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17 Sad But True Signs She’s Just Not That Into You & Never Will Be

We all desperately want our crush to feel the same way. But life can have different plans. Keep reading to know the signs she’s just not that into you.

Ideal Perfect Date: 16 Things Every Girl Hopes & Expects on a Date

Does the perfect date really exist? There’s only one way to find out! Keep reading to know what genuinely consists of an ideal date to make her happy.

meaning of chivalry

What Is Chivalry? The Real Meaning, The Knights Code & Modern Men

What is chivalry? What is its real meaning? How can a man learn how to be chivalrous, and learn from the real knights code of yore? Find out here!

how to talk to girls and how to talk to a girl

How to Talk to a Girl: The Secrets to Smooth Talk and Impress Girls

Wanna know how to talk to a girl and get her to enjoy talking to you? Here’s a full guide on how to talk to girls and impress them with your words!

What Makes a Man a Man

What Makes a Man a Man: 13 Tradition Defying Manly Characteristics

If you find yourself wondering what makes a man a man, it probably isn’t what you think. They might even defy traditional ideals.

How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl

How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl and Banish the Awkwardness

You see her, you like her, but you have no idea what to do or how to impress her. Learn how to act cool in front of a girl for dating success!

When To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

When To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend: Is The Timing Right?

Taking your relationship to the next step is nerve-racking but it will feel perfectly natural once you know when to ask her to be your girlfriend.

how to take a good selfie

How to Take a Good Selfie: The Must-Know Selfie-Ready Guide for Men

As a woman who’s spent a good deal of time swiping through dating apps, I can honestly say most men do not know how to take a good selfie.

how to respond when a girl rejects you

How to Respond When a Girl Rejects You: 15 Ways to Be the Bigger Man

No one wants rejection, but it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. You just need to know how to respond when a girl rejects you.

big dick problems

The Biggest Big Dick Problems You Probably Didn’t Think About

Most men think that a giant penis is the answer to all their problems. What they don’t realize is that there are some real world big dick issues too!

Bachelor Party Ideas

Super Fun Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Strippers

Did you make a pact not to have strippers at your bachelor party? Good for you. Here are some bachelor party ideas that don’t involve naked ladies.

wife material

Wife Material: What You Should Really be Looking For in a Woman

There’s tons of advice out there about choosing the right person for you, but this is what real wife material looks like. Find you a girl like this.

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