Sure Signs That a Girl Likes You

Guys have always had a hard time deciphering the signs that a girl gives away when she’s interested in them. So how can you tell if a girl likes you? Read these sure signs that a girl likes you. And find out how to use that sign to your advantage.

sure signs that a girl likes you

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In the first feature in this series, you would have learnt about a few recognizable signs that a girl likes you, but there’s more.

Signs that a girl likes you

She could act like a child, keep glancing at you or she may be unable to contain her excitement.

But that’s not it, there are a lot of other signs that a girl gives away when she’s really interested in you.

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And in this series, you’ll know how to respond to her each time she gives away another sign that she likes you, so you can make the perfect impression on her.

She’s more attentive to you

So, loverboy, this tip is to understand the signs that a girl likes you, especially if she hangs out with you and is a friend.

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It so happens that, in most cases, girls end up liking a guy from in the same team at work, or end up falling for friends in the same group.

So is there a girl in your group who seems to have a soft spot for you?

It could just be the first sign, and it may not be a rock hard reason, but it could be a start in figuring if there’s something more than just friends on her mind.

When she’s with you, does she lean in a bit too close, or does she look at no one but you, when there’s a group meeting? These are all little signs that matter. And if she does have a cushy spot for you, then you’d see that she just wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off you when you’re making a presentation or making a point in front of others. That’s the only time she can eat you up without getting caught!

What you should do

Ooh, now that you’re all excited, hold it in your pants! There’s really no solid evidence that she likes you, unless she stares so deep that it scorches your underpants.

So take it slow, watch how she talks with you and start having more conversations with her. Go easy and see if there’s any reciprocation from her end. Especially with a friend or colleague, you should never push your luck so far that things could get extremely uncomfortable between you guys. [Read: Tips to warm her up by text flirting]

She gets personal

Does she want to know everything about you, even if you’re just friends? And most importantly, does she ask you if you’ve got a girlfriend?  That nagging question is a pretty sure hit to prove that she has some sort of feelings for you. These are good signs that a girl likes you. Why would a girl want to know if some guy’s got a girlfriend out of the blue, unless she wants to take that slot? But then again, she could just be curious. So skip to the next part.

Does she keep asking you things that make it seem like a job interview at times, like what your hobbies are, what you like to do in your free time, which were the last movies you’ve seen, what are your plans for the weekend, etc. She may indeed want to go out on a date with you. [Read: Sure signs that you’re more than friends]

What you should do

First off, what are the questions you ask your date on the first one? You’d ask her about her hobbies, passions, her likes and dislikes, and so on. So isn’t she doing the same thing to you, by asking those questions?

Although she is not actually asking you for a date, it’s a subtle way of doing it. She could be leading up to asking you out or paving the ground for you to pop the question instead. If the activity in question is dancing, movies or dinner, then it is almost certain. You could definitely ask her out, but don’t embarrass her if she doesn’t want to make it obvious. [Read: How to date a friend by being subtle]

You could keep it discreet and ask her if she’d like to go out someplace the next weekend. Once you’re on the date, then you can get flirty with her.

She compliments you all the time

Women generally don’t compliment men a lot, not at least once they’re past their school years. So if you find that there’s one special lady who compliments you, your shirt, your tie, your shoes, or just plain you, all the time, there’s probably something sweet brewing in her mind, and you might just like that. That’s a good sign that a girl likes you.

If she’s got a crush on you, her compliments may go beyond the regular ones, and go personal. She may compliment you on your physique, your face, or something that scores for you as a dating potential. [Read: The best ways to compliment a girl]

What you should do

If she compliments you all the time, isn’t it obvious you need to compliment her too? So you do just that. And don’t be too loud about it. You want her to know you like her back, then compliment her in such a way that she’d get goose bumps when you say something.

Go right up when she’s walking, or when she’s in the elevator, and compliment her warmly. Whisper it if you think she’s going to be fine with that much intimacy between both of you. Not only will it make your relationship a lot more intimate, it’ll also keep it exciting.

Girls love flirting subtly, so keep your eyes peeled! [Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it]

She does that thing with her hair

Men are such suckers for beautiful hair. All a girl has to do is run her hands through her hair, and do “that thing” all men know, but can’t explain, and they’re all over the floor. Now this may happen when you’re already talking to this girl, or when she’s sitting across the room.

How to tell if she likes you? Is she smiling coyly at you with that look in her eyes, as she twirls her hair strands or throws it around like she’s in a television commercial for a shampoo? You’ve got it going, boy!

What you should do

First off, look at her. Is she doing that on purpose, knowing that you’re looking at her, or is she at a rock concert head banging. You really shouldn’t make a move at her unless it’s you she’s hitting on, if she’s not already with you.

Look out for her body language, is she doing that each time you look, or is she giving you an occasional glance, now and then? If her body language looks good, then go for it, otherwise maybe she’s just swatting flies with her hair. She’s probably not flirting with you. If she’s already in the middle of a conversation with you, then smile each time she does that and say, “Gosh, you look so beautiful when you do that thing with your hair…” or something along those lines. [Read: How to charm your way into a girl’s heart]

Nothing cheesy, just straight. She knows you’re flirting with her, so why do you want to pretend like you’re trying to ‘pick’ her up?

These are a few signs that a girl likes you, and can really help you make the perfect move if you’re interested in dating her. But there are a few more things you should know about the signs that a girl likes you. Click here to continue reading about real life dating signs that guys have experienced.

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