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How to Woo a Woman: 17 Secrets to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

If you make all the moves on a woman but don’t get the reaction you want, maybe it’s not her. Maybe it’s you. It’s time to learn how to woo a woman.

how to woo a woman

Understanding how to woo a woman right, and get the girl you want isn’t an easy task. I know, in the movies it looks as easy as buying a sports car and calling it a day. But, let’s get real. Wooing a woman is an art form. You need to know the ways of women to know how to woo them. Makes sense, right?

How to woo a woman and make a great impression too

So, if you’ve been mostly sitting on the sidelines, watching the girls go by, never getting off the bench—it’s time. I mean, if you don’t try now, when will you? Let’s stop playing games and let’s get to the real juice of it all. If you haven’t mastered this already, then keep reading.

#1 Know your strengths. Tricky at first, but really look at yourself. What are your strongest qualities? Also, what are your weaker traits *don’t worry, we all have them*? By knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can work off of them when it comes to wooing a woman.

#2 Text her. I’m against texting, but I’m also not stupid. Texting is the new phone call. If you really like her, phone her, but in between the calls, text her. It shows you’re interested. Now, if she’s not replying, ease it up a bit. However, if she texts back there’s no limit to when or how much you should text her. [Read: How to text a girl you like and make her want you]

#3 Be available, but not too available. Women like attention. However, if you’re too available it looks like you don’t have a life which is also a worry. So, be attentive when you can. But don’t give her all your attention right away. You need to show you’re also busy with your life outside of her.

#4 Don’t get too creepy via social media. Add her as a friend, follow her on Instagram. However, don’t be that guy that likes her photos from eight years ago and comments on literally every single thing. It just looks a tad desperate, you know? Take it easy, man.

#5 Details. If you want to know how to woo a woman right, listen to the details. If she’s going into detail about something, she’s interested in that story and maybe there’s something to take out of it.

For example, she’s talking about some holiday she went on and mentions her favorite dish. Now you know what her favorite cuisine is for the next date. See? Also, she’ll be impressed by the fact that you listened. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that make girls swoon]

#6 Get her to meet the friends. Introduce her to your friends. It’s a pretty big deal if you introduce her to your friends. It’s one of the “tests.” Also, she gets an opportunity to see what kind of guy you are, because let’s be honest, you are who you hang out with.

#7 Put down your phone. As much as I want you to text her, when you’re with her, put your phone away. You can check it every so often because I know nowadays it’s impossible to go an hour without checking your phone. But, really, if you like her, you wouldn’t even want to check your phone.

#8 Don’t be a sourpuss. No one wants to spend time with someone always bitching and moaning about something. You’re not going to win her over.

She may think it’s cute in the beginning, but after listening to you complain for a couple hours straight, she’ll be glad the date is over. If you don’t like the activity you’re doing, try to look at it from another angle. Also, grow up.

#9 Be a gentleman. Women like men with manners. I, personally, don’t want to be chasing after some guy who’s ordering me around. You have manners, I know you do, so use them. Women like being around men who show respect and manners. It’s really that simple. [Read: The 10 most important rules of a gentleman]

#10 Treat her. Now, you don’t have to pay for every single date, but it’s nice to treat someone every now and then. Same goes for her, if she pays for your movie or dinner, that shows she respects and cares about you. Maybe I’m biased, but, I think it’s a nice move if the guy pays for the first date.

#11 Don’t suffocate her. We know that you like her, she knows that you like her, but you don’t have to suffocate her. No one wants to be choked with affection. Show affection, just don’t shove it down her throat. Let her have time to reciprocate her feelings.

#12 Get to know her. Take the time to get to know her. I know you think she’s sexy, but do you know her beyond the physical and small talk conversation? If you want something more with her, you need to see if she’s compatible with you. So, ask some deeper questions. [Read: 80 questions to ask before getting serious]

#13 Avoid the friend zone. You don’t want to be her friend, it’s quite obvious because you’re trying to figure how to woo a woman. So, don’t allow yourself to get stuck into the friend zone. This means you become a shoulder she cries on and that’s about it. If she’s starting to treat you just like a friend, pull out before you get taken for a ride. [Read: How to avoid a girl’s friend zone and make her desire you]

#14 Open yourself up. You’re going to need to make yourself vulnerable if you want to have a meaningful encounter with her. This means you need to open yourself up and share yourself with her. Don’t do this right away, but only when you feel like it’s the right time.

#15 Alone time. If you two always hang out in groups, it’s hard to have an intimate moment. So, make sure you arrange some one-on-one time with her. It doesn’t have to be fancy nor does it have to be a date. It could just be going for a walk, something simple.

#16 Respect her. If you don’t respect her then she’s not the one. If you have problems respecting women in general, seek some therapy to help you figure out why. But listen, if you don’t respect her now, you won’t respect her later. You waste her time and your time. [Read: Misogynist men – 18 signs you have a woman hater in you]

#17 Ask her out. If you’ve played it cool until now, it’s time to step it up and take it to the next level: the date level. That’s right man, it’s time to ask her out. If she says no, whatever. There’s an endless amount of women in the world. If she says yes, well, you’re already one step ahead now.

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Now that you know how to woo a woman, it’s time you went out into the big world and gave it a go. Practice makes perfect, ya know.

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