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Dirty Secrets from your Past

Secrets you should Hide from your Girl

We all have dirty secrets and even dirtier exes! But should you reveal all your secrets to your woman and come completely clean? Is it good to confess or is it better to bury your secrets and forget all about it?

You’re totally in love with this girl you’ve been seeing since the past few months.

She loves you a lot, and thinks you’re one of those guys who are squeaky clean. Everything’s just perfect.

But there’s one small stain. You’re not as clean as she thinks you are. So what do you do?

There’s no peace of mind and you’re wondering if you should reveal your sordid past to her. But then would it really help you, or would she just detest you? This thought can haunt you forever.

More than the way she’ll react to what you have to say, you might be worried about what would happen if she finds out about your deeds from some other source.

It is scary because this little thing that you overlooked could drive a deep wedge and cause a huge breach of trust.

But at the same time, if you don’t say it soon enough, she might just end up uncovering your deepest secrets and scream those words you wish you would never have to hear, “Why did you hide them from me for so long?!”.

There’s not much you can say when she says this, nor can you do anything to smoothen her creased brows.

Should you tell her?

Now before you open your mouth and strengthen your relationship with your honesty, you need to think about a few things. Will your saying this improve your relationship and help her trust you more, or would it just make things worse?

Would she be devastated if she heard this piece of information from someone else? Does she have a right to know this or can it pass?

Once you’ve answered these questions truthfully, then it’s time to make your decision.

If you’re suffering from an STD or something along those lines, then it’s obvious she should know all about it. Do you have some sort of a secret addiction? Or are you overdrawing off an empty bank account, and on the verge of bankruptcy? These are definitely things she should know. It’s not just your life you’re taking to the guillotine.

On the other hand, a drunken snog with a girl you met before you started seeing each other can pass. Unless that encounter girl is your sweetheart’s best friend!

Basically, tell her anything that you know she should know about, and would be hurt if she heard it from anyone else.

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Secrets from your Past”

  1. Carl says:

    Ah, regarding my relationships there have always been a lot of secrets, however I believe that I have a very strong connection with my wife. Sometimes we share things, but the others are better to be kept inside.

  2. Bruce says:

    What a heavy subject. I told my ex about my past, we stayed together after that for a few years; but after what I told her ther relationship just went downhill. She wanted all the details (mistake) that killed her and was a very heavy burden for her to carry, in turn it burdened me and killed me slowly over time knowing that my past actions caused her so much pain and insecurity. By the time I met her I was done with my past, a different person; but the hurt she felt made me feel ashamed and reminded me of my past every single day with her. It’s like she wanted me around but hated me at the same time, wanted and unwanted. Sheez, it’s not like I knew her at the time, or knew I will ever meet her, or cared; back in the day. Not like I could go back and undo it. Ladies, please; if you meet a guy; don’t dig into his past (same for men) that’s what killed my relationship with my ex; irrelevant things that happened in the past. Turn a new page, and look forward. Leave the past in the past.

  3. Sel says:

    I’m all for honesty but I also agree with Carl and Bruce.

    Some things should never be shared, the past is the past and your partner really doesn’t need to know every single thing about it…

    Please think and be careful before you reveal anything!

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