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10 Signs He Secretly Misses You and Wants to Hold You Tonight

signs he secretly misses you

Sometimes it can be really hard to tell if someone actually misses you or not. Here are the signs he secretly misses you and wishes you were with him.

Missing someone is very special. A lot of times, it can even be a really important factor in a serious relationship. Meaning, you should both miss each other when you’re gone. But it can be really hard to tell if your significant other actually misses you or if they’re just playing the part. For that, you’ll want to know the signs he secretly misses you.

Guys tend to hide their feelings. This is especially true when it comes to missing their significant others. They don’t want to break down and admit that they wish you were there. Some men do but if your man is the secretive type, it can be nearly impossible to tell.

Why missing each other is important for a healthy relationship

Believe it or not, you do need to miss each other. You can’t be around someone 24/7 and expect the relationship to be perfect. That’s just not how it works. If you’re always with someone, it’s too difficult to appreciate them. You forget how they have affected your life in a positive way.

Instead, you end up taking them for granted. That’s why couples should spend some time apart every now and then. Take a vacation with just friends so you can really miss each other. And knowing the signs he secretly misses you can help you determine if your relationship is actually healthy. [Read: Does absence really make the heart grown fonder?]

All the signs he secretly misses you and wishes you were there

It’s not always easy to tell if someone misses you. They can play it really cool even though they’re dying to be with you. If your man is a master at hiding how he feels, these signs he misses you can help you figure him out.

#1 He’s texting you a lot. This is probably one of the biggest signs he secretly misses you when you two aren’t together. And this is even more obvious if he isn’t one to text all day long to begin with. But since you’re not together, he’s texting you a bunch.

This is mostly because he just wants to talk to you. He wants to know what you’re up to and he wants to feel like he’s involved. All of those can help bring him some ease and make him feel better about not being by your side. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes you through texting]

#2 He calls when he normally hates talking on the phone. If you’re getting a call from your man and you know how much he doesn’t like talking on the phone, it’s a big sign he misses you. He just wants to hear your voice.

However, keep in mind that he may also just be busy and talking on the phone is a lot faster. Overall, you have to pay attention to what he says on the phone. Is he just making small talk or is he giving you quick, need-to-know information? The former proves he misses you.

#3 He tags you in funny memes. There’s really nothing that shows how much your man misses you than when he tags you in funny pictures and memes. This is especially true if they’re cute ones that remind him of you.

This is just a clear sign he totally misses you. Seeing all of those memes and immediately thinking of you shows you that his mind is already on you. He’s already thinking about you before he even sees those memes. And he definitely misses you. [Read: 12 clear signs he still thinks about you all the time]

#4 He texts you after seeing that you’ve been active online. Your man might be relatively quiet all day until you hop on Facebook. Once he sees you sharing and liking pictures, he’ll text you if he misses you.

This is one of the top signs he secretly misses you purely because he wants to be included. He knows you’re available and wants to get in on some of the fun. So he’ll send you a text or he’ll even call you.

#5 He talks about random stuff just to keep the conversation going. A great way to know if your man misses you is to pay attention to what he’s talking about. If he’s just rambling on and on about stuff that’s normally pointless to both of you, he misses you.

He’ll do this because he wants to keep the conversation going. He wants to talk to you. That’s the whole point of basically anything he does when he misses you. He wants to hear your voice to just chat and joke with you. [Read: 25 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

#6 He’ll talk about date plans for when you’re both together. Another thing your man will talk about when he misses you is what he wants to do when you’re together again. He’ll bring up new date ideas. He’ll ask about what you want to do.

Mostly, he just wants to envision you two together again. This is because he misses you so much and misses going out on a date. The best way to pinpoint this as one of the signs he misses you is to determine when he brings it up. Is it completely random? Then he misses you.

#7 He’s active with you on social media. I’m not talking about just liking your pictures. I’m talking about liking, commenting, and sharing things to your wall. If he’s showing his affection for you on social media, he definitely misses you.

This is made even more obvious if he’s sharing old pictures and reminiscing about great times you’ve had together. Doing this lets you know what’s on his mind. [Read: Social media and relationships – The good, the bad, and the ugly]

#8 He suggests video chatting. If hopping on Facetime and other video chatting apps is completely his idea, then he misses you more than you know. It’s a time-suck to video chat. You can’t do anything else besides sit there and talk.

So if he’s making it a point to video chat with you, he totally misses you. You’ll also know this is true if he starts complimenting you and flirting right when you start the video.

#9 He’s always quick to respond. You interact with your man all the time. You know how long it takes him to answer texts and calls. A great way to know if he misses you or not is to pay attention to his response time.

Is he responding right away or does he take forever? If he texts you back a minute or two after you send the text, he misses you. It’s like he’s sitting by his phone waiting for you to contact him. And that’s because he wishes you were there. [Read: 15 ways guys text differently when they like you]

#10 He drunk texts you. Now, if you’re in a long-term relationship, this might be normal. But if you’re not and it’s your first time away from each other and he texts you while drunk, he misses you.

Usually, when a guy drunk texts you in general, it means you’re on their mind quite a bit. They’re taking time away from their friends and drinks to show you how much they’re thinking about you.

[Read: 40 cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

Knowing the signs he secretly misses you can help you realize just how much he values your relationships. Remember these signs the next time you’re apart so you’ll know for sure if he really misses having you around.

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