as you can. Or you’ll just go from “the girl I like has a boyfriend” to “the girl I like has walked all over me”! Click here to read about the last part in the series on do you like a girl who likes someone else.


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10 thoughts on “Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?”

  1. Suraj karki says:

    I just love this site.

  2. all you can do is talk, be nice, hold doors for her,

    be a gentlemen

    doing all the things that chivalry was brought up on

    is what would show a girl that you are good for her

    be there for her when she is down

    try to make her day better

    eventually she should realize that you are better

    if you truly are

    she should realize you care for her and that you will be better for her and that you would actually love her

  3. Dee Abraham says:

    What If I did these things, she ended up leaving er boyfriend, and 3 weeks later, out of nowhere, she is with someone else?

  4. Jerry says:

    Shit….at the beginning… She show interest In me even she have bf but just when I purpose to her by email….she stop emailing me and few weeks after call her saying I like her she said knows hen she answer she have bf…but she won’t tell anyone… Because its complicated she was my gfs friends friend……what I should i do I really like this girl. Guys my gf cheated several times and that’s my first time I really like a person after my gf….. And now I m more feelings with the girl more then my gf.. Can anyone help

  5. Obs Shadow says:

    She has a boyfriend also she loughs with me she has my number and she called me once
    Many other things i dont how can she do that if she has her boyfriend im confused help plzzzz

  6. Your guy says:

    This is such a fucked up world.
    The more I am ignoring her,
    The more she is taking interest.
    I am ignoring her on purpose,
    the purpose of getting her.
    And its working.
    Further, I do like her like heaven.
    And only I know what I am going through 8 months of ignoring her.

  7. annonamous14 says:

    I don’t really know how to start my post off because I’m only 14 and of how awkward my story is but I’ve super adored this girl for atleast 5 months now but she is going out with one of my very best mates for around 2 months now but she knows I like her but she rejected me and I cryed for atleast 3 days straight (im crying now whilst typing this) but I’ve taken in advice from this page and there’s some things I regret so much I can’t say like I pinned her against a wall when she took the Mick out of me but I have ADHD but that’s no excuse for doing what I did and if god exists I would beg him 24/7 to change everything I did wrong because I’d do absolutely anything for her. Now, here’s the bit that’s relevant to this page. Over the past week she has shown some flirty signs around me I.e: turning around and glancing into my eyes in class or whenever I’m around her and yesterday she followed me half way home with two of her friends and when I got on my driveway she said “bye, love you!” But I don’t know if she truely ment it, she was messing with her friends or she is just messing with my emotions. I just need an experienced person who may of gone through a simlar experience as me. I also want to explain that I have never had a gf before so she is my first person I’ve ever loved and therefore I’m not well equipped enough to deal with this situation and I can’t just keep it in. I also don’t want to tell friends or family or her because I’d just make myself look stupid. I also don’t want to force he to like me (if she does) I just want her to be happy.

    Thanks for reading its greatly appreciated

  8. Guy who needs help says:

    So there is this girl, and recently we’ve started working out and going out to eat a lot, and we both play volleyball so we have been helping each other get better. While we work out we flirt and touch each other and she is constantly laughing at my jokes, and I’m damn sure I’m not that funny. Anyways we text all the time and she says I’m cute and that I’m very sweet, and that she even misses me but here’s where it gets bad. She asked me if this was just a workout partner thing or if it was something more, so then I said that we are work out partners, then I said hopefully it could become something more. That’s when she told me that the situation she’s in right now is terrible and that she has a bf but he lives in a different state, so they never see each other. She says even tho she told me about that she really wants nothing to change between us because she likes spending time with me and going out to eat with me. She says she wants us to forget that we even talked about that. Then a little later she said and was curious when my last relationship was, so I told her and I honestly have no idea what’s going on, or what to do. Like I really like this girl so much and I feel like I would be better for her than her bf who lives so far away, but what do you guys think?

  9. Dakota Watters says:

    Honestly if you really “love” someone who is taken, you should respect their current relationship, and hope for the best of the two, and if they don’t last then be her or hise “savior” so to say, but if you really “love” her or him, love the fact they’re happy already. But never forget about your chances, whether or not it can happen; never forget that you do love her or him, and anything can happen always remember that.

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