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The Biggest Big Dick Problems You Probably Didn’t Think About

big dick problems

Though most men wish they had a giant penis, it seems to cause more problems than you’d think. Are there big dick problems you haven’t considered?

The old saying goes, you always want what you can’t have. But is that really true when it comes to having a big penis? Are there actual big dick problems? I’m not going to lie, as a woman, that’s basically what we’re taught to believe. A bigger penis is a better penis.

But from my own personal experience, that’s simply not true. In fact, I’m here to argue that a larger penis isn’t as good as a smaller one. Just wait, don’t get angry, let me tell you why.

The sex just isn’t as good. There, I said it. But it’s true. Sure, you physically feel more, but men with big penises just don’t seem to put as much effort in. Why would they? They think that since they have a big dick, they’re fully set. [Read: The average penis facts that’ll make you a penis know-it-all in no time]

The big dick problems you really need to think about

Aside from my opinion, men with big dicks aren’t in this land of milk and honey. In fact, they also face problems. Annoying problems that come with having a big dick. You thought it was just a walk in the park? Well, it is, but you have a giant penis hanging between your legs, so it’s not comfortable.

I know you’re convinced that having a big dick is the only thing you need for happiness, but let me tell you something, it’s not. If you stare at your penis, wondering why it’s not bigger, be happy it’s not huge. If it was, you’d be encountering problems to make you wish you had a smaller penis.

Who would have thought of these big dick problems? 

#1 Blowjobs are a nightmare. Though all girls want to have sex with someone with a big dick, let’s be honest, no girl wants to perform a blowjob on a guy who has a giant penis.

It’s not going to be fun for her. In fact, she’s probably terrified that she’ll gag too much and puke right in the middle of the blowjob. And for you, it’s not going to be fun. She won’t be able to fit her entire mouth around it. It’ll be more of a hand job than anything. [Read: The truth about what it feels like to have sex with a big dick]

#2 Big dicks are limited. When you have a big dick, the sexual positions that you can use are extremely limited and for good reason. Since the penis is so big, most positions will cause extreme pain and injure the person you’re having sex with. Therefore, you have to stick to the basics. After a while, can get tiring and flat out boring. [Read: Big vs. small: Why bigger isn’t always better]

#3 They have less sex.  If you have a small or regular sized dick, no one is scared for it to enter inside of them. Instead, they don’t even think twice. But with a big dick, you think twice about whether or not it will fit inside of you. If your partner can’t fit it inside of them, they’re not going to want sex as often as you’d like.

#4 They go through a lot of lube. You need to make sure your partner is really wet, meaning lots of lube. Since the penis is so large, it can easily irritate the vagina after a certain period of penetration, leaving it dry–almost like a carpet burn. So, if you have a big dick, you know that lube is going to be your friend. Your best friend. [Read: 15 best lubricants for sex from your kitchen cupboard]

#5 Custom ordered condoms. Now, this is extreme for men with larger penises, but still, wearing a condom when you have a large dick isn’t fun. In fact, it feels like you’re being suffocated and squeezed into a tight part of tights.

At the same time, you don’t want to contract an STI, so men with large penises are at a crossroad. Yes, they want to protect themselves, but at the same time, it’s highly uncomfortable.

#6 Things can get messy. And they can get messy fast. If you attempt anal sex with a larger penis, well, that could end up as a horror show. I’ll spare you the visual, but when you have a big dick, the easy and simple things that regular dicks experience are a nightmare. [Read: Why you might be experiencing painful anal sex]

#7 Keeping an erection can be hard. Since condoms are too tight around the penis, it constricts blood flow which means your dick isn’t getting as hard as it could. In addition, she’s extremely tight because your dick is so big. You run the chance of ejaculating early, and well, that would completely kill her fantasy of mind-blowing sex, right?

#8 She is expecting her mind blown. All women have been told that if they land a guy with a giant dick, their minds are going to be blown by amazing sex. With that said, this means that now you have the extra pressure of performing at your peak. Sure, your dick is big, but so what? Does that mean you have to have mind-blowing sex every time you’re with someone? Sometimes, you’re just tired. [Read: Advice for the haves and have-nots in big penis issues]

#9 Other men don’t understand. Most men, if they knew you had a big dick, would be automatically jealous. Every guy wants a giant dick. It’s what we’re all told in pop culture. Having a large penis is the ticket to success. But, if you have a big dick, no one understands what you experience. Instead, you’re seen as an asshole because you’re not grateful. But if they only knew. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

#10 Pants are a problem. Who would have thought about this, but it’s true. Finding underwear and pants that don’t cling to their package is more of a hunt than anything. Most men don’t think twice about the pants they wear. But, when you have a big dick, finding the room and fabrics that aren’t too revealing can be an issue.

[Read: 13 kinds of penises women love… or laugh at]

If you thought your dick wasn’t being enough, maybe you should count your blessings that you don’t have these big dick problems. 

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