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Does My Ex Miss Me? 23 Signs Your Ex Is Clearly Not Over You Yet

Do you often sit and wonder “does my ex miss me?” Just because it’s over and they’ve moved on, doesn’t mean they don’t wonder “what if” occasionally. 

Does My Ex Miss Me

After a breakup, life is rough. You’re heartbroken and feeling like you’ve hit an all-time low. Every now and then, you can’t help but wonder, “does my ex miss me”, “do they still care about me and want to get back together”, and many other things along these lines.

Whilst it’s normal to think these things, remember that you broke up for a reason!

This wondering phase is normal after a breakup.

But then, once you start to move on, everything feels a lot better. However, not everyone moves on at the same pace.

Some people can move on quickly, whilst others take more time. During that ‘getting over it’ phase, it’s easy to fall back and want to contact your ex because you miss them. And that’s a normal desire to have when going through a breakup.

However, that doesn’t mean you should act on it. [Read: Should you text your ex? The guide to help you make up your mind]

If you’re wondering if your ex misses you, then it’s time to look at the signs.

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Does my ex miss me? 23 signs to reveal the truth

Let’s find out if you’re still on their mind. Don’t get all excited if you can nod along to one or two of these signs. You need a large number to be able to definitively say that, yes, they miss me. [Read: 23 subtle signs your ex still loves you even if they act like they don’t care]

1. Your ex tells you that they miss you

This is a given. If someone plucks up the courage to tell you they miss you, then they’re most likely honest and truthful. It’s not easy to let your guard down and be vulnerable. But if your ex has told you they miss you, then you know the answer.

However, do be wary of the ex that just wants rebound sex.

We’re not suggesting your ex is dishonest, but some are. In this case, it’s possible that they’ll get what they want and then leave again. All that does is leave you right back at square one on the ‘getting over it’ ladder. [Read: When does an ex start to miss you? The bittersweet truth revealed]

2. They try to contact you

Generally, they wouldn’t try to contact you unless they have feelings for you. Come on, most of the time, we’re trying to avoid our exes at all costs.

But your ex is trying their best to get in contact with you and see if they can make things work, that’s a sign that they miss you.

3. They drunk text or call you

We all know what this means. No one and we mean no one, texts, or calls their ex when they’re drunk unless there are feelings involved. The drunk text/call is the ultimate sign your ex has feelings about you.

Now, those feelings aren’t necessarily positive, but they’re feelings nonetheless. [Read: 34 subtle signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it]

4. You constantly run into them

It’s weird, here you are, wondering “does my ex miss me”, and wherever you are, they seem to pop up! Unless you two work in the same building together, it’s odd you two are always bumping into one another.

You don’t do it intentionally, but how do you know if it’s unintentional on their side? [Read: 14 things you MUST keep in mind when you bump into your ex]

5. They ask to hang out

You would never ask your ex to hang out unless there’s a reason why. Most of the time, it’s because there are unresolved feelings, and they want to see if there’s a chance to get back together. If they want to hang out with you, they’re into you.

6. They talk about the past

They don’t talk about the bad times, they talk about the good times you shared. The happy memories, the things that made them laugh – the memories that make them miss you.

We all reminisce about the past, but they’re stuck in it.

7. They’re all over your social media

We all creep on our ex’s social media *even though we shouldn’t be*, but they’re going a step further. They like all your posts, comment on every photo or story, etc.

In other words, they haven’t moved on, and they want you to know they’re still interested. [Read: Why your ex still texts you and tries to stay in touch all the time]

8. They try to make you jealous

They want a reaction from you. They miss you, but they want to see how you feel about them. They don’t want to ask you how you feel because they fear rejection.

So, instead, they do small things to see if you’re jealous. By gauging your reaction, they see how you feel about them. Sneaky? Yes. Effective? Usually.

9. They act jealous when you talk to other people

Maybe you two are still friends or hang out with the same people. In that case, there are times where you’re in the same room together; these things happen.

But when you’re talking or flirting with other people, they’re jealous. And if you’re wondering “does my ex miss me”, well, this is a clear sign they’re not over you. [Read: Jealousy vs envy: How to tell them apart when they feel the same]

10. They’re still single

Not everyone is interested in rebounding right away. Some people take their breakup hard and want to spend time on their own, healing themselves before getting into another relationship.

If your ex has been single for a while, they probably still miss you and are trying to move on. Don’t take this sign alone as a clear pointer, but if you can nod along to this one and several others, that’s a pretty solid sign.

11. They’re always happy to see you

They light up like a Christmas tree when they see you. What can we say? You make them feel good, and seeing you makes them positive and happy.

They wouldn’t have this reaction unless they still have feelings for you. [Read: 15 signs your ex is subtly trying to win you back]

12. They ask you about your current relationship status

Now, why would they do that? Of course, we’re all curious about our exes and their new relationships, but usually, we leave that to Facebook creeping.

If they directly ask you about your current relationship, they’re interested to see if there’s room for them.

14. They talk about you with mutual friends

Oh, come on. You know if someone is talking about you, there are some feelings still lingering. If they’re spending their time asking questions about you to mutual friends, they’re trying to fish around and see what’s going on. Maybe they’re just curious, or maybe they really miss you. [Read: How to make someone miss you and regret ever leaving you]

14. They quickly jumped into a new relationship

Ah yes, the rebound. We’ve all been in those situations where we don’t want to deal with our emotions. So, we try to find someone else to be with us as soon as possible.

Have we moved on from our past relationship? No. But a rebound gives people the illusion we’ve moved on. [Read: How to deal with the hurt when your ex moved on way faster than you]

15. They’re still angry at you

Some people don’t handle breakups very well. Let’s be honest; no one really knows how to handle a breakup. But instead of feeling sad while missing their partner, some people choose to show anger.

We’re not saying this is behavior you should accept; you shouldn’t take that from anyone. If they miss you, there are other ways to express it, but anger is one that often crops up.

16. They remember special dates

Your birthday, your anniversary, your mother’s birthday, the list goes on. If they remember special dates, the chances are they miss you.

Normally, after a breakup, you either forget these things or you remember but don’t text to congratulate or remind your ex. [Read: 8 relationship dates men should never, ever forget]

17. If you happen to text, they reply straightaway

I’m not advocating texting your ex, but if you happen to do so and they reply immediately, it’s because they don’t want to keep you waiting. If this happens and you’re still wondering “does my ex miss me”, you’ve got your answer.

18. They have a sad look about them

Now, this could be for a few reasons so again, make sure you can nod along to other signs too, but if they generally look sad and down, could it be that they’re missing you?

There’s a chance, for sure, especially if there are other signs to pay attention to at the same time. [Read: 10 stages of a breakup and how to get through them]

19. You get random gifts

Nobody sends gifts to someone they don’t care about. If you receive a gift out of the blue, they’re still into you.

This might be on your birthday or just a random occurrence. Either way, you can pretty much say that they’re not over you and they would like to give it another chance. [Read: 15 reasons why your ex still texts you and stays in touch]

20. Their social media still shows signs of you

Again, this could be coincidental. It could be that they’re not on their social media that often and they just haven’t gotten around to it.

But, if they’re always online and you’re still showing on their profile picture, cover picture, or even their relationship status, why is that? They can’t bring themselves to delete it and move on. [Read: Psychology behind deleting pictures of an ex: What it says about you]

21. They post memories of the two of you

Again, we don’t advocate stalking your ex’s social media but let’s be honest, we all do it. If you see that they’re posting memories of the two of you or something related to the two of you, ask yourself why.

22. They sometimes say “what if”

If you do happen to run in the same circles and you have a conversation occasionally, look for the ‘what if’.

This means they’re thinking about what may have happened if you hadn’t split up. If they were over you and not bothered, why would they even think about it? [Read: How to contact your ex after no contact and not make the same mistakes again]

23. People tell you they miss you

Mutual friends, your friends, their friends, listen to what they tell you. If they say that your ex still talks about you and they think they still miss you, that’s a good pointer towards the fact that they do.

But, should you do anything about it?

Ah, the big question. You’ve been wondering “does my ex miss me”. Now, that’s a very common and normal question to think about.

But, should you do anything about it if you notice many of the signs we’ve talked about so far? Should you try to explore the idea of getting back together? Should you even mention it? [Read: When you miss him: 20 mind tricks to stop missing the wrong guy]

We can’t answer that question for you. It really depends on why you broke up. If you got back together, would the problem that drove you apart still exist? Could it be solved? If not, there’s no point in revisiting old ground. You’ll only prolong your heartbreak when you realize that it’s just not meant to be.

However, if you’ve both had time to think about it and you can’t forget about one another, maybe the time you’ve spent apart could strengthen your relationship once more.

Nobody can answer the question for you, but proceed slowly and with caution.

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The next time you wonder, does my ex miss me, recollect these signs and you’ll have your answer instantly. So now that you know, what are you going to do?

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