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Premature Ejaculation – Don’t Cry over Spilt Milk

How to handle premature ejaculation? Most men across the world go through this phase at some point in time, and usually end up frustrated or preferring a self-job over making love! Are you one of them? Here’s how you can deal with it.

The Best Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

If you’re one of those men where the transition from a hard-on to a flubber takes place within minutes, don’t fret. Now you can let the world, and most of all, your woman, know that you can last all night long. We’ll tell you a few secrets to help you hold your head up high.

You have a hard time finding the girl of your dreams. You find it harder to approach her. It’s really hard to get her to start going out with you. The hardest part is to go out with her long enough to take her to bed with you. And finally, after so many heart stopping and nail biting moments, you slip into bed with her and prepare yourself to make love like never before.

But barely a few minutes into the sheets and your manhood goes limp! You’re satisfied but she didn’t really feel a thing. I mean, she’s still in bed wondering if you’re actually done with the foreplay! You’ve always boasted about your cannon, but well, she didn’t even feel the spark of the match stick. The same thing happens the next day, and then the next… she starts to get bored or irritated, and you begin to dread the thought of getting into bed with her.

There were so many obstacles and hurdles you had to cross for this one special moment between the sheets and you’re let down. And obviously, so is she. This is when you have to accept that either she needs someone who’s more of a man, or that you’re hardly man enough. It may not be your fault either, because it’s all about who takes longer. If she reaches for the sky before you spray your hose, life is good. Other men are kept out of the bedroom. So even if you last just under five minutes and she calls out to God and tells Him that she’s on her way in two minutes, then your short endurance is overlooked, until you start looking out.

But if you last for a few minutes and she needs a man who’ll last a whole hour or if she has anorgasmia, which means that she might take a long time to reach climax (around three hours!!) then there are some drastic measures that have to be taken. But the first thing you have to realize is that you have a problem with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is the condition wherein the male ejaculates prior to the wishes of both partners. If you face this problem, don’t fret because almost forty percent of males suffer from this problem. It’s how you tackle it, and overcome this problem that matters the most.

Some researchers say that premature ejaculation is a psychological problem. It could be due to the pressures of quick satisfaction in the younger days. Making out in the back seat of the car, a quickie or a one man hand show were the things that a male would do in the younger days, and yet, get a lot of pleasure. This rapid attainment of carnal release is stuck in most men’s head and they find it really hard to hold on any longer that a few minutes. On the other hand, some researchers say that this dysfunction could have a scientific solution, due to the hormonal differences in different males.

But whatever the reason, we as men always want to please our women, firstly, to satisfy them, and secondly, to boost our morale, though not necessarily in that order. We have always assumed that the best way to extend our lovemaking prowess is by thinking about something else, to distract us from the act itself. But in actual, this approach can be a dampener than a turn on and make things worse.

According to researchers, carnal arousal is a four-phase process.

In the Excitement Phase, breathing deepens and erection begins.

In the Plateau Stage, erection becomes full and you feel highly aroused.

When arousal builds to a certain point, the next phase occurs, Orgasm with Ejaculation.

Then during the Resolution Phase, breathing returns to normal and erection subsides.

The key to ejaculatory control is to extend the Plateau Phase, to maintain arousal without triggering Orgasm and Ejaculation.

If you’re one of the many men who suffer from this dysfunction, don’t lose hope or start looking out for someone else to satisfy your partner. To start off, consult a psychiatrist or a doctor with whom you’re comfortable talking to. But along with that, here are a few suggestions to help you control your ejaculation.

Way to Prolong an Erection

Hold that Spill

You have to understand that learning ejaculatory control takes time and practice. Don’t give up or feel humiliated along the way. Do remember that you are not an isolated case. Try to maintain a sense of humor about any accidental spills.

Control your Breathing

Now this is another area where you have to look into. Most men try to force their breathing pattern while making love. Don’t do that. Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with air. Be comfortable and you’ll be surprised how much this helps.

Play with your Body Weight

When you feel like you’re about to climax, stop the motions, and just hold still. Don’t put your weight on your partner, but lift yourself just a little bit, so your focus is on controlling your body weight and not on your organ.

Double Erection

If you are relatively young, then you can probably achieve another erection in a while after premature ejaculation. And the second time around, you would find it a lot easier to control your climax. Or you could also have a small encounter with yourself or with your partner’s help, a couple of hours before actually having an intimate session. But if you’re an older man, this strategy might be too much of a pain, and this could even result in you losing your confidence.

Play with yourself. Often.

Like that has to be told! But anyways, the point here is not to enjoy the mano-a-mano with your little dude but to control your climax. Each time you think you are about to climax, withdraw and repeat the same.

Try to masturbate for as long as you can, constantly stopping yourself from climaxing. Try to push your limits to over an hour if you have the time. Enjoy yourself, and don’t focus on progress all the time. This would help you control your ejaculation by a large extent, in a few months.

Twosome Games

Lovemaking Positions

The man-on-top *missionary* position can be fun, but it’s harder for most men to control their ejaculatory timing, because they have to hold themselves up. Try making love with the woman on top. This position is more relaxing for men, and it often helps ejaculatory control.


Make some noise. Love moans help men (and women) relax, and they often help men last longer.

Indulge in Foreplay

Men know that women love leisurely, playful, whole-body, massage-oriented sensuality. But men hardly feel that is required however much they pretend like they share the same thought. But when a man rushes into making love, there is a lot of pressure on his manhood as all the energy is focused only on that region. If you could actually indulge in a whole body experience, the arousal would be all over and would help you last longer.

With these tips, you should be able to hold on a lot longer, and yet, have a great time in bed with your partner.

And remember, premature ejaculation is more of a worry in the bigger head than in the smaller head. Try to relax your mind when you’re in bed, and the rest of your body will relax too.

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