Should I Ask Her Out? 47 Subtle, Flirty Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

If you’re wondering ‘should I ask her out?’ and you’re in two minds, learn the signs that indicate that she wants you to make a move first. That way, you’ll know for sure. 

should I ask her out

Does the question ‘should I ask her out?’ constantly hover in your mind? Do you struggle to find the courage to actually make the move? It’s understandable; asking anyone out can be scary. No one wants to get their feelings hurt or be humiliated by someone turning them down.

Sometimes, this can get really confusing. At times, you’re convinced she really likes you. And at other times, you’re just not so sure. In the worst case scenario, she might be leading you on by blowing hot and cold.

The problem is, the longer you have a crush on someone without doing anything about it, the higher he risk that you’ll end up in the friend zone. Or worse still, your crush will end up going out with someone else and be taken off the market altogether.

So if you like a girl, what can you do to minimize your chances of rejection if you do take the plunge? Learn the signs that she wants you to make a move, that’s how! [Read: 18 clear signs you’re in a girl’s friend zone already]

Should I ask her out? The subtle hints she’s crazy about you and waiting for you to make a move

You think she’s into you, you flirt up a storm, only to be slapped around the face or called a ‘creep’ because you read the signs wrong. Is this a situation you’ve been in before? Many have.

The best way to avoid repeats in the future is to learn the signs she’ll give off when she wants you to make a move. That way, you’ll never read the situation wrong ever again!

No matter how suave and experienced you are at picking up women, there is no denying that it is hard to tell if she really wants you to make a move. Every woman is different. Tactics that helped you score with one woman may not work on another. 

That’s why you need to learn the signs she wants you to make a move before you go for it. If you’re always asking ‘should I ask her out?’, look no further than the list below for your answer. [Read: What to talk about on a first date to make them like you instantly]

1. She makes an effort to be around you

Obviously, if a girl wants you to ask her out, she is going to want to spend as much time as possible with you. She can’t hope for you to ask her out if you are never around each other, after all.

If you find yourself bumping into her more often than usual, she is probably making sure she goes where you do so you have more chances to chat. If this happens, stop wondering ‘should I ask her out?’, and just do it already! [Read: The most obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]?

2. If she comes over to speak to you

If you arrive at a party or a bar and she makes a beeline straight for you, it’s because she wants to spend every second with you. She’s obviously interested, so just bite the bullet and ask her out!

3. She seems to be staring at you a lot

Eye contact is the name of the game, so if you find that you keep catching her eye, and she often smiles and then looks away, she is definitely flirting with you! [Read: How to ask her out when you’re a shy guy]

4. She smiles at you

Smiling is our way of telling someone that we like them, that we are interested in them, and that we want to interact with them some more. If she can’t help but show her pearly whites every time you are around, then it’s clearly because she’s got a major crush going on. Should you ask her out? Yes!

5. She touches you

Being physically affectionate with someone is a sure fire sign that they like you. So, if she always finds an excuse to touch your arm or give you a hug, it’s because she likes you, silly!

6. She buys you gifts

Money can’t buy you love, but it certainly can’t do any harm either! If she’s always giving you cute and thoughtful gifts, it is because she is trying to show you how much she cares. [Read: Cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to get a yes]

7. She compliments you

Complimenting you is a pretty obvious sign that she likes you. Compliment her back and then stop asking the question, ‘should I ask her out?’!

8. She asks questions

Asking questions shows that she is interested in you and wants to get to know you better. Make sure you reciprocate, and once you have found out a little more about each other, why not take it to the next level and go on a date?

Constantly asking yourself ‘should I ask her out?’ will drive you mad. Just do it if she’s asking lots of questions. [Read: 71 friendly, funny questions to get to know someone in a happy way]

9. She tries to make friends with your friends

If she’s making a real effort to hang out with your friends *yes, even that one who is a bit of a douche,* it’s because she wants to get to you. She knows you might ask for their advice on whether or not to ask her out, and she wants them to be her biggest fans!

10. She asks about your family

If she is taking an interest in your family, she is trying to show you how much she cares – a girl like that is definitely a keeper!

11. She is interested in the same things as you

If she suddenly has all these hobbies and interests that just happen to be the same as yours, she’s clearly got a massive crush and wants you two to have a lot to talk about. She’s keen for you to have as much in common as possible. [Read: 15 body language clues a girl just can’t hide if she likes you]

12. She flirts with you

What more is there to say with this one? If she is flirting, then take her for a drink, pronto! Ummm, so that sure answers the question, ‘should I ask her out,’ huh? [Read: How girls flirt – 15 signs she’s being more than just nice]

13. She teases you

When asking ‘should I ask her out?’, check if she’s always teasing you. If she likes to gently tease you, then it’s probably her way of flirting.

Being a bit mean and mocking you is her putting up barriers because she likes you so much. So, put her out of her misery and ask her out!

14. She flirts with other guys

If she flirts with other guys, don’t despair. It is more than likely she is simply trying to make you jealous because she likes you so much. [Read: 30 wicked but effective moves girls use to make a guy jealous and ask her out]

15. She gets really quiet

If she gets all quiet and flustered around you, it’s because you clearly have a very good *but nerve-wracking* effect on her. If you like her too, then why not see if you can calm her nerves by taking her out to get to know one another better?

This is definitely one of the signs that she wants you to make a move.

16. She gets really loud

On the total flipside, if she suddenly starts acting all loud and boisterous around you, it is probably because she is trying to show off and catch your attention – make sure you give it to her.

17. She ignores you

If she ignores you every time you walk into a room, she could be trying to make you want her more. Treat them mean, keep them keen! [Read: How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend]

18. She keeps touching her hair

Research has shown that if a girl touches her hair, she’s doing so because she’s flirting. It’s a very self-conscious and feminine thing to do, so keep your eyes peeled to see if she does it when you are talking to her.

19. She wants to be alone with you

If she is always finding reasons to be alone with you, she’s hoping that might be just the right time for you to pluck up the courage to ask her out.

20. She calls and texts you

Every time your phone beeps, it’s her? She desperately wants you to ask her out, so just go for it. Stop asking the question, ‘should I ask her out?’ and just do it already! [Read: Texting anxiety – How to send and receive texts without freaking out]

21. She tells her friends about you

If her friends seem to know all about you, it’s because she has been talking about you to them!

In terms of signs that she wants you to make a move, there’s no sign clearer than this one. [Read: 31 secrets to get a girl to like you and desire you without asking her out]

22. Her friends seem to like you and/or tease her when you are around

If her friends like you, it’s because she’s been talking you up. Make sure you make an effort with her friends too, and then you’re golden.

23. Her friends are always super psyched whenever the two of you are together

If her friends get all excitable whenever they see you two together, or say things about what a cute couple you are, they are probably not-so-subtly hinting that she likes you and the two of you should get together.

24. She laughs at what you say

If she laughs at, like, everything that comes out of your mouth, it’s because you make her nervous, she finds you funny, and she is trying to show you she likes you! It’s a no-brainer! [Read: How to tell if she’s flirting or just being nice to you]

25. She asks you to do everything *except go on a date*

She keeps asking you to do things with her, yet they are all non-date scenarios. That’s because she is trying to subtly hint to you that she wants to spend time with you, but doesn’t want to put her heart on the line and ask you on a proper date.

Be bold and make the first move!

26. She wants to be in pictures with you

If every time you pose for a snap, her pretty little face crops up, it’s her cunning way of making sure you remember her. Has it worked?!

Be brave and stop asking ‘should I ask her out?’ [Read: First date tips for guys to  charm your date]

27. She agrees to do anything you suggest

Even your most boring suggestions seem like wonderful ideas to her! She wants to spend time with you no matter what you’re doing, so why not ask her on a real date? It’s one of the signs she wants you to make a move, after all.

28. She doesn’t talk about other guys around you

If she’s only got eyes for you, that’s a pretty good sign she is looking to date you and you alone. [Read: How to read mixed signals and turn it into love]

29. She’s made it clear that she is single

She’s told you *probably more than once* that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Now why do you think that is?

30. She’s asked you if you are single

She’s asking you directly. Take the hint! [Read: The subtle art of avoiding a girl’s friend zone and making her desire you]

31. She’s batting her eyelashes at you

Once you start noticing her fluttering her eyelashes at you ever so often, you can chalk that up as an indication that she is interested. 

However, hang in there and see if she exhibits other flirtatious signals before making a move. You want to make sure she is indeed giving you a sign, and it has nothing to do with a dry contact lens. [Read: How to flirt with your eyes and catch anyone’s attention in the room]

32. She makes herself comfortable

Another way to tell that she wants you to make a move is when she makes an effort to get comfortable. Once a woman settles down, you know that she is feeling great and does not plan on heading anywhere. 

If a woman chooses to make conversation with you in a social setting where she can have her pick of any guy, you probably have it in the bag. Do not wait too long to make a move because she may just take it as a sign of disinterest on your part. [Read: What to do when a girl likes you – The right way to make your move on her]

33. She brushes up against you

Women tend to use their bodies as a flirtation tool. 

So, if she touches you or brushes up against you often, take it as one of the signs that she wants you to make a move. If a woman brushes up against you more than twice in a short time-frame, you can be sure that it was not by accident. 

34. She draws attention to her breasts

Whether they care to admit it, all men have a fascination with boobs and women know this. 

Pay attention to little hints such as her pushing her chest out, brushing her breasts against you, or pressing up against you for a hug that lasts longer than a conventional one. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by casually sitting next to her]

35. She makes an effort to stay in touch with you regularly

A woman is hinting for you to make a move when she keeps in touch with you all the time. This includes odd hours of the day. If she replies to your 1:00am messages, or answers your call at 11:30pm, she is definitely interested. 

A woman is not going to egg you on to make a move and let you intrude on her space at weird hours if she does not want you there. [Read: How to confess your affection for a girl without ever getting rejected]

36. Licking and biting her lip

When we like someone, we tend to subconsciously try to draw attention to our lips. So, if you see her licking her lips often or biting her lip while making eye contact, it’s one of the signs she wants you to make a move. She might play with her hair at the same time. 

If so, her body language is screaming ‘make a move’! [Read: Lip biting – Why girls do this and what makes it so sexy?]

37. She obviously flirts back 

If you’re flirting up a storm and she’s flirting back, that’s a solid sign. She’s not going to waste her time flirting with someone whom she has no direct interest in. 

Women are not cruel generally. So, if you’re obviously flirting with her and she reciprocates by flirting straight on back, you’re in there! [Read: 20 signs she’s flirting with you even if she’s trying to be subtle]

38. She’s extremely warm with you

Now, be careful with this one because you will need to add other signs to give you a full picture. If she’s very warm around you, e.g. she asks a lot of questions, she seems really interested, and she’s touchy feely, it could be a good sign. 

However, it could be that she’s simply a very warm and tactile person. For that reason, look for additional signs to be sure, but it’s certainly a hint in the right direction. [Read: 7 things to know before dating a type A personality]

39. She angles her body toward you

One of the key signs she wants you to make a move is her body language. Body language is key in understanding whether a woman is flirting or just being friendly.

If she angles her body towards you, without crossing her arms or placing any barriers between the two of you, that’s a great sign. 

If she starts to mirror your body language, i.e. if you lean to one side, she does too, that’s another clear sign she’s attracted to you subconsciously. [Read: 37 body language clues a girl gives away subconsciously if she likes you]

40. She makes suggestive comments

If she’s making comments that are definitely flirty and even suggestive, she’s doing it for a reason. 

Girls don’t tend to make suggestive comments to guys they don’t want to be around because they know it would only encourage the wrong type. So, if her comments are not only racy but moving towards sexual, make a move!

41. She doesn’t back off when you move closer

If you take a step toward her, she will either stand her ground, move closer, or move back. If she moves back, you know she doesn’t want you to make a move. 

However, if she stands her ground and makes eye contact, or she moves closer, she’s telling you she wants you to make a move. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up ever again]

42. She’s always genuinely glad to see you 

Women often display two types of smiles. There’s the default smile for when something amusing is happening or for times when she just needs to put a smile on when facing people.

The other type of smile is the one that brightens up her whole face. It’s the smile you see on women who are genuinely excited and happy about something. 

If it’s the bright smile you’re seeing whenever you run into her or talk to her, then this is a clear sign that you excite her enough to want to go out on a date with you. [Read: 17 sneaky ways to ask a girl if she likes you without asking her!]

43. She’s engrossed in what you have to say 

You know a conversation is going downhill when the person you’re talking to just nods, fakes a smile, and responds with monosyllabic words. But that’s not the case when you’re talking to her.

She always seems genuinely interested in what you’re saying. She gives you follow up questions, responds proactively, and intently hangs on to every word you’re saying.

44. You’re suddenly a really funny guy 

Women love it when a guy can make them laugh. But even if you’ve never really been the class clown, she always seems so amused with everything you have to say. Your jokes, one-liners, and impressions are really hitting her funny bone. [Read: 29 things to know to make a girl laugh, smile and like you instantly!]

45. She’s recommending date spots

She’ll often ask you if you’ve ever been to that sushi place in the next block or that hot new café that everyone’s raving about. 

You’ll start to notice that she’s taken a sudden interest in all these places and she’s sharing that interest with you. Take it as a hint that she would like to go to those places with you one of these days.

46. She mentions when she’s free 

“Oh, I don’t really have anything planned after work. You?” Does this line sound familiar? She’s telling you that she has no other plans *i.e. no dates scheduled*, and that if you were to ask her out then and there, she’s got the free time to take you up on that offer. [Read: 20 signs she’s just leading you on and not really interested in dating you]

47. She asks you out instead 

Sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. If she musters up the courage to ask you out, give her some credit. 

She probably likes you enough to potentially face the embarrassment of being rejected. If we were you, that’s a bold move that’s worthy of at least a couple of dates! [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you effortlessly]

So, does she want you to make a move?

If she’s not into you, you’ll tell by noting what she does when the two of you are alone. If she resorts to fiddling with her phone and taking phone calls, she is trying to diffuse the awkwardness of being around you solo. 

On the other hand, if she engages you in conversation whilst making plenty of eye contact, she likes you and is giving you the green light to take it a step further. [Read: Has she fallen for me already? 32 signs she sees you as way more than a friend already]

It’s a good idea to look for a few of these signs before deciding whether to go for it or not. Some girls are simply very friendly and aren’t flirting at all. However, when you can nod along to several of these signs, you can be pretty sure that she’s trying to entice you into making a move. 

[Read: 25 things about a guy that make him really attractive to women]

These 47 signs answer the question, ‘should I ask her out?’ So what are you waiting for? Ask her out already!

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