What Girls Never Notice on a Date!

girls never notice on a date

Now girls are pretty sharp sighted on a date, and it’s quite difficult to get anything past their eyes on a first date. But then again, there are just a few things that girls never notice on a date!

If you’re read the earlier post on what girls always notice on a date, you’d see that it’s quite difficult to please a girl, especially when she can read you like a full body scan at an airport.

But here are a few things that girls never notice on a date, well, at least most girls.

What girls never notice on a date #1 YOUR PACKAGE

That sock in your boxers on the beach didn’t help you, why would something dwelling deep inside your pants make a difference on a date at a restaurant?

Unless you’ve got a pair of cannon ball in your jocks, that is. She may notice your physique but your package is a farfetched thought.

What girls never notice on a date #2 THE REAL YOU

Women do know that you’re being all that, and extra sweet just to impress them. So do be nice and courteous.

You may be nervous, but put it behind your back. And unless you bring out the real you, the girl would never really know who you are! And she may not actually go out with you ever again.

What girls never notice on a date #3 YOUR GOOD LOOKS

You may be a real good looker, but most women say that they would prefer personality over looks any day.

The ugly good natured men can thank the big guy up there. So you may be really dashing, but unless you can be a great date, your good looks would be forgotten in no time, even if it was noticed in the first place.

What girls never notice on a date #4 YOUR THOUGHTS

No woman is a mind reader. Whew! Thank God for that. Or you may not last a few minutes into the date, would you? You little perv…?

Lucky for you, there are at least a few things that girls never notice on a date. For everything else, you’ll just have to try harder, won’t you?

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7 thoughts on “What Girls Never Notice on a Date!”

  1. Hayley says:

    I disagree with ALL of the above. This seems to be written just to help insecure men. To help I must add that although these do get noticed, by some women, they are not really going to make an impact in just one encounter. Women are people! We may reason that you might be nervous and say, think or do something silly. We may reason that despite being handsome and having a bulging groin you are not the right type. Something noticed does not always lead to a final decision every time.

  2. Jiji says:

    100 % false ! It is the opposite : we notice quickly and instinctively ALL of the above !

  3. a girl says:

    I’m sorry but it is crazy to suggest women don’t notice whether or not a guy is attractive! Though you probably already know whether or not they are attractive unless it is a blind date or something, seriously though, you think people don’t care if someone is ugly? Obviously some people don’t care. But whether or not there is you know, attraction to someone I might want to date that is probably the most important thing – otherwise I would rather be friends. Of course it’s not always straightforwards, and people can be attracted to and want to date people who aren’t conventionally attractive, but its still attraction, otherwise why would you make it a sexual relationship rather than a platonic one?
    Also this article is really odd and the last point…really? I mean of course people can’t read minds, it’s not a helpful point. I struggle to beleive a woman wrote this article, and if a woman didn’t write it then it’s not worth listening to.

  4. Cerulean says:

    you know, when most people say “attractive” they only mean “tall, muscular, tan, etc… dude”. when I think of attractiveness, it isn’t just appearances. it’s mostly just being generally healthy. if you think about the animal world, most of what the males do is just to show that they are healthy and their territory is plentiful. you don’t have to be super tall or buff or have a face like [insert celebrity name here]. you just have to be healthy and able enough to care for a woman. you should acknowledge the fact that she can survive on her own, but show her that you can treat her well and satisfy her needs. a woman wants a healthy partner and environment. when a guy wants to know how to be attractive, he should just try to do things that show off good health, and healthy habits. appearances and wealth can do that, but so can dance moves, hygiene, communication skills, politeness, and many other things.

  5. The Truth Hurts says:

    This article is the OPPOSITE of reality. I don’t know if this is a disinformation process, or what is going on but this is a huge lie!

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