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How to Respond to a Text From Your Ex & Make Them Leave You Alone

Getting a text from your ex is never fun. Here’s how to reply in a way that’ll make them leave you alone and quit bugging you for good.

text from your ex

Most people aren’t on good terms with their exes. If you are, that’s great, but I still don’t think you want to get a text from your ex. Those messages don’t usually contain anything good or exciting. Mostly, they’ll just irritate you.

And that’s especially true if your ex is trying to win you back. They’ll text and text and call and annoy you to no end, even though you’ve made it very clear you don’t want anything to do with them anymore. Sometimes you just need to know what to say to get them to leave you alone.

Why your ex won’t just leave you alone

Some people just won’t give up. If they sense even the tiniest sliver of hope for a chance with you, they’ll jump on it. Even if you’ve said time and time again that you’re done with them, the fact that you’re talking to them might be why they’re holding on so tight.

That open line of communication is like the green light for them and these can be some of the hardest people to get rid of. You have to get creative when you get a text from your ex, and learn how to ignore them and make them stop talking to you. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back in their life]

How to respond to a text from your ex and make them leave you alone

If you want your ex to finally leave you alone, you’ll have to reply in very specific ways. Here’s how to send a text that’ll make your ex realize you’re finally done and over them for good.

#1 “This number is being blocked.” It’s pretty standard and will likely make them back off. If they realize they’re annoying you so much so that you have to block them, it might put their actions into perspective. But it also might make them angry.

They might come back at you texting rude things or asking why blocking is really necessary. If that happens, just go right ahead and block them. You did warn them, after all. [Read: How to stop your ex from contacting you repeatedly]

#2 “I’m dating someone.” You can say this even if you aren’t. Something that makes people realize you’re finally done is if you’ve actually moved on. This is something you should only really say if they mention getting together or something similar.

Shutting them down like this just lets them know you don’t even think about them anymore. Knowing that will help them finally close the doors to you for good.

#3 “If you continue to harass me, I’ll treat it in legal forms.” This is definitely for the more severe exes who are continuously texting and calling and even threatening you. It’s a form of harassment and you have every legal right to seek protection.

The threat alone may be enough to get them to back off but if it’s not, you might have to go through with it. Block them everywhere and if the issue persists, definitely get the authorities involved. [Read: A step-by-step guide for getting someone to stop texting you]

#4 “The number you have reached has moved on. A repeated message will result in this number being blocked. Error code: i3am83done294with93you.” If you want to get a chuckle out of your response, this is the way to go. They’ll know for sure it’s not a real message but it’ll still show them you’re not interested in any way.

When you get a text from your ex, this is a great way to avoid being harsh and angering them excessively. Just remember that if you do joke around a little bit, it might not be taken AS seriously.

#5 “Your continued harassment is extremely upsetting. Stop.” It’s short, but firm and it carries a lot of weight. The last thing they want to do is make you upset when they’re trying to get you back.

Telling them it causes you stress and anxiety will help them realize you really hate them texting you all the time. Don’t be afraid to open up and tell them those things if it’s how you really feel. [Read: 8 smart and positive ways to deal with a hostile ex]

#6 “I’ve had enough. You need to leave me alone.” This is a super firm way of telling them to back the hell off. Get a little angry. Don’t go on a super long rant when you’re upset, though. That might seem like an opportunity for them to get you talking.

Instead, keep your angry responses super short but very strict. Don’t let them think there’s room for interpretation at all. And stick to your word if you say you’re going to do something about their continued irritations.

#7 Relay your reasons for ending things. Yes, this is kind of harsh but sometimes that’s what it takes to make someone leave you alone. Just start listing the reasons you’re no longer together. If they’re trying to get you back, then you clearly left them.

Even if it’s the other way around and they dumped you but are now trying to win you back, just talk about how much you realized things are better without them. Yes, it will hurt them. However, it could also make them leave you alone for good.

#8 Don’t respond. It’s that simple. Ignore until they finally just stop texting you. This might take more than a month to make happen but it’s definitely worth it. If you don’t give them a reason to think you’ll ever respond, they’ll stop holding out hope. [Read: 12 reasons the no contact rule always works]

What to do if they still won’t leave you alone

If you’ve tried everything above but your ex keeps texting you, here are some ways you can get them to leave you alone.

#1 Block their number. It won’t make them stop trying but it will stop anything from going through to your phone. Just remember that blocking a number can really make some people angry. Be aware of this action and only do it if they won’t leave you alone at all.

#2 Delete and block all social media. Yes. Delete all of their social media profiles and then BLOCK them. Don’t even allow them access to your page. This ensures they can’t even reach out to you if they try.

Remember, though, that this might cause them to seek you out in person and if that’s the case, make sure your friends and family are aware so you can be kept safe. [Read: 13 ways to wean yourself off social media]

#3 Get the authorities involved. As a last resort, get a restraining order or get the police involved. That way, by law, they can’t contact you or bother you in person. This is a very serious action that can affect their life, as well as yours, greatly. So only do it if it’s 100% necessary.

[Read: 12 ways to tell someone to leave you alone and get your space]

Knowing how to respond to a text from your ex can be super helpful if they’re incessant. Saying these things will hopefully get them to lay off and let you live your life in peace.

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