12 Important Rules for Texting a Girl and Not Creeping Her Out

When it comes to texting, there’s a line you just can’t cross. If you want to NOT seem like a creep, you need to follow the rules for texting a girl.

rules for texting a girl

Nowadays, it’s really easy to creep a girl out, even if you’re just trying to be friendly. With everything in the news about male predators, it’s not hard for a girl to hear one wrong thing and start running. Which means it’s even harder to get one to like you over texting. Following some rules for texting a girl will help you make her more comfortable.

Without gaining her trust and making her more comfortable, it won’t be easy to get her to open up to you. If she feels the slightest bit uneasy and creeped out, you’ll never stand a chance with her.

Knowing how to earn a girl’s trust is what you need to aim for

If a girl doesn’t think she can trust you, she’ll have an issue with you. Feeling scared and uncomfortable around you means you’re creeping her out. This might not be overtly your fault. It could just be that you come across as cold.

And that can be a bit creepy sometimes. You might also be the type who asks way too many questions that are a little too inappropriate. Learning how to earn a girl’s trust will help her feel much more comfortable around you and you won’t creep her out as much. [Read: 10 ways to earn a girl’s trust the easy way]

Rules for texting a girl so you don’t freak her out

If you want to have even the slightest chance with a girl, you can’t creep her out. She’ll run for the hills the second you make her feel uncomfortable. These rules for texting a girl will help you earn her trust and show her that you’re actually a nice guy.

#1 Don’t come on too strong. If you act needy and desperate right away, she’ll be weirded out. You can’t start out sending pages and pages of text. That’ll read like you’re either very clingy or that you’re just weird in general.

Keep your texts relatively short while still getting the message across. Nobody wants to immediately be bombarded with a bunch of texts from someone they don’t really know. [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on way too strong]

#2 Only text if she gave you her number. If you got her number from a friend, you’re already creepy. You should never text a girl unless she’s personally given you her number. You can message her on social media if you’re both friends, but that’s it. Texting her when she doesn’t know you is very weird and will make her very uncomfortable.

#3 Don’t send too many unanswered texts. This is super annoying and yes, creepy. Why would you send text after text to someone who clearly doesn’t want to respond? And maybe it’s not even that she doesn’t want to.

She might be busy or working and you’ve just blown up her phone. It’ll be super overwhelming to her and not at all effective. She’ll take one look at it and be turned off. [Read: 6 basic rules of double texting and second texts all men should follow]

#4 Avoid giving compliments. Compliments are always liked, obviously. However, you can’t continuously give them, especially if they’re not warranted. For example, telling her she looks beautiful when you haven’t actually seen her in person is a little odd.

Complimenting her about being funny right after she told a joke, however, is perfectly fine. You can’t just dish them out though. It’ll look a little creepy and she’ll feel weird about it. [Read: 20 flirty texting facts that’ll help you with the ladies]

#5 NO SEX JOKES. At least not right away. When a girl doesn’t even know you, hearing sex jokes will just make her think you want to have sex with her. And no girl wants to feel like an object you just want to bone. Avoid jokes of the sexual variety until you actually know her really well. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile, and like you instantly]

#6 Let her text you first sometimes. Don’t always be the first to text. In the beginning, you may need to initiate the conversation in order for her to get to know you better. If you’re always the one sending messages first, that’s a sign she’s not really interested.

#7 Don’t ask to hang out right away. You can’t only be talking to someone for a couple days before asking them to hang out. You’ll need to know her pretty well. She needs to feel 100% comfortable before you can ask. Which means, asking her too soon might ruin everything because it’ll come across as pretty creepy. [Read: How to take things slow so you don’t ruin a good thing]

#8 Make her laugh. If you really want to make a girl feel good around you, make her laugh. This opens her up to you and it’s your best bet for making her trust you. Once she trusts you, you won’t seem as creepy. Just, again, avoid sex jokes.

#9 Give her a way to relate to you. Show her the connection you two have. If she realizes that you two have something in common, she’ll be more likely to trust you. It’ll make her feel more comfortable knowing that you two are alike, even if it’s in a very small way.

#10 Show her your sensitive side. Don’t start texting her and talking all about the manly, macho things you do. She won’t be able to relate and it’s really not attractive. If you just be yourself, open up, and tell her some more sensitive stuff, she’ll feel a lot more comfortable. [Read: 20 questions to ask her to show her your sensitive side]

However, you do want to avoid spilling your life story. She doesn’t want to hear about it and it’ll seem a little creepy. Revealing way too much about your life to someone you don’t know isn’t normal.

#11 Leave her wanting more. Don’t constantly text her. In fact, when you’re having a good conversation, tell her you have to go for a while, but it was great talking to her.

This will leave her wanting to continue that conversation. You’re also complimenting her by telling her you actually had a great time. The next time you text her, she’ll immediately think about the great conversation you had and this will make her more likely to text you in the future.

#12 DON’T SEND UNWANTED DICK PICS. Ever. Never. There is absolutely no reason to ever send a dick picture to a girl you’re texting. Unless you two are in a relationship and she asks for one, don’t send one. It’s not attractive. It’s not a turn on. Keep it in your pants.

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The rules for texting a girl aren’t really that hard. Be yourself, make her laugh, and don’t send any dick pictures. Making a girl feel like she can trust you is really all it takes.

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