33 Types of Girls You Should NEVER Fall For & Ways to Avoid Dating Them

The dating game always comes with the risk of heartbreak. But, you can reduce that chance by knowing the types of girl you shouldn’t fall for from the get-go. 

Types of Girls

While pain, heartbreak, frustration, and loneliness can be inevitable in any relationship, you can minimize the chance of these negative feelings popping up by choosing the right person to be with. This will save you a lot of trouble, misery, and heartbreak in the long run. A good way to do this is to know the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for.

However, it’s difficult because sometimes people don’t show their true colors straightaway. That means that while getting to know someone, it’s best to be on your guard and look out for any major red flags as they arise. [Read: How to find love and learn to be open to all that life has to offer]

The types of girls you shouldn’t fall for if you want to avoid disappointment

Here, we cut to the chase and let our experiences be your teacher. Here’s a short list of the types of girls you should NEVER fall for. Behind the charming smiles, hot curves, bouncy hair, and sweet exterior may lie a personality that’s far from what you expect.

Thus, be warned and avoid these types. [Read: How to get a girlfriend – A guide to find and win over the perfect girl]

1. The material girl

First on our list of types of girls you shouldn’t fall for is the material girl. To her, your role in her life is to shower her with gifts as your way of loving her. After all, it’s all about the money and the objects and what you can give.

From the get-go, she’ll likely complement your car and your watch, and she might even ask about your job and how much you make.

Her type seems to have a yardstick for the guys they date—and that’s your annual salary. She’ll be such a sweetie if you buy her a necklace, but never ever come to her empty-handed because she’ll be the coldest witch you’ll ever know. [Read: Signs to know if you’re being used for sex or money]

2. The barbie doll

She’s pretty, she’s charming, and she has a great body. Every inch of her is perfect—well, except for her low IQ. While she may not have retained anything taught to her in school, she seems to have a Ph.D. in the bedroom.

Plus, she makes guys look at you with envy when you two go out together.

However, just hope she doesn’t open her mouth to speak her mind because that’s when it will all go downhill. These types of girls may be great to be with temporarily, but you won’t be able to bring her home to meet Mom unless you want to witness a disaster. [Read: Why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?]

3. The all-about-me woman

She thinks the world revolves around her, so she feels entitled to everything, even your love. You may admire her confidence and strong will, but underneath this exterior is selfishness and self-centeredness that makes her insufferable.

Be in a relationship with her, and you’ll find yourself constantly drained as you try to do what it takes to keep her happy. All while she languidly takes what you can give without any reciprocity. [Read: Subtle signs you’re being manipulated by your lover]

4. Miss cripplingly insecure

This is another of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for. Men and women can both be achingly insecure, but this type of girl takes it to a whole new level.

She’ll talk negatively about herself *or, worse, about other people* just so she’ll feel good about her flaws. She’ll constantly fish for compliments and affirmations, completely believing that these will validate her self-worth.

5. The drama queen

She’s the type who believes with all her heart that the world is out to get her. But don’t be fooled. Drama doesn’t just follow her—she has a way of whipping it up all by herself.

It’s like everyone, and everything, is against her, and she’s somehow always the victim. The problem is that she’s incapable of owning up to her faults and taking accountability for her own actions. Soon enough, this blame game will seep into your relationship, making it all too toxic. [Read: Ways to handle your girlfriend’s dramatic tantrums]

6. The nitpicker extraordinaire

She can be considered a perfectionist who keeps her world pristinely spic and span and expects other people to be the same… or else. That, or she just has something to say about any fault she finds in other people.

And she won’t stop there. She’ll constantly nitpick you, too, from the way you wear your tie to even the way you kiss. She’ll constantly put you down until you begin to believe her criticisms. [Read: How to stop negative people from sapping your energy]

7. Queen dependence

She has a handful of good, endearing qualities. For a time, you might even consider taking her to meet your parents. She’s the submissive type, in fact, so much so that she can’t make up her mind on her own.

For a while, you’ll feel good because that puts you in a position where you can really feel like the man in the relationship. That is until you realize that she depends on you for everything.

Once you realize that she can’t live her life without you, you’ll quickly see that kind of burden gets old really fast. [Read: How to spot codependent behavior early and regain your self-identity]

8. The desperate chick

She’ll be needy, controlling, manipulative, and very talented in turning on the waterworks just to get you to do what she wants. She is motivated by a deep desperation to be with anyone, no matter who it is, all for the sake of just having someone.

Hapless and desperate, she might follow you around for some crumbs of your attention, and if you don’t give her what she wants, she might threaten to hurt you or herself.

This is definitely not the kind of added stress you want your relationship to foster. That’s why she’s one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for. [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

9. The chatterbox

She’s nice, friendly, and great to talk to. However, as time goes by, you’ll notice that her conversational skills aren’t learned; they’re innate. Pretty soon, you’ll see that her ability to talk is awfully, insufferably, non-stop.

She’ll talk about herself, her friends, her work, how her day went, the barista that served her coffee that morning, and so on. Soon, you’ll learn just how much she LOVES to talk, and not just about herself, but about other people, too.

Eventually, she’ll get herself *and you* into trouble because she just can’t keep her trap shut. [Read: People who talk too much – Why they do it and 21 ways to handle them]

10. The player

Charming and seductive, she’ll say and do everything that will make you fall under her spell in a split second. The problem is that she also plays the same game with other guys, even in your presence.

She toys with your emotions, only vaguely committing to anything more than a casual relationship because her sights are still set on other guys. While this girl may be great for flings and one-night stands, you’d better steer clear if you’re looking for a more serious relationship. [Read: 18 sure signs the girl you like is just using you!]

11. Ms. Jekyll & Hyde

You saw her, and it was love at first sight. She’s got everything you’ve ever wanted in a girl and so much more. However, things take a different turn after a while.

On the outside, she’s really great, but behind the curtains is a totally different person.

One way or another, you’ll begin to see her other half—the mean, manipulative, calculating, deceitful, and two-faced side. Sure, she’ll smile at your friends, but she’ll say the worst things about them behind their backs. This makes you wonder just what she says and does behind your back, too! [Read: How to deal with difficult people while keeping your cool and sanity]

12. The gold digger

Not to be confused with the material girl, a gold digger takes it to another level. A real gold digger is a woman who, at the initial glimpse of wealth, pounces at the chance to have some of that moolah. She doesn’t necessarily have to be attracted to you; she’ll do anything to get a taste of your wealth.

Clues that say she’s a gold digger include expensive tastes and not caring about anything else other than what you can purchase for her.

Sometimes, she might hint that she’s in a sort of financial need to tap into your sense of chivalry and get you to help her out. [Read: Signs you’re just being used for your money]

13. The princess

She shares the expensive tastes of the gold digger, but she’s not necessarily after your money. She’s the woman who wants to be treated like royalty, and anything less than that will be met with her scorn.

In short, she’s a high-maintenance woman who insists on getting what she wants all the time. Spoiled and not the least bit ashamed of it, the princess expects only the best.

She’ll drive you insane, and that’s why you shouldn’t fall for this type of girl. [Read: 15 hard-to-miss signs of a high-maintenance princess]

14. Ms. can’t-do-anything-on-her-own

Why do it herself when she can ask you to do it? She’s the perpetual damsel in distress. She’s always putting on the “poor me” act, and she expects you to do everything for her.

The worst part is that when you start to wean her off your assistance with some tough love, she’ll start going on about how you don’t really care about her enough to help her. [Read: Subtle signs you’re being manipulated by your partner]

15. The feminazi

How dare you open doors and pull out chairs for her! Do you think she’s some sort of weakling who can’t do these things herself?

The feminazi is the militant feminist who will relentlessly try to prove that women should be treated with absolute respect, no questions asked. Of course, she has a point, but she takes it to a whole other level.

Any offhand comments or remarks about a woman may be interpreted as disrespect, a way of objectifying her, or just outright sexism. Most of your arguments will revolve around your “closed minded view of the female sex.”

With her, you have to watch everything you say, lest your words are misinterpreted. [Read: 20 signs you’re dating a control freak]

16. The chameleon

Leave her to her own devices, and she won’t have much of a personality. In her attempt to get you to like her, she’ll start mimicking everything you do. Whatever you’re into is her latest interest.

You may think this is ideal since she’ll be down to do anything you want. Yet, if you ask her for her own views on things, she might not be able to give you an answer. This is one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for if you don’t want to become bored very quickly. [Read: 21 signs of a clingy girlfriend and how to avoid turning into one]

17. The daydreamer

Daydreaming is fine. However, she may be living in her own fantasy world. She sees what she wants to see and hears what she wants to hear. She tends to have selective hearing whenever you’re telling her something she doesn’t want to deal with.

In her mind, everything is fine and dandy, and she avoids conflicts instead of dealing with them.

You, in turn, end up taking in a huge chunk of the work required to make your relationship last. She’s in it for the good times, but you may not be able to count on her when the bad times come. [Read: Couple goals – 27 fake and real things you want in a relationship]

18. The suffocator

She’s relentlessly breathing down your neck, wanting to know everything you’re up to. She’s clingy, possessive, and intolerant of not being able to know the latest thing that’s happening in your life. You may notice that she always wants you to reply to her messages ASAP.

She doesn’t take no for an answer when she wants to see you. She gets angry whenever you’re not within her sights.

At first, it may seem like she’s just a bit attached because she likes you so much. But after a while, you’ll realize that she’s like this because she’s deathly afraid of any sign that you might disappear on her. [Read: Smothered in a relationship – 37 signs and ways to stop feeling suffocated]

19. The super mysterious one

The mysterious woman is intriguing in that she doesn’t want to reveal a lot about herself. It can be a fun part of the chase since you feel like you’re uncovering her, layer by layer. However, you may start to wonder why she doesn’t reveal as much as you would like to know.

A couple of weeks into dating, you may even be surprised by the fact that you hardly know anything about her. But when you’re in a relationship with someone, you would, of course, want even the least bit of openness.

You’re always on the receiving end of wishy-washy responses. And then, when paranoia gets a hold of you, you might be wondering what she’s hiding. [Read: 15 signs of a bad girlfriend that will make your life a living hell]

20. Miss ‘not that into you’

There is nothing worse than falling for a girl who is just not interested in you. She might be a friend, a colleague, or someone from your past. This is usually the case, leading to you coming into consistent contact with each other.

Seeing her regularly keeps the feelings fresh and makes it impossible to forget about her.

Really, the best thing to do is avoid her and cut contact for a period, at least until you have met someone else or you have completely done away with whatever feelings you have for her.

Meeting someone else is the best way to get over her and is also, funnily enough, the thing that is most likely to make her like you since other women liking you can instantly make you desirable in her eyes. [Read: How to tell if a girl doesn’t like you]

21. The one who just wants to be friends

The classic line that women will say to let a guy down gently, and she uses it a lot. She might give reasons, such as the fact that she isn’t looking for a relationship or she doesn’t want to ruin what you already have as friends.

Once you have been “friend zoned,” it is nigh on impossible to get out of it. She doesn’t view you as a potential romantic partner, and you should move on as quickly as possible to avoid putting yourself through a fruitless emotional rollercoaster. [Read: 18 signs you’re in her friend zone even if she doesn’t say it]

22. The one who isn’t over her ex

This isn’t your fault, but she’s one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for. If she can’t get over her ex, perhaps she is still in love with him and maybe even continuing to sleep with him. In that case, she will not give herself to you fully.

When her emotions are elsewhere, you will never connect on a deeper level. You might be able to have a fling or a rebound relationship with her, and if you choose to pursue that, it is your prerogative. However, keep in mind that you may not progress any further. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

23. Little Miss Busy

If she has blown you off three times with excuses about being busy, she is probably just stringing you along. Chances are, she only sees you as a guy whom she can have at her beck and call whenever she feels like getting some attention or validation.

She might promise to make it up to you, or she might show her remorse, but if all she has to offer you are excuses and apologies, then you’re better off not seeing her. What you can do, however, is try to turn the tables by being unavailable when she tries to reschedule. [Read: How to flirt with a girl the friend way and get her to like you]

24. The texting fanatic

We spend all day staring at our phones, and women especially love to text and chat all the time. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of becoming text buddies. You think you’re “getting to know each other,” but really, communication through technology is no replacement for talking in real life.

This type of girl is so addicted to texting that’s really all you’ll ever do. Forget actual conversations.

If you want something with more substance, this is one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for. [Read: The right way to text a girl and make her want you]

25. The flake

You’ve made plans, and she flakes on you at the last minute by making excuses or, worse, not even showing up. If she has flaked on you more than once, she is probably not really into you, and she’s just keeping you around as her backup plan.

This type of girl does this all the time. She’s keeping her options open, or she just likes the attention. Whichever it is, she’s not worth investing your time in.

26. The disrespectful lady

This is one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for at all costs. She has no respect for anyone, including you. Hell, she doesn’t even respect herself!

She’ll always pull other people down, make hurtful comments, and she never shows one ounce of respect to those who truly deserve it. You’ll start to really dislike her once she shows you her true colors. [Read: Proper social etiquette – rules that redefine modern manners]

27. The compulsive liar

She can’t help herself. She’s told so many lies she just doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. If you expect an honest and trusting relationship with this type of girl, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

She lies about where she is, where she was, what she’s doing, and who she’s talking to. Then she lies about her job, her past, and anything else she can think of.

You cannot build a solid relationship with a girl like this. [Read: How to spot a compulsive liar – signs it’s time to walk away]

28. The one who is dripping in bitterness

This girl had a bad experience with an ex, and she just won’t move on. She’s so bitter about everything she’s been through that she expects the world to give her exactly what she wants.

By spending a lot of time with her, you’ll be dragged down by her negativity, and in the end, you’ll start to wonder what you saw in her to begin with.

How to avoid these types of girls

That’s a lot of women you need to avoid! So, how can you do your best to avoid these types of girls and focus on finding someone who is not only a lot saner but someone you can develop a strong relationship with?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind. [Read: How to deal with negative people and stop them sapping your energy]

1. Look beyond the obvious

Sure, she’s very attractive, but what else can you see? Look at how she interacts with those around her, and you’ll find out a lot more about her than you might think.

By looking past the glaringly obvious, you’ll know whether she’s one of the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for before you’re in too deep.

2. Learn how to say ‘no’

It’s very easy to agree to everything, and then you find yourself being dragged down a path you don’t want to venture down. Learn to say ‘no,’ and you’ll not only avoid the types of people you don’t need in your life, but you’ll have a lot more time for yourself too. [Read: How to say no – 15 ways to reason politely, stop pleasing and feel kickass]

3. Know your worth

It’s easy to end up with the wrong type of girl if you don’t value yourself. Know what you deserve versus what you don’t, and that means understanding your worth.

If you’ve been in a bad relationship before, you might find yourself drifting toward situations that won’t serve you well. Focus on yourself for a while and develop your confidence before looking to date again.

4. Establish your boundaries early on

Know your boundaries and communicate them to your partner. Perhaps they’re not aware of their behavior and how it affects you. By talking things through and making it clear where your boundaries are, you’ll have a much better chance at a good quality relationship.

Of course, knowing your boundaries also tells you when you need to walk away. [Read: How to set boundaries – crucial steps to feel more in control]

5. Don’t ignore the red flags

When you’re attracted to someone, and you’re in that first phase of passion, it’s very easy to overlook glaringly obvious red flags. Tune yourself into anything you see, and don’t ignore it.

If it’s the first time you’ve seen something concerning, keep it in your mind. But, the second time, take action and know that it’s just going to continue.

Keep your eyes open to find the right kind of love

Finding the special lady to spend the rest of your days with isn’t an easy task. There are many different personalities out there, and you need to keep your eyes peeled for behavior and traits that you simply don’t like.

But don’t let this long list of difficult types put you off. She’s out there, and she’s worth the wait.

[Read: What to do when she’s playing hard to get]

While you may come across many types of girls along the dating road, life is too short to put up with people who make your life hard. Know the types of girls you shouldn’t fall for and side-step the drama.

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