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Online Obsessions – Obsessing Over an Ex

In our moments of loneliness, all of us take a trip down memory lane, obsessing over an ex. But does pondering over an ex ever turn into an online obsession with our past? Find out what really happens when we go online and obsess over the memories of our exes.

Online Obsessions - Obsessing Over an Ex

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Have you ever spent time obsessing over an ex? All of us have.

But have you let it become an online obsession?

There are always quiet moments somewhere in the middle of boredom and loneliness when we look for our old amours in the online world.

After all it’s easy, fast and very revealing!

Understanding online obsessions

Obsessing over an ex is far too easy to be any good these days. Hearts are easily broken, wounds take ages to heal.

After all, how can you get over someone when they’re just a few clicks away? [Read: How to get over a broken heart] How can you stop obsessing over an ex when you can know everything about them by visiting a few websites?

But truthfully, everyone, including you, knows that the past is best experienced, if it stays as the past, unless you want to slip into a world of online obsessions.

But even though we all know an online obsession with an ex would only hurt, we love taking a trip down memory lane, and make a pit-stop while we’re at it.

Obsessing over an ex

There are a few things that can happen when you spend a lot of time reading about your ex or viewing their facebook pages every day.

And none of them are pretty. Find out what could happen when your little memory lane trips become an online obsession. [Read: Memories of love]

You end up falling in love

The big bummer. Obsessing over an ex online is like taking an imaginary walk down lovers’ lane with your ex. You really shouldn’t be doing that. You may like your ex and then, after several days of reminiscing and contemplating over getting back in touch, you may find that your ex is already happily married and with triplets!

That can be a total relapse of unnecessary pain because your heart would have started to rekindle that little flicker of love again.

You start obsessing about your ex

What starts off as a one minute online check about your ex could actually turn into an obsession. I have a friend who checks his ex’s facebook page every few hours. And whenever he’s got time on his hands, he clean sweeps the entire community, trying to find her pictures on some friend’s album! Want to see yourself there? Avoid it. Or you’ll be leading a depressing, single life.

You get depressed

This effect doubles itself especially when you listen to mushy lovey songs that go like “I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you…” Stop it. [Read: Songs to make love to]

Get out of there. Feeling a weak jolt in the pit of your stomach is put-uppable, but for some sad sad people, depression is inevitable. So hunt your ex down only if you’re certain you will not feel worse afterwards.

You may be overjoyed

Well, the snake in us wakes up every now and then. And yes, at times, the air does smell good. So did your ex actually dump you so she could go out with another high flying dude?

What happened to them now? He’s working at some lowlife junction while she’s in a dead end job? Life is good! Especially in your Ferrari. Or remember the guy who dumped you to start his own band, the same one who had been bragging about it and bad mouthing you, how good will it feel to see that there’s not a single page about him on the net? Of course, that means he hasn’t made it big and that he’s a total loser. Sweet misery!

You may hate your ex even more

Online obsessions always have repercussions. It’s not like watching a movie and walking out of the movie hall with a blank head, if you didn’t understand one bit of the movie. Here, you will have to feel something. And sometimes, even if you’re totally over your ex (because you got dumped for someone else), there’s a good chance that your blood may curdle all over again, and you may start hating your ex all over again.

You don’t need more bad chi in your life, do you? Smoke the peace pipes and let it all go, ma brethers and sistas…

You may get frustrated

Ooh, look at that. Sometimes, you barely type your ex’s name on google, and voila, that person’s name is already there! (What with google autofill and all!) I used to date Megan Fox, and all her details sprung up on me on google even before I could type Meg… Sheesh, I’m all burning up now.

So prepare yourself for anything. You never know, you may even find your ex’s sex tape. Oh yeah, that reminds me of the time when I was dating Paris…

You’d do something funny

When you find your ex on the screen out of the blue, it could definitely be exciting. And what if you find a really hot (for girls, use the word ‘cute’) picture of your ex? You’d only end up checking the drool resistance of your keyboard! Or worse, you may try to rekindle the fire that’s long gone by writing a long love letter!

Obsessing over an ex can hurt, but getting more information can feel worse. So unless you’re really ready to accept anything that pops up, don’t flame your online obsession for exes in the first place.

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