37 Real Signs She’s Serious About You & Wants an Exclusive Relationship

If you’re wondering whether she’s serious about you and wants a relationship, there are certain signs to look out for. But are you ready for a relationship?

signs she's serious about you and wants a relationship

You’ve casually dated for a while, and you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level. Do you see the signs she’s serious about you or the signs she wants a relationship with you? Maybe you’re both friends or you’ve started seeing each other, but how can you tell for sure if she’s looking to commit to a real relationship?

You may really like her and want something more, but you’re not the only one involved in the relationship. That’s right, what about her? Is she exhibiting the signs she’s ready for a relationship or are there red flags?

We’re only human. Naturally, we’re pretty selfish when it comes to love. We want to be with someone who makes us happy. Sure, there comes a time when we wonder about how the other person feels, but that’s only because we want them to like us.

If you’re on the fence or you want some confirmation, the signs below will help you understand the situation better. [Read: Healthy relationship – 27 signs, qualities, and what it looks like in real life]

How to know if she’s serious about you

When two people like each other, things can get a little tricky. It should be very straightforward, but let’s be honest, it’s never easy when it comes to love. Instead, you have to navigate the signs that she wants a serious relationship and hope for the best.

We wish it could be an “I like you, you like me, let’s be together” type of deal, but most of the time, we’re trying to decode each other’s actions and words to see where we stand.

Maybe this girl is a close friend of yours, or you have been casually seeing each other. You’re not sure if she’s looking for something serious or not.

Now, you could just ask her. It would save you a lot of time and energy. But there’s also the fear of moving too fast or talking about exclusivity when you’re just in the talking stage. That can come off as pushy if she’s not really ready for a serious relationship. [Read: Talking stage vs. dating stage – how to tell them apart and know your exact stage]

The signs she wants a relationship and is serious about you

You may be ready, but if she’s not ready, then your relationship won’t last. Both people need to be equally ready and committed to it. Before you even ask her if she wants to be serious with you, she should figure out if she actually wants more.

Waiting for an answer can be hard, and that’s why you need to look for the signs that she’s serious about you and wants a relationship. Then, you can get a better picture of what she wants and whether or not you should invest more of your time and energy into her. [Read: What does it mean to be exclusive? 15 signs you’re at this stage with her]

1. She’s dropping hints or made it clear already

If she’s told you she’s ready for a relationship and wants to be with you, what are you waiting for? You can’t get a bigger and better sign she’s serious about you than this one!

If she tells you, then she’s giving you the green light and telling you she really likes you. This is good news! [Read: How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend – and really impress her!]

2. She’s behaving differently

There’s just something you feel deep inside of you when you’re around her. These are feelings that you can’t necessarily put words to. You just feel that she really likes you and wants something more.

3. She’s opened up to you

People don’t open up to just anyone they meet. There needs to be a certain level of trust. Of course, just because someone trusts you, doesn’t mean they want something serious with you.

She could see you as a good friend. But if she’s opening up to you, she’s letting her guard down. If other signs she wants a relationship with you are also popping out, then this could mean she wants something more.

4. What’s your baggage?

She wants to know what kind of baggage you’re carrying with you. Why would she want to know that if she wasn’t into you? Of course, if she’s sniffing around and trying to investigate your past, she wants to know what kind of partner you’ll be to her. [Read: How to be an amazing boyfriend – 33 traits that’ll make you the best ever!]

5. Her memories

Past relationships can be quite traumatic and many people would rather push these memories to the back of their minds. She wants to be vulnerable with you if she’s willing to bring these memories up. This is a sign of trust, but she’s also showing you how she doesn’t want to be treated.

6. What kind of subtle commitments are you seeing?

She’ll sleep over at your house, leave her stuff there, and always have a date night with you. These aren’t big moves, but when you really look at them, she’s making commitments to the relationship. That really shows she’s into having something serious with you.

7. She taps into your emotions

Now, even though men are emotional, they’re not very expressive. This is normal. Of course, work on this, but she’s always trying her best to tap into your emotions.

When you’re upset, she focuses on figuring out what’s wrong and what she can do to make you feel better. And when she’s jealous, well, she makes sure you know. [Read: How to interpret the subtle signs she wants to be your girlfriend]

8. She wants to meet your family

Now, we both know that meeting the parents is no small move. If she’s excited and interested in meeting your family, that’s a great sign. She wants to know where you’re coming from and who your closest people are. Why? Because she wants to know if she’ll fit in the picture.

9. She invites you to meet her family

Has she introduced you to her family yet? This is a big move. Make sure you’re ready! She wants to show you off to her family and see if they approve of you before taking the next step.

If she does this, it’s one of the major signs she’s serious about you. [Read: Meeting your girlfriend’s parents – 21 big dos and don’ts]

10. She tells you she’s scared

She’s scared to be in a relationship and she’s not the only girl who has fears. If she’s had a rough dating past, the last thing she wants is to be heartbroken again. By telling you she’s worried, she lets you know that she wants to move forward but needs that extra push.

11. She spends her extra time with you

Nowadays, we’re all busy. Whether school or work, no one has much spare time anymore, but when she does have free time, she usually spends it with you. It’s clear she makes you a priority. If you’re spending Friday and Saturday nights with someone, you probably like them.

Let’s get this straight, if she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t be spending her time with you. It’s really that simple. She wouldn’t be spending any time with you.

But if she’s making time to see you, then this is something to take into consideration. Her time is valuable, and she’s not going to waste it on someone she doesn’t like. So if you’re looking for sure signs she wants a relationship with you, this is a big one to focus on. [Read: Couples bucket list – 32 must do things to create experiences together]

12. You sense that touch

Okay, this doesn’t mean she’s jumping on you and ripping your clothes off. It should be her touching your arm when she laughs or hugging you.

These aren’t huge gestures, but they do show a physical connection. Touch is an important part of intimacy. If she’s touching you frequently, she’s trying to get closer to you.

This doesn’t mean you should be overly touchy back, but this does mean she’s interested in you. In general, we don’t touch people we don’t like. If she touches you on the arm while laughing, or fixes your shirt or hair, these small gestures mean something intimate. [Read: 15 subtle body language cues a girl gives away if she’s falling hard for you]

13. She remembers the small things

You know, when we’re trying to figure out how someone feels about us, we always try to look for big signs. But those aren’t the signs you should be paying attention to. It’s all about the small things she does.

If she remembers the smallest details, things you enjoy watching on TV or your favorite flavor of chips, that’s a big deal. You mentioned your favorite band or artist months ago, and she remembered it for your birthday. See, these small details are important.

If you don’t like someone, you easily forget these details. If she is genuinely interested and she wants a relationship with you, these are the details she’d want to use to make you happy. [Read: 80 very unique, fun, and exciting things to do with your boyfriend]

14. She got rid of her dating apps

Well, this is a big one. If she deleted her dating app, she’s not joking around. Deleting a dating app is basically showing she’s not interested in meeting anyone else. She doesn’t want to hunt for another date, she found someone who could potentially make her happy. Hint: that’s you.

15. She’s honest with you

When you ask her a question, she tells you her honest opinion. No lies, because she wants you to trust her. When a girl is open and honest with you, she values and trusts you as a person. Not many men get this side of her. [Read: What a woman is really telling you when she pulls away]

16. She really listens

There are times when we’re listening to someone talk, but not really listening. But when you’re with her, she really listens. And that says a lot about how she feels about you. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be paying so much attention to you.

When it comes to relationships, most of the time we’re talking to ourselves and not really listening to each other. When you really like someone, you focus on what they have to say because you respect their opinion.

17. She really looks at you

She doesn’t look at you the way she looks at other guys. When she looks at you, she looks directly into your eyes and maintains eye contact. This gesture is usually underrated, however, most communication is non-verbal. This means eye contact is essential for understanding the feelings of someone else.

18. She talks about her issues with you

Maybe there’s something about you and her that is an issue for her. But instead of letting it slide, she confronts you on it. And if she does that, she’s interested in improving your relationship, which means a lot. She wants to make this relationship the best it can be.

19. She teases you

She’s not being mean, but she loves to tease you. This is a common sign she wants a relationship with you. Teasing is a form of flirting, and we all know when someone is flirting, it’s because they like the other person. She may also be teasing you to try to hide her feelings.

20. She puts you on her social media

When it comes to social media, she’s not going to put photos of a guy up if she’s not serious about him. If she did, it would cancel out all the other guys that she could possibly connect with. So, she’s not going to jeopardize herself unless she’s really into you. [Read: How to show off your girlfriend on social media in a way she’ll love!]

21. You’ve met each other’s loved ones

Have you met her family and close friends already? Has she met your friends and family? If so, it’s a pretty big deal. This may have happened accidentally or after some serious planning.

But if you’ve met all of her closest friends, and she’s done the same, it’s a very good sign she wants a relationship with you even if you don’t see it just yet.

22. She spends important holidays with you

Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, she’ll make sure to spend those holidays with you. She’ll even spend the holidays with your family or invite you to her home. Either way, this is a huge sign she’s serious about you as she’s letting you into her inner circle. [Read: Should you spend the holidays together? Or is it too soon?]

23. She drops hints about the future

Oh, she is dropping some crazy hints to you, and maybe you see them, or maybe not. But if she mentions traveling with you in the summer or going to her nephew’s birthday in a couple of weeks, she’s trying to make things more serious.

No girl will discuss the future unless she sees a future. If she’s making plans with you months in advance, well, she pictures you being in her life.

This is a really good sign she wants a relationship and she’s serious about you, as she already envisions you as someone important and special. [Read: 16 signs she is falling in love with you and wants something serious]

24. She’s not interested in dating anyone else

Okay, so she’s probably deleted her dating apps already, and that’s a good sign. But what about dates? Is she meeting her ex, or still talking to that guy she was in a no strings attached relationship with?

If she’s ended all her relationships with everyone else, removed any dating apps she had on her phone, and isn’t going on dates with other people, you’ve got a serious sign she wants a relationship with you.

If someone does that, they’re transitioning into a very exclusive relationship with you. If she wasn’t sure about you, she would continue dating other people. [Read: Spot-on tips on raising the idea of being exclusive]

25. She makes you a priority

She used to see you only when she had time, but now things have changed. She’ll cancel plans or switch them around if it means she gets some extra time alone with you. That’s a pretty big deal. Once you’ve become a priority in someone’s life, they see you as someone important.

26. She surprises you

Now, this could be on a sexual, emotional, or mental level. She could show up at your house naked, but she could also bake you a cake for your birthday. The point is, she invested her time in showing you signs of affection. 

This is a sign she cares and wants to be exclusive. It’s not about the big things she does, it’s the little things you need to keep an eye out for.

27. She knows you on a deeper level

If you just have casual sex and nothing more, she wouldn’t want to get to know more about you. Why would she? You’re not someone special in her life, but rather someone to fill a need.

Sorry, that may sound harsh, but it’s true. But if she wants to get to know more about you, well, that’s one of the big signs she’s serious about you.

Women don’t waste their time on getting to know someone they don’t see a future with, so if she actually wants to get to know you, it’s one of the clearest signs she wants to be exclusive with you. [Read: 20 signs she’s leading you on, using you, and only pretending to love you]

28. You’re her go-to person

If you were only casual, she wouldn’t see you as someone she could come to for help. But in this case, she does. She trusts you. 

You’re the first person she calls when something good happens, and you’re the last person she talks to before going to bed at night. Sure, she has best friends, but you’re someone she sees sharing her life with.

29. She’s over the past

Yeah, she dated some idiots, but who hasn’t? However, the big difference is that she’s not using you to get over her ex. She’s moved on from her past relationships and wants something new.

You know exactly when a woman uses you as a rebound and when she’s serious. If she’s serious, she’ll show these signs. [Read: The rebound guy – 19 signs you’re one and the best ways to avoid a girl pining over her ex

30. Her language changes

If she starts changing how she talks about herself from “me” to “we” or “us,” then that’s one of the signs she wants to be exclusive with you.

In other words, if she used to say things like, “Next week I’m going to my friend’s surprise party,” and now she’s saying things like, “Next week we have my friend’s surprise party, and it starts at 8:00,” then she’s already assuming you’re a couple through her language.

In her mind, she’s gone from an individual to a couple. [Read: Dating exclusively but not in a relationship? The grey area dilemma]

31. She hints around

Girls are not very direct when they speak. They like to beat around the bush instead of coming right out and saying things. So, it is not likely that she will just directly ask you if you want to be exclusive with her.

Instead, she might say things like, “Do you think that everyone wants a committed relationship?” or “What do you think of casual relationships? Do you prefer them?”

This is her way of hinting around to try to get a feeling for your thoughts on exclusivity. By de-personalizing it, she is safe. Because if your responses hint at the fact that you don’t want to only date her, then her ego will be spared because she was indirect. [Read: What does exclusive mean? 20 ways to know if you’re ready]

32. She asks if you’re seeing anyone else

It could be assumed that neither of you is dating anyone else. But unless it is specifically talked about, there is no definitive answer either way. She is probably wondering where you stand, so she might ask this question.

Even though this seems like a direct question, it’s really asking you, “Do you only want to date me?” Asking if you’re seeing or sleeping with anyone else is a way to seem easy-breezy about the whole thing. She doesn’t want you to know that she cares too much. [Read: 16 well-hidden signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with]

33. She texts you all the time

When a girl doesn’t like you that much, she will not spend much energy on you. In other words, she may not initiate texts or calls very much. Why? Well, it could be for a variety of reasons.

First, you may not be on her mind very much. Second, she might be talking with other guys too. So, if you hear from her all the time *good morning texts, good night texts, and everything else in between*, then that is one of the good signs she wants to be exclusive with you. 

Remember, talking to you a lot leaves her a lot less time to talk to or date anyone else. [Read: How to tell if a girl really likes you by the way she texts you – 28 signs you shouldn’t ignore]

34. You have a routine

When people get comfortable with each other, they tend to form routines. Now, that’s not to say that it’s a boring one. In fact, routines can be very comforting and affectionate. 

Maybe you have a texting routine. One of you says “Good morning,” and the other always says “Good night.” And you text or call throughout the day. 

Or perhaps you always get together for a date on Wednesday and Friday nights. If she’s allowing her life to fall into a routine with you, it is a clear sign that she wants to be exclusive. [Read: 25 couple activities that make you feel loved and closer to each other]

35. She asks to define the relationship

In today’s day and age, it’s common to define a relationship. Decades ago, this was not needed. But with technology and social media, a person could be talking to endless people at the same time.

She might be confused about whether you are in the “talking phase,” the “casual dating phase,” or something else. Sometimes the lines are blurred. 

So, if she asks you, “What are we?” or “Where do you see this going?” She is probably trying to put a label on it. She probably hopes that you are either exclusively dating or even boyfriend-girlfriend. [Read: What are we? How to get someone to label your relationship]

36. She has a history of committed relationships

If you know about her relationship and dating history, this will give you one of the signs that she wants to be exclusive with you. Some people are not very good with commitment. In fact, some just like to sleep around and not have any relationships whatsoever.

But she could be a quality girl and only have long-term monogamous relationships. That’s not to say that people who don’t aren’t quality people. But if she’s mostly been in committed romantic relationships in her life, then she is probably expecting the same with you if she has hung around you for a while. [Read: How to talk about a past relationship and not piss your girlfriend off by saying the wrong things]

37. She asks for an STD test

Let’s face it – it’s risky to sleep around and/or date a lot of people at the same time. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases floating around out there. Hopefully, if you’re sleeping together, you are at least using protection.

If you’re not sleeping together yet, she may ask you to take an STD test so she knows you’re clean. That might mean that she doesn’t have sex with very many people, and she wants to know who she’s being intimate with. 

So, this is a good sign that she wants to be exclusive with you. She is thinking that you might be the only one she’ll be with for a while. [Read: How to have safe sex and the dangers of unprotected sex most don’t know]

Now, ask yourself what you want

You know the signs she’s serious about you and she’s thinking about a committed relationship, but what do you want? Are you sure you want to make that leap yourself?

Remember, for a relationship to work, both parties have to be equally as invested. So, do some soul-searching and pinpoint what you’re looking for. Then, come to a mutual place where you can watch your relationship flourish and grow.

[Read: How to make your girlfriend happy and feel like the luckiest girl ever]

Knowing the signs she’s serious about you, or not, will definitely relieve your second thoughts. Now it’s time for you to decide what you want from the relationship.

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