12 Obvious & Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend’s Friends Don’t Like You

There are some obvious signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you. Some are more subtle. Here are signs to watch for. Turn the tide in your direction.

Signs Your Girlfriend's Friends Don't Like You

Let’s face it, you must have your girlfriend’s friends on your side. Otherwise, life will be difficult. Beware these signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you.

Girls listen to their gal pals. While you might not need 100% approval from the squad, you do need to score at least around 80% for the relationship to have any chance of survival.

It’s cutthroat, I know, but it’s true.

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12 signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you

While you should never attempt to be someone you’re not, simply to get your girlfriend’s friends on your side, be wary and mindful of what you say and do around them. There is almost some kind of psychic ability that friends have, which can help them figure out your true intentions faster than you can sneeze.

It’s a special ability, for sure.

If her friends don’t like you, you’ll know it easily; however, some signs are a little more subtle than others. Check out this list of signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you, then take drastic action to save your budding relationship!

#1 You’re not invited to group get-togethers. If your girlfriend and her friends are having a gathering which involves everyone’s significant others, and you’re not invited, there is a very good reason for that. People don’t like you. Your girlfriend doesn’t have the heart to tell you.

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#2 They tell her that they don’t like you. Gal pals are pretty direct, so if they don’t like you, they’re probably going to tell her directly, or in a pretty obvious way. It’s up to her what she does with this information. She has her own mind so you shouldn’t worry too much, but if you’re told about this, ask why. Maybe they’ve simply taken you the wrong way, or you just didn’t make the best first impression. The only way is up!

#3 They’re always sarcastic when you’re around. Sarcasm is a sure-fire sign that someone doesn’t really like you very much, and if her friends are always being super-sarcastic whenever you say something, it’s quite obvious that they’re not your biggest fans. [Read: Are you an annoying boyfriend? The traits that make one]

#4 You’re given the ‘look.’ You know the type of look I’m talking about. The side-eyed look that communicates “hey, I really don’t like you very much.” If you’re getting these looks of disgust, trust me, it’s not a good sign.

#5 They don’t greet you warmly. It’s not hard to figure out that if someone is given a warm hug to say ‘hi’ and you get a curt nod in your direction, it’s quite likely that they’re not your biggest admirer. This is one of those clear signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you or are thrilled to see you.

#6 They’re always trying to trip you up. I don’t mean this literally, but if they’re always trying to get you to stumble over your words or admit something and then question you over it, they’re doing this to show your girlfriend that their reasons for not liking you are genuine. In this case, ask yourself why. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before liking him]

#7 They tell you outright. If they come right out and say that they don’t like you, believe them. Nobody is going to tell someone that they don’t like them and not mean it. It’s likely that they will do this quietly, perhaps when your girlfriend is in the bathroom. It’s a careful warning. An “I’ve got my eye on you” type of deal. [Read: How to be a nice person who’s loved by all]

#8 You get a sense of simply not being welcome. Do you feel like they would rather you weren’t there? Do you just not feel welcome? They’re giving you vibes that you’re picking up on clearly. Simply, they don’t like you and would rather you be somewhere else.

#9 Their partners don’t invite you out. If their partners are all having a night out and you’re not invited, it’s because they’ve been told not to invite you. This can be hurtful, especially if you’ve done nothing wrong and you’d love to be part of the wider squad. [Read: How to not be a nice guy and go from pushover to achiever]

#10 They don’t laugh when you crack a joke. It was funny, your girlfriend is laughing, even a stand-up comedian would have been proud of that gag, but your girlfriend’s friends are all stony-faced. It’s true, they just don’t like you.

#11 They talk about her ex(es) in a very positive light. One of the signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you is if they bring up one of her exes and talk about them in a positive light. In this case, they’re telling you that they wish their friend was still with that person, and not with you.

#12 They disagree with you often. This could be simply because they don’t agree with you. If it happens most of the time, the chances are that it runs a little deeper than that. They might be disagreeing with you on purpose, simply because they don’t like you very much. [Read: A guide to be charming and liked by everyone]

So, what should you do?

If you can nod along to several of these signs, you might now be wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do about it. Should you defend yourself? Should you question it? Or should you run away? Should you hold firm? What exactly should you do?

I’m not going to lie; this is not a great situation to be in. If your girlfriend’s friends obviously don’t like you, it’s a problem. Your girlfriend has her own mind and isn’t always going to be swayed by their decision, but it may influence her and make her wonder what they’re seeing that she’s not. [Read: How to talk to your girlfriend’s friends and leave them swooning]

Tread carefully here. Avoid pointing fingers and blaming her friends for acting a certain way. These people have been in her life a lot longer than you have. She will always defend them. Instead, consider why they might think that way. Have they heard a false rumor about you? Or, was your girlfriend hurt in the past and they’re just looking out for her?

Do you best to win them around with your honesty and natural kindness. It will take time, but if they continue with their hostile treatment despite your best efforts, your girlfriend will notice that they’re being a little unfair to you. In that case, she can handle the situation and maybe get her friends to give you a break. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend her friends will love]

This is a far better route forward than blaming and pointing the finger. You will never come out of a situation such as this very well, regardless of how honest or right you are. Allow her friends to trip themselves up. If you’ve genuinely done nothing wrong and there is no real reason for them to dislike you so much, simply trust that the situation will right itself over time.

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There are many signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you. Don’t trip yourself up by falling foul of the trap they might set for you. Be patient and give them a chance to get to know you, and soon enough they may learn to trust you and turn into your ally.

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