How to Pursue a Woman and Make the Next Move to Win Her Over

You’re interested in a special someone, and you want to know how to pursue a woman. But there’s just one problem; you don’t know how to make the next move.

how to pursue a woman

As a woman, I’ve experienced men pursuing me. The majority of women are in the same boat. Whether at a coffee shop, bar, or dog park, if a man is interested in pursuing a woman, he may approach her and see if there’s a chance to ask her out on a date. I understand, it takes a lot of courage to go up to someone you don’t know and start a conversation. It’s not an easy move to make. But just because you approach a woman you’re interested in doesn’t mean you’ll get the answer you’re looking for. You have to know how to pursue a woman the right way.

How to pursue a woman in a way that works

In this article, you’ll learn how to pursue a woman. But remember that all women are different, and just because you follow these steps, it may not work. And to be honest, it may take more time than you initially expected.

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Every woman is different and attraction doesn’t necessarily happen right away. Then again, it may not happen at all. I swear we’re not as complicated as I made it sound! So, what are the tips for how to pursue a woman you’re attracted to?

#1 What do you want? Here’s the thing, think about what you’re looking for. Of course, that can always change. For example, you’re really into a girl, and then you realize you don’t want anything serious with her. It happens. But for yourself, it’s important to think about what you want out of your life and the type of person you’d like as a partner. [Read: Casual dating vs serious dating: What’s your dating speed for now?]

#2 It starts with you. The men that women tend to be attracted to are the ones who don’t look like they’re needing to be with a woman. Why? Because their happiness isn’t defined by a relationship. A man who is secure in himself is one who understands that his happiness comes from within. And those men are the sexiest ones.  

#3 Pursue her to enhance your life, not to give you a life. Many people, men and women, will search for a partner to complete their lives, and this is just wrong. You shouldn’t pursue a woman because you think she’s going to give you a better life. You should pursue her because you feel she can enhance your happiness. [Read: 18 qualities of a good man that make him better than lesser men]

#4 Be genuine. Women can tell when a man is genuine or not. You try to impress her by name dropping isn’t going to work, at least not in the long run. Don’t pretend to be mysterious or play games. Playing games can work in the beginning, and then it gets boring. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, be yourself. [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

#5 Be respectful. Listen, the woman you’re pursuing is not an object. She is a person, and she deserves respect. Don’t touch her without permission or push anything on her. Let’s say she was rude to you when you approached her. You could act in anger, but it’s not going to get you anywhere. Be respectful and walk away.

#6 Be a man. I don’t mean this in the “work out and get a six-pack” sense. When I say be a man, be real with her. If you’re looking for casual sex, let her know. She deserves to know what she’s getting involved in with you. Like I said, a woman isn’t an object, and she has the right to decide what she wants. [Read: What does it mean to be a man? A definition of true masculinity]

#7 Talk to her. But really talk. I have met men that look like they’ve memorized a script, and honestly, the conversation doesn’t last long. If you want to gain her interest, start a conversation with her, and not necessarily one that’s sexual. You don’t need to attract a woman by starting off with a sexual topic.

#8 Engage in eye contact. If you pursue a woman, you won’t get far if you’re constantly looking at your phone. Put down your phone, and look at her in the eyes. Eye contact is something we often overlook, yet, it’s an extremely important part of non-verbal communication. [Read: 15 atypical secrets you need to know if you want to impress a girl]

#9 Give a genuine compliment. Now, you don’t need to vomit compliments at her. But if there’s something you genuinely want to compliment her on, then do it. The worst thing you can do is make something up. We’re women; we can smell a fake compliment from a mile away.

#10 Make your intentions clear. If you want her to know you’re interested in her, make it clear. Ask her for her number so you can take her out on a date, tell her you like her. She should see that you’re interested in more than a friendship. Once you do that, she’ll decide if it’s right for her or not. [Read: How to talk to a girl and impress her in the very first conversation]

#11 Know when to stop. If you’re texting her on Whatsapp and sending her Facebook messages and she’s not replying, take it as a hint. If she often cancels your date, take that as a hint. Know when to stop pursuing a woman who isn’t interested in you. You cannot make someone attracted to you, no matter how hard you try. [Read: How to get over a girl who doesn’t like you back]

#12 Don’t forget about yourself. Sometimes guys get a little carried away and jump over hoops to gain the attention of a certain woman. At some point, set boundaries for yourself and decide when enough is enough. Never forget about yourself while pursuing a woman.

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Learning how to pursue a woman takes time and plenty of practice and learning. However, once you become more comfortable and confident with yourself, pursuing a woman will come with much more ease.

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