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How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Loves You: 20 Signs Beyond Words

If you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend loves you, you can ask her, but that comes with fear of rejection. Instead, look for these 20 behaviors.

how to tell if your girlfriend loves you

Wondering how to tell if your girlfriend loves you? The easiest way would be just to ask. But, if you are like the rest of humankind, putting yourself out there for that type of rejection is not the norm. Also, if you put her on the spot, there is no way to know if she just says it because she doesn’t want to hurt or lose you, or if it is really the way that she feels.

If you want to know how to tell if your girlfriend loves you, it is about more than just words. She speaks volumes you in the way she behaves and what she does.

How to tell if you girlfriend loves you: 20 behaviors that say yes

When a woman is in love, she admires the man of her dreams, would do anything for him, and simply can’t see anything but good in him. It isn’t that she can’t see his faults, she loves everything about him including those imperfect things.

Women behave in certain ways when they are in love. It isn’t just in what they say, but how they behave. If she says, “I love you,” then that should be the sign. But, if you either aren’t sure it is genuine or she hasn’t put herself out there yet, these are signs she’s smitten.

#1 She does small things for you to make your life better. When a woman loves someone, there is a primal need to care for those we love. If you find she folds your laundry the way you like, always makes sure to have beer in the refrigerator, or stops to get your dry cleaning on the way home from work, she tells you that she loves you. [Read: The 15 traits of selfless love]

#2 She does your laundry. If she does those little extra things around your place that she doesn’t even like to do for herself, then she showcases her domestic side for you. Whether conscious or not, we like to take care of the men we love and do what we can to make things easier for them. [Read: 11 keys to unlocking the mystery of women]

#3 She not only knows your favorite food, but she also attempts to make it. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A woman in love tries hard to please her man. One of the ways she might try, is to make your favorite dinner. It even counts if she picks up your favorite food carry-out if she knows that you had a bad day and wants to see you smile.

#4 She puts up with your family and friends even when they’re less than gracious. If she puts up with your family’s crazy ass shit and does nothing but smile, then that is love. There is nothing worse than dealing with your guy’s mother, especially when she believes that no one is good enough for her baby.

If she smiles through the passive aggressive comments and swallows them, believe me, she would rather rip her throat out. She does it to keep the peace because she loves you.

#5 She makes sacrifices to see you. If she would rather sell her tickets to her favorite band and spend the night with you, that says “I love you.” If all those things she cares about can’t touch you in her priority book, that is one way for how to tell if your girlfriend loves you.

#6 She puts your wants and needs above hers. If your work dinner takes precedence over hers or your family outings trump her friend’s party, that says “I love you” more than you know.

#7 She challenges you to be and do all that you are capable of instead of praising you all the time. Being a “yes, woman” is easy. It doesn’t necessarily say “I love you.” Someone willing to challenge you and be honest, even if it upsets you, loves you enough to be honest instead of just telling you what you want to hear. [Read: 25 clearest signs to know if you truly love her too]

#8 She praises you when praise is due without hesitation. A woman who loves you has no problem throwing out a compliment when it is due. Telling someone you admire them means you want them to know how proud you are of them.

#9 She is the first person you call when happy, sad, or in a jam. If you are her emergency contact, the person she tells her good and bad news first, and the person she relies on for support, that means she loves and trusts you. A heavy burden, yes. Love, yes.

#10 She tells you things about herself that might not be all that favorable. If she tells you her biggest failures or the things not so awesome about her, then she loves you enough to want to put it all out there. If you want to know how to tell if your girlfriend, keep this in mind because love means wanting someone to know the real you. Good, bad, and ugly.

#11 She has let the crazy out. We all have crazy. But, until we feel stable in love, we keep it in the closet. If she let the crazy out of the closet, then there is a good chance she’s been bitten by the love bug. [Read: 23 facts about love that will definitely blow your mind]

#12 She gets jealous when you talk about other girls, but not too jealous. A woman who is in love doesn’t want to hear how amazing you think other girls are. That is just the way that it is.

#13 She tries to mix things up in the bedroom. If she is willing to address your fantasy in the bedroom, that makes her super vulnerable. Someone who makes themselves vulnerable is in love, period. You wouldn’t put yourself out there to look or feel stupid if you didn’t love someone.

#14 She makes sure you are pleasured even when she isn’t in the mood. If she gives you blow jobs when she isn’t in the mood, she isn’t doing it for her. Ahem… she is in love.

#15 She has nothing but awesome things to say about you, to you and to others. If nothing but positivity and praise comes out of her mouth even when you aren’t in earshot, that is one of the biggest signs she is in love. We can all say nice things someone is listening. It is what we say when we don’t think they hear us that are the most honest. [Read: 20 moves to make any girl melt and want more]

#16 She defends you to the death verbally or physically. If she takes on anyone who either hurts you or says something ugly, that says I love you more than any words could.

#17 When you hurt, it is like she hurts. When you tell her your bad news, and she looks like someone just shot her bunny, she empathizes to the point where she considers her feelings an extension of yours. That is love, no doubt.

#18 Even when you are being a sniveling brat about being sick, she nursemaids you. Guys are the worst when sick. Either they play the martyr, or they walk around telling us how they are dying. Regardless of what type of sick patient you are, if she patiently waits on you, then that is love.

#19 She tells you to go on vacation with the guys when she would rather you go with her. If she recognizes you need some time apart from her and is okay with it, then she feels the type of solid love that withstands time apart. Not only is she in love, but she is securely in love. [Read: 20 ways to make your girl feel incredibly happy]

#20 She cares what you think about her, like really cares. She cares deeply what the number one priority in her life, the man she loves, thinks of her. If she goes to great lengths to please you and make you see that she is a good person, then she is in love.

Girls are usually an open book. As much as we try to play hard to get, sometimes it is harder than we are capable of. If you have a girlfriend that keeps the “I love you” under wraps, and you search for signs that say she’s been hit with cupid’s arrow, stop waiting to hear the words and hear what her actions are saying.

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Realizing how to tell if your girlfriend loves you is easy if you follow these 20 signs. If it looks like a spade, it is probably a spade. If not, then you might have to throw the cards down and see how they fall by saying it first and gauging her response is.

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