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13 Down-to-Earth Ways to Express Your Love Without Words

how to express your love

Saying “I love you” is a monumental step. But can you express it without saying it outright? Here are 13 ways to express your love without using words.

In this day and age, the profession of love has taken the form of a narcissistic attention-grabber. You might have seen at least one of the countless viral videos featuring flash mob wedding proposals, or elaborately-staged skits for some dude to confess his feelings for a girl he has liked since elementary school. Nowadays, it seems romanticism screams to be heard and will, at times, demand an audience to be appreciated.

Taking a different approach

While large gestures are considered sweet, because our standards for affection require leaving cheeks blushed and hearts racing, you don’t really need a film production company or a gang of agreeable buddies to make your love known.

There is a kind of love that is silent but true—the kind that doesn’t scream for attention, but whispers gently. That is the kind of love that is felt even if it goes unsaid. We are all familiar with the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” Here are some simple, yet meaningful gestures to let your actions show your special someone that you truly care.

#1 Listen to your special someone fully and sincerely. Communication is the backbone of a strong relationship and communication is not possible if you don’t listen. It could be something as simple as listening to your partner when they tell you how their day went, or listening to something you might find uninteresting or repetitive.

The act of listening is bonding with your partner in and of itself, as it lets you get to know them better. So sit back, don’t interrupt, and listen—even if you’ve heard the story many times over. [Read: 25 small and sweetest romantic gestures you can use every day]

#2 Make time for your special someone. Time is the most precious thing you can offer to a person you love. The gesture becomes more meaningful if you give what little time you have left for yourself to your significant other. Giving them the best of your time, even if you have a tight schedule, makes them feel loved and prioritized.

#3 Be patient and cut them some slack. There are times that your partner may act or think irrationally. This could mean that they are under stress, or going through something difficult that you are unaware of. If this happens, give them some space, and don’t become confrontational. If your partner snaps at you for no reason, stay calm, and offer a smile and a reassuring hug.

#4 Surprise them every now and then. You don’t need a special occasion to surprise your special someone, nor does the surprise need to be expensive or elaborate. Small surprises such as a hearty breakfast after waking up from an exhausting night, or taking over some chores could make your special someone feel loved.

Maybe you could send her flowers and a note one day just for the heck of it, or let your partner arrive home to find packed bags and plane tickets for an impromptu vacation. Get creative! [Read: 25 effortless romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

#5 Stay in touch. As mentioned above, communication is an essential part of a strong relationship. Staying in touch doesn’t mean just staying updated with what the other is doing, but making a conscious effort to be involved with your significant other and their daily goings-on. Send a quick text to let your girlfriend know you are thinking of her, or slip a brief note into your boyfriend’s pocket.

#6 Offer massages and foot rubs. There is nothing more comforting than your partner giving you a soothing massage or foot rub after a long day. You could use this time to catch up and chat or, if you’re the daring type, you could escalate the harmless physical therapy into something more erotic.

#7 Give more kisses and hugs. Physical forms of affection *such as a surprise kiss or hug* never fail to make your special someone feel loved even without saying, “I love you.” Using these in random, mundane situations will also increase their significance.

Your display of affection could be something as simple as a kiss before going to work, or a welcoming hug when your partner comes home after a long day. You could also ambush your boyfriend with a spooning hug when you come across him in the hallway, or randomly give your lady a peck while doing chores together.

#8 Take part in their interests. Couples often have activities that their significant other finds boring and uninteresting. Sometimes, they might abandon these activities for your sake. So why not turn the tables and surprise your partner by taking part in their interests—even if you’re not into it? Not only do you send the message that you’re willing to do something you hate, you also get in some good bonding time. Who knows? You might discover that the activity is agreeable, after all. [Read: 16 ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#9 Cook for your lover. For many working couples, cooking is something done on special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, or during weekends when you have more time. Cooking your partner’s favorite meal *or something they’ve been craving* would make both them and their stomach feel loved.

There’s a wealth of ideas for preparing special meals: you could make a hearty breakfast, a lunch box with a love note, or a candle-lit dinner ready to eat when your partner returns from work. You don’t need to be an expert chef, but you could take it one step further by practicing the recipe until you’ve perfected it.

#10 Do the chores that both of you hate doing. In this case, express your love in the form of a sweet surrender. Couples living together often have that one chore that both avoid doing as much as possible. It could be cleaning up the pet’s litter, taking the dog to the vet, taking out the trash, or airing out and cleaning up the basement. Surprise your partner by taking the initiative and doing said nasty chore—and reap the rewards of their affection. [Read: 8 little habits that bring couples closer together]

#11 Do simple favors. Similar to the previous point, you could express your care by doing stuff that they’ve forgotten or set aside due to their schedule. Perhaps a broken phone needs to be sent to the tech shop, or a laptop needs rebooting, or bills need filing, or something they’ve forgotten needs to be delivered. Demonstrate that you’re a reliable partner who can cover for them in times of need.

#12 Support your partner. Real support is not only encouraging, but makes your presence felt regardless of how your relationship might turn out. Supporting your partner includes giving encouragement when they are in doubt, providing your wisdom by either approving or dissenting opinion, and being there to comfort them in times of failure.

#13 Go the extra mile during sex. This is pretty self-explanatory. Sex is the most intimate form of bonding in existence, and you can make it more special by taking the lead and learning new bedroom tricks. You could do something simple by trying new kinks from the sex shop, engaging in role-play, or having sex in new and exciting places to rekindle your passion for each other. [Read: 30 really sexy ways to spice up your sex life overnight]

True love is in the small details, and can be conveyed by simple gestures. You do not need to spend a lot of money or come up with fancy gimmicks to make your partner feel loved.

[Read: 9 unspoken relationship rules all couples need to follow]

As long as you’re there and they know that they can rely on you to keep them safe and happy, rest assured that you will be expressing your love without words.

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Paul Timothy Mangay
Paul Timothy Mangay
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5 thoughts on “13 Down-to-Earth Ways to Express Your Love Without Words”

  1. Delaine says:

    I think for me to surprise my love encompasses much of what is on that list. If I surprised him that would mean going the extra mile in the special things he may want or desire in the love making department. That thing he wants me to do that I avoid or do it half heartedly would be me going all out in that area. Also surprising him in the maybe cooking some special things that I normally do not would show him. Even making a special lunch placing some really delicious things in his lunch would be a way to express my love. There are so many other ways that are very special just to my man that would say I love him especially if I never or rarely seem to do them.

  2. Mel says:

    I like this article a lot and it really has a lot of meaning in my life. My boyfriend and I recently got a place together and at first I was very worried. He actually put me at ease and said that we can split chores, split cooking, and split grocery bills and house bills. We do have our own debts which both of us agreed to not inherit from each other. I think that is a way that we can express our love, being open and having the best communication possible. Communication can make or break a relationship and I think that you can show you truly love your mate by talking to them. No one likes silence, especially if something is on your mind, so why not talk about it? Expressing love comes in so many more forms and I think communication is a big one. What do you all think?

  3. demisya says:

    Just a hug from my love would let me know that he loves me. It’s a different kind of hug and he hus me like that all the time. I feel very special to have a person like that in my life. Thank you for this great article.

  4. Jake says:

    When you are in Love; you need to express it to the fullest. From a simple hug to the extravagant gifts; love is all about making your partner special. I always plan small surprises and vacations for my gf and things like this; have made her more close to me. I have also noticed change in her as she has starting showing more care and passion towards me. My advice to all the guys is that you should make your gf feel special and make her feel as the best girl in the world. this will in fact; help you both to stay connected and live a happy life. My gf loves when I complete all the chores that she hates and she treats me with different surprises and gifts in bed.

  5. Can't help suckin says:

    Men in general… IN GENERAL aren’t all about expressing feelings being all open about how they feel… Mostly depends on the situation but most of the time they rather not talk about feelings… Men mostly show their feelings by what they do… or remark it by what they say… for example if a man is in love with video games and that’s his thing… If he wants you to play with him and all… then well… that says to you… or supposed to tell you how he feels. If a man Is expressing love, interest and more, you will see it in his actions more than him telling you loud and clear how he feels. Me personally i do express it verbally sometimes, just sometimes. If a man is in a relationship, after a while you might not see him expressing the love he has as words as it might was before early on… like saying I love you or being cute and all lovey, Some men even have trouble doing that even in early stage, But It will show on him, the things he does and willing to do, after a while u see couples just without the need to actually say something just knowing how much they love each other, without any need of actually expressing it. Yet again, Its situational. This is what in general men are like, and my own way of actually doing it, So you need to realize its different from one man to the other, and each one has his own way and just needs the right person to understand.

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