Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 9 Reasons She’s Just Not Into You

Do you always find yourself wondering, “Why don’t girls like me?” Well, we’ve got your answer. Here’s everything you’ve been doing all wrong.

why dont girls like me

The thoughts, “Why don’t girls like me?” or “Why don’t the girls I like like me back?” are common questions in the male mind that start during puberty and can stretch on pretty much forever! Cheery thought, isn’t it? The mystery of a woman’s mind is deep, dark, and dangerous. For example, why does she like the tattooed bad-boy, but then the minute you do something off-color she scolds you for it?

Why girls don’t like you – 9 big truths

We’re solving the worldwide mystery of why your dream girl doesn’t like you back. Here are 9 brutally honest reasons why she’s just not that into you.

#1 You’ve been friend-zoned. If you have ever had unreciprocated romantic feelings for the potential love of your life while they just sit there and act like you are BFFs, then you have definitely been put in the friend zone. The friend zone is a real place. Picture it like a cold, dark prison full of “best pal” behavior and no blowjobs. When your crush puts you in the friend zone, you will never get out. Ever.

One of the reasons your girl might not like you is because she has mentally put you in the friend zone. This means she wants all the benefits of going to dinner, binging on Netflix, confiding secrets, and bringing you as a “plus-one” to events without also having the fringe benefits of making out, having sex, and sharing a romantic connection. This could be a giant reason why she doesn’t like you, at least not in that way, because hey, you’re just the friend! [Read: How to avoid the friend zone and make her desire you]

#2 You are annoying. Harsh as it may be, have you ever considered that you are just downright annoying? If you’re constantly asking, “Why don’t girls like me? “it may be due to your extremely irritating personality.

If, for instance, you’ve been talking about the same topic for 30 minutes, and all your crush has said is a random series of “hmm,” “huh,” or “cool,” this probably means that she finds you either boring or annoying. Why? Well, you’re probably talking about things she doesn’t care about, or things she can only politely feign interest in for so long, such as video games, bro movies, building your own computer, anime and manga, or anything else in these “nerdy” niches.

That’s not to say that some girls don’t absolutely adore those topics—just not the one you have a crush on! [Read: 13 annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid them]

#3 You don’t know when it shut up. Another trait that can be very annoying is being a know-it-all. For example, if you catch yourself constantly interrupting her to correct her about nearly everything she says, you’re showing her that you think you’re better than her. You are not being clever or wise, but rather, you’re just being a know-it-all jackass.

#4 You have bad personal hygiene habits. One thing girls don’t want to be around is someone who doesn’t shower, can’t dress himself, and doesn’t know how to use deodorant or hair gel. She’s not asking that you crack a 6-pack and turn into Fabio overnight, but a man who can’t take simple care of his body is a huge turn off. [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn off for girls]

#5 You offer nothing. No offense, we’re sure you’re a great guy and all, but do you have much to offer to a relationship? If not, she’s probably well aware. We don’t mean this in a “she’s a gold-digger” way. Simply put, sometimes it isn’t enough to have a rockin’ personality. Just as you would want her to emotionally and physically contribute to a relationship, she expects the following things:

a) Love and support

b) Honesty and loyalty

c) That you encourage her to be her best self and to help her reach her goals

d) That you have a car/license

e) That you are responsible

f) That you have a steady job

g) Financial independence from your parents [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

#6 You are needy. As much as girls love to be reassured by love and affection from their men, they also love the chase as much as their male counterparts do. When you act needy, especially if you’re not in a relationship with her, it’s going to give her pause.

Signs of being super needy include texting/calling her nonstop, constantly asking for reassurance or affirmations of her care, friendship, or affection, talking about her too much, or getting upset if she hangs out with someone else. If you’re like this now, what will you be like if you were to actually date? [Read: How to love someone without smothering them]

#7 You’re a jerk. Be honest with yourself… are you an asshole? If so, she sees it clear as day! While some women are actually super attracted to that bad-boy appeal, your girl may not be one of them. If you are mean-spirited, an antifeminist, a fat-shamer, tell unfunny or crude jokes, are disrespectful, lack empathy, are a substance abuser, or all and all just a big jerk, she probably won’t want anything to do with you *and for good reason!* [Read: Good vs. bad – What kind of guys do girls like?]

#8 You’re short. Unfortunately for all the shortys out there, height has a lot to do with a woman’s initial attraction. If you are on the shorter side of the spectrum, it’s probably going to be more difficult for you to score a date. Sorry. But you wouldn’t want to be with someone who only judges you for your looks, anyway, right?

#9 You’re unattractive. The truth hurts… and the truth is that women and men alike are shallow, shallow creatures. You question of why girls don’t like you may have everything to do with the way you look. Girlfriend’s just not attracted to you. So forget her and find someone who appreciates your crooked smile. [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time]

We hope you found our guide helpful. No longer do you have to spend your time pondering, “Why don’t girls like me?!” Now you know! Either you’re a total douche or you’ve just been going after the wrong girl for way too long. You deserve a chick who digs you for you, so if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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