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How to Impress a Girl on a First Date & Guarantee a Second One

Want to win her over? These 17 tips will teach you how to impress a girl on a first date and make her desperate for more.

how to impress a girl on a first date

Do you often find you date a lot, but she loses interest and doesn’t want to see you again? Or that you do everything you thought you were supposed to, yet she won’t return your texts or calls the next day? Maybe you’re missing a trick, and you need to learn how to impress a girl on a first date.

First dates can be pretty nerve wrecking for anyone. How you start out on a first date often sets the tone for the whole relationship, so enter it ready to impress her socks off.

How to impress a girl on the first date – 17 things that make all the difference

As they say, first impressions count, and this is incredibly true when it comes to dating. You may have already met her in person, or possibly only online, but it’s crucial to get it right when you first properly meet up if you want to keep her interested.

If you manage to ace the first one, you almost guarantee she won’t be able to get enough and will want to see you again. It’s just getting over that first hurdle that’s the hardest.

#1 Show up on time. Whether you’re picking her up or meeting her somewhere, make sure to be punctual. No one likes someone who doesn’t bother enough to show up on time. If you’re not there when you say you will be, then don’t be surprised if the rest of the date turns sour. [Read: Signs you’re ruining your first date unknowingly]

#2 Dress to impress. If you’re wondering how to impress a girl on the first date, remember that looks aren’t everything, but they do count for something. I’ve been on dates with guys who showed up in sweatpants or flip flops, and it instantly put me off. If you show up looking great, it shows her you think she’s worth putting in the effort.

#3 Be prepared. A first date is kind of like a job interview. Make sure you’re ready for what she may ask you. She wants to know about your background, what your friends are like, what your hobbies are, and what your aspirations are. Rehearse a little beforehand, so you know how to answer any questions she throws at you. [Read: All the ways to perfect your first date conversation]

#4 Truly engage with her. Take a genuine interest in her and her life if you want to make a lasting impression. Ask her questions about what she enjoys doing or what her family is like or where she went to school. Really listen to her answers. If you’re not that interested in her, she’ll pick up on it.

#5 Show off your personality. Try to be outgoing, chatty, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Some of the most awkward dates are when the other person is super shy and hasn’t got much to say from themselves. Don’t make her feel like she intimidates you or else you’ll kill the spark.

#6 Avoid being too cliché. It’s all good and well being on a date with someone who’s thoughtful. But try and avoid being too cheesy with over-romanticised one-liners or cliché gestures, like pulling her chair out for her or always referring to the waiter as “Garçon” *not joking, this happened to me once*. Be genuine and caring, but don’t overdo it. [Read: How to be romantic and sweet, without being overly corny]

#7 Don’t overbrag. Even if you live a super impressive life, don’t let your ego get the best of you, especially if you’re trying to impress a girl on the first date. There’s nothing worse than being on a date with a dude who won’t shut up about how amazing he is, how much money he makes, or how many women want to sleep with him. Humility is a desirable quality, so make sure she sees you have it in spades.

#8 Laughter is the best medicine. Everyone loves to feel like they connect on a certain level when it comes to humor, so laughing at her jokes goes a long way. Just make sure not to go overboard. It comes across as desperate and makes her feel like you’re fake.

#9 Show her chivalry’s not dead. Being a gentleman doesn’t mean showing up in a three-piece suit and opening doors for her everywhere you go. It just means being polite, kind, not interrupting when she’s talking, and showing her your kind-hearted and generous side. The way you treat others is what you get back, so if you’re a sweetheart she’ll reciprocate. [Read: The code of modern chivalry]

#10 DON’T mention your ex. This is a big first date red flag when it comes to knowing how to impress a girl on a first date. There’s no reason to mention your ex in any context on a first date, even if it’s to tell your date you’re still friends.

It just comes across like you’re comparing her to your ex, or that you’re not over your former relationship. And if your date asks about her, mention it briefly and honestly, and then move onto another topic.

#11 Make decisions. Take control and make suggestions. Don’t wait for her to make all the moves. Maybe visit that new trendy restaurant, or bring her to your favorite spot in the city and show her around. Don’t be indecisive and respond to everything with “I don’t know, what do you want?”. People gravitate toward confidence, so don’t be subdued. [Read: Top 50 first date ideas to wow your date]

#12 Take it slow. If you find halfway through the date that you do really like her and want something more, don’t start being too pushy or acting sleazy. I’ve had many a date that started out great. Then, it spiralled into the guy trying to coerce me back to his place. If you take it slow, chances are she’ll be more interested in getting to know you on a second date.

#13 Don’t sit in silence. Comfortable, temporary pauses aren’t bad, just make sure you don’t sit for extended periods in awkward silence. Be confident and strike up a conversation or share a witty joke to break the ice. It loosens the atmosphere and hopefully makes her smile. [Read: 20 questions to ask on a first date for the best conversation]

#14 Put your phone away. If you spend most of the night constantly checking your phone, or whatsapping your friends, you completely turn her off. No one likes being on a date with someone who’d rather be on social media than engage with them. Be attentive—update your status once you get home.

#15 Avoid all the first date no-nos. If you want to secure a second date there are certain things you must make sure you go nowhere near. The main ones: don’t be rude to the wait staff, don’t tell sexist jokes, don’t give back-handed compliments, and don’t have poor table manners. These are all things to avoid in general life anyway. Definitely don’t make them a habit when you go on dates. [Read: 14 charming ways to totally impress a girl on the first date]

#16 Don’t be awkward when the bill comes. When you get the check, make sure you show at least an indication of willingness to pay for it, even if you expect her to pay for some of it. If she’s a decent person she’ll offer to split it with you or pay for her half.

Don’t just sit back and tell her she’s paying for all of it. You wouldn’t want her to be presumptuous about you paying for all of it, so don’t do it to her. [Read: 12 proper social etiquette rules that redefine modern manners]

#17 Be open minded. If she wants to go for a moonlit stroll, orders a few extra shots, or wants to catch a last minute movie—go with it. The more open to trying new things and being spontaneous, the better. Being closed off or unadventurous is a sure-fire way to turn her off. So be fun and daring if you want to win her over.

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First dates can be a bit intimidating, but with this guide for how to impress a girl on a first date, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming an unstoppable dating machine. Get out there and snag yourself a follow-up date!

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