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Is it Bad to Stare at a Woman’s Breasts?

is it bad to stare at breasts?

Is it really bad to stare at a girl’s breasts? Are there any health benefits of staring at a girl’s cleavage? Also, what do women really think when they catch you staring at their breasts? Find out here.

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Firstly, if you think that you shouldn’t be doing it, don’t.

It’s definitely not good to stare at girl’s breast or her cleavage, especially if you’re out of their league, perhaps because of the age difference, or some other reason. In every possible manner, staring or trying to read a woman’s tee shirt is rude.

Staring at a woman’s breasts, like Seinfeld once said, “…is like looking at the sun. You’re supposed to just take one peek and then look away!”

All men know this, women love shopping. They love shopping for good clothes that accentuate their assets.

Some women however, like to wear as little as morally possible. Maybe it’s because they get hot and sweaty easily, or because they’re allergic to some sort of clothing, or perhaps they just like the way they look in ‘little clothes’. Obviously, it’s not because they want to attract your annoying eyes, is it?! No no… they really don’t want that.

Or at least that’s how they behave when men stare at them. So the next time you get a sudden urge to stare, look away after taking a small look at her breasts or her tee shirt.

Respect her decision to look good and don’t look cheap by staring at her like you’re a horny zombie!

Do women like it when you stare at their breasts or look down their cleavage?

Women may like it when men stare at them, but they look for a few specific types of men. Women call this select breed of men “Cute” or “Hot”. Other men and unappreciated men are called “perverts”. These include losers, droolers, morons, and touchy feely men with hands in their pants, especially in parks and lonely streets.

Says Jennifer, 24 “I don’t mind when guys that I appreciate, stare at me. It can feel good at times, especially if I want him to take another glance.” But what about staring at her breasts? “Well, I guess men do that anyways. If it’s a good looking guy, then I wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t hurt to know that a cute guy likes your body, does it?” she says.

Most women though, feel uncomfortable about it. Some of the younger ladies, especially ones who have just started getting the attention of men, hate the fact that their shirts fit so well. But the ones who have overcome that phase of their lives, realize that men look at women’s tee shirts whether it fits well or not, so what the hell! The men are going to look anyways.

Health benefits of staring at a woman’s breast

Surprisingly, it has now been proved that staring at a pair of good looking breasts is actually really good for your health! Great news for girl watchers, it is proved that ogling at women’s breasts is good for a man’s health and can add years to his life, medical experts have discovered, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Just ten minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female such as Baywatch actress Pamela Lee is equivalent to a 30 minute aerobics work out!

There are several doctors and scientists out there who have proved that staring at a good pair of bosoms everyday for just ten minutes can actually extend your lifetime by almost 5 years! Doctors now encourage men to watch these women in movies, and in shows that enhance the assets of women. But then again, there are several others who say this research has no strong grounds or proof and was probably conducted by a bunch of pervs who wanted to “legalize” staring at boobs.

But whether it’s good for your health or not, it doesn’t mean you should just ogle at any woman who passes by you on the street, instead save all your drooling stares for the movies or television shows.

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21 thoughts on “Is it Bad to Stare at a Woman’s Breasts?”

  1. fibrizerura says:

    chicas sexys del cobae martinez de la torre
    delete plz

  2. Jerry says:

    Women should not show their cleavage or breast if they don’t them to be looked at. Why do they show them?

  3. Chris says:

    I have friends who are female and i personally asked them “Why do you like to show cleavage” every one of them answered Duh “So we can get a cute guy to talk to us” “seriously do you think a cute guy would walk up to us if we are wearing sweats and a sweat shirt or a t shirt and pants not showing any cleavage at all? Hell no they won’t!!!

    Men want to see “Legs” Breast/Cleavage Hair done nails done High heels short skirts. I’m not talking about look like trash im talking about looking Good Smelling Good.

    Their last and final words were “Us women love it when men notice us” “We love it when they look at us especially if their on a dinner date and they can’t keep their eyes on their on date” “This shows we are better looking than the woman they are with”

    Case Closed! Women show cleavage because they want to attract men!

  4. sean says:

    Breasts are just so pretty, us men cant help but stare. ^_^

  5. Samwise says:

    I like t when men stare at my breasts it makes me feel appreciated and the ‘accidental’ boob graze. Just be covert and respectful?

    Like pay attention to what I am saying and all that. Soooo if you can multitas? Go for it 😉

  6. Magic Cleavage says:

    Most women like admiring glances but but not extended staring.

  7. Homer O. says:

    A purely technical question, no sexism: What is the intended purpose of showing an ample cleavage other than making men looking at it with pleasure, and women with jealousy? What sense does it make to extend a bait and scorning men for taking it? I am a man, and my spontaneous reaction to an invigorating view of a cleavage is a slight friendly smile; what can be wrong with this? Latino women seem to have the most natural attitude attitude to this.

  8. jake says:

    I like a well developed woman,and one with curves(as opposed to stick figures) as much as the next guy,but I simply do not get the breast obsession. They are Mammary glands,designed to feed children,not sex objects. You guys need to pay more attention to what is inside a woman’s brain instead of what is inside her bra. In other words. MAN UP,GROW UP,and show women(your mamma was a woman,remember) a little respect.

  9. Flon says:

    In my opinion i find it very disterbing specialy if i was talking with a woman who is showing cleavage its very difficult to keep looking at her eyes while having a conversation There alot of clothing styles that could cover a womens cleavage so their is no excuse for showing cleavage dress modernly not trashy or in a bad way and for me when i see a women showing cleavage it gives me a bad impriation of her , sorry for my english its not the best

  10. jarvis302003 says:

    Shut up you mangina. If guys want to look at women’s breasts, then they will look at them. If women don’t guys looking at their boobs, then they need to quit showing them off. YOU GROW UP. It’s funny how the guys who “disrespect” women and act like jerks can get laid while butt-kissing white knights like you don’t.

  11. DD slut says:

    I am not sure why some girls get all defensive! If your not wearing revealing clothing then ok I can understand not wanting people to look but if I am wearing a low cut shirt its because I want people to notice and look!

  12. Thee General says:


  13. Thee General says:

    Agreed girls who wear shirts like that want us to look… Its all the new age bullshit feminism that is trying to brainwash women that all men are bad

  14. Thee General says:

    Agreed. Amen

  15. bccream says:

    It is basic biology female to attract and male to get attracted, no matter how all they can deny it is plain common sense. The only tricky part is they are very selective again its biological, so those whom they are not attracted to they call them perverts. Call it a hypocrisy but that is how female brain works.

  16. Sridevi Priyan says:

    I’m actually a ‘boob man’ and usually make it a point to take ‘at least’ a quick look at boobs of women whom I talk to or just come across. Although I personally love big tits, and get turned on by them instantly, I do enjoy the look of breasts that are smaller/ perky. My fantasy has been to explore ‘both sides of the aisle’ and that too on the same bed.

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