How to Attract a Woman’s Attention

How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Women

Attracting a woman’s attention in an impressive manner can be easy if you know a few basic things about women, and about yourself. Read on to know everything about attracting women and impressing them while you’re at it.

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One thing that you will have to know is that when it comes to approaching women, the woman would already have made her mind up on whether to talk to you or not even before you say hello!!

The Warm Up

It’s all about warming up to the act. There are a hundred women around you at a party or at your workplace, and likewise there a hundred men there too.

Now what is it that will give you the winning edge over all the other men to get you in the good books of your best woman in the hundred? Well, it’s relatively simple, it’s the little things, packed with loads of balls and brains. It’s about crossing the enemy lines but still playing safe.

Now now… don’t get confused. I was just trying to get dramatic!

The Posture

You always have to be conscious about your posture, wherever you are.

Always remember, one or the other woman is always watching you, and one bad move is one worthy impression lost!

Have a straight back, and walk with the air of a man returning from a battle won. Haven’t you seen movies where the hero always walks out from the plane in the last scene of a movie, with a cigar in his hand and the triumphant look on his face? That’s the person a woman always wants to be with, a winner. A man who always wins, no matter what.

And your posture is the first step to proclaim that you’re a winner. You don’t see a winner slouching or a sore loser walking tall, do you?

The Look

Firstly, let this fine lady know that you want to know her. We don’t need any glowing neon signs for this. You just need your eyes. It’s that glance that can get the fire crackling. That one single glance that can melt hearts, and it’s got to come from you! However stupid this may sound, practice your “I’m Hot!” look!

Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, give yourself an appreciative glance, and see if you find yourself at your best. This look is best noticed after you shave! It’s not very different from how you normally look, but you know you look better. It’s that look that makes you say, ‘Damn, I’m good!’

This look comes with practice, but if you’re a rookie, I’d suggest you don’t use ‘the look’ around women until you’re confident about it, because you would only end up like one of the million wannabes you find everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “How to Attract a Woman’s Attention”

  1. angel says:

    Okay, i guess you got the stuff about the men on point, but change a little for the women.The thing i strongly disagree in this is the ” always win NO MATTER WHAT”, let me tell you this, no women in their right mind wants to see a man win ALL the time , you need to be defeated at least once so no one will see how far your cockiness can go and how much pride you don’t want to loose & that you have a stick up your behind ,also every women would like to see the soft side of her man or A man(Now don’t get me wrong don’t get to soft,so that she’ll start thinking that your a sissy and if she stays with you eventually YOU’LL turn GAY).A few more tips ,please don’t overdue ”The Look” or it’ll be a major turn off, and don’t overdue the approach or ”Hero Walk” you can have the amazing posture and whatever,but just be natural with it.PLEASE.Take it from an actual girl ,please i’m pleading here .DON’T LET YOURSELVES DOWN.

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