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How to Please Your Girlfriend and Make Her Feel Loved and Lucky

You want to put a smile on her face but don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. You really don’t need a lot to learn how to please your girlfriend.

How to Please Your Girlfriend and Make Her Feel Loved and Lucky

When it comes to know how to please your girlfriend, most men are looking at their bank accounts, worried they don’t have enough money to make their partner happy. And I’m not going to lie, there are women who equate love through expensive gifts and trips, but it’s not most women.

Of course, if you want to take your girlfriend on a trip to the Bahamas, I won’t stop you. It sounds like an amazing trip. But remember, while you can buy your partner gifts and trips, it’s not the only way to show how you feel.

There are so many other ways to make your girlfriend happy and show you care, most of them don’t cost anything. Yes, really! If you have pennies in your bank account, don’t worry. You shouldn’t see yourself as an inadequate partner. You just have to look at the other ways to make your partner happy.

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How to please your girlfriend

You can make your girlfriend happy without much. And if you use the tips on this list, there’s no reason why she won’t have a smile on her face. It’s the little things that count in learning how to please your girlfriend.

#1 Invest the time into the relationship. If you want to have a happy girlfriend, invest the time into your relationship. That’s the simplest and best way to please your partner. They chose you as their partner and vice versa, so why wouldn’t they want to spend time with you? Exactly. [Read: How to show commitment in a relationship and make your your partner feel secure] 

#2 Listen. Yeah, it’s really that easy. If you want to make your partner happy, actively listen to her when she’s talking to you. She wants a partner who engages in conversation with her, so listen. She’s not looking for someone with millions of dollars; she wants someone she can confide in and trust. [Read: How to spot girls who are gold diggers so you can avoid them]

#3 Give a genuine compliment. You don’t need to compliment her every five seconds to please her. She’ll know when your compliments are fake. When you feel she looks really beautiful, tell her. If you love the new dress she bought, tell her. Don’t be afraid to give a real compliment when you feel it inside of you. [Read: The 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life] 

#4 Show a little PDA. That is if she’s into PDA. You don’t need to shove your tongue down her throat at the supermarket to show her you care. Hold her hand, give her the occasional kiss on the cheek: these are small acts of affection that show her you care.

#5 Surprise! Not everyone loves a surprise, but if your girlfriend does, then a surprise is a great way to put a smile on her face and add some spark into the relationship. It doesn’t have to be a huge surprise. You can reserve a table at a restaurant she always wanted to go on, rent a hotel room in the city, or take her on a picnic at the beach. It’s the small things. 

#6 Take interest in her interests. Okay, you’re not the biggest fan of pilates, but she loves it. You don’t need to take a class with her *although you could*, but when she talks about it, be interested. This is something that’s important to her. And if it’s important to her, take an interest in it. [Read: 12 signs you’re being selfish in your relationship]

#7 Show your appreciation. She’s your partner. Like any relationship, sometimes we forget how much our partners do for us. Maybe she’s the one who cooks and cleans around the house, and if so, show her your appreciation by making her dinner one night or booking her a facial at a spa. Show her you see all the things she does for you.   

#8 Have a date night. You’ve been busy, she’s been busy, but it’s no excuse to put your relationship on the backburner. If you want her to have a smile on her face, take the time to have a date night with her once a week. That night, it’s only for you and her to have fun and relax. [Read: 20 effortless examples to make your girl feel incredibly happy]

#9 Do a little research about the bedroom. Showing you her care and love her is one thing. Another way to please her is in the bedroom. Do a little research of your own and figure out what she really enjoys. If she likes receiving oral sex, look up new techniques to help her achieve an orgasm.

#10 Stand behind your word. We’re all talkers. We all say things that we want to do. There’s only a fraction of us who stand behind what we say. Be that person. If you’re someone who stands behind their word and follows it with action, then she knows she can rely on you. And honestly, that’s huge. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship and love each other better]

#11 It’s really about the small things. There are only a couple of times in our lives where big things will happen. All the rest are small events and actions that get us to see our partner for who they are. You buying her a new car is amazing, but the time you cooked for her when she was sick is something she’ll remember forever.

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Understanding how to please your girlfriend shouldn’t be seen as this daunting task to overcome. When it comes to putting a smile on her face, it’s the little things.

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