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Long Distance Relationship Gifts for the One You Love

Do you and your lover live in different cities, states, or countries? We’re looking at 10 long distance relationship gifts for your LDR sweetheart.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh
According to 2016 online statistics, more than 14 million American’s find themselves in long distance relationships. If those numbers weren’t shocking enough, 3.75 million of those LDR lovers are married! From online dating, working abroad, or moving away for school, there’s about a hundred ways you could end up in a long distance relationship.
Long distance relationships aren’t easy, which is exactly why long distance relationship gifts were invented! Being away from your partner on a long-term basis can be frustrating in pretty much every way possible. But we like to put special emphasis on the lack of in-person snuggles and not to mention the S-E-X! Mailing a gift is a great way to show your lover you’re thinking about them. [Read: 10 survival tips for every long distance relationship]
We’re looking at 10 sexy, sweet, and fun long distance relationship gifts to send to your LDR lover.
Long distance care packages
You don’t need to be deployed or in college to receive a care package. Sending your long distance lover a care package expresses how much you care. Plus, who doesn’t like getting mail? Here are some creative ideas on what to send in your LDR care package.
#1 Baking boxes. Girls love, love, love baking for their boyfriends… so why should your LDR significant other be any different? Send your love a care package with your well-sealed baked goods and simply wait for praise on your baking talents.
#2 Themed boxes. Paint the inside and outside of a small flat-rate box blue and dub it the “Blue without You” care package. Then fill the tiny box with blue candies, blue boxers, a blue soft drink, and a sexy pic of you in blue lingerie.
Top the whole box off with a love note, telling your significant other all the reasons you’re blue without them. This cute box can be sent by males and females alike as an adorable token of your affection! [Read: 13 great relationship apps you need to get today]
#3 A kiss in a box. Some long distance relationship gifts are just adorable, and this one is no exception! Want to send a thoughtful, but inexpensive token of your love? Buy a bag of Hershey Kisses, dump the contents into the box, and send it off with a simple note reading: “Sending you a kiss a day!”
#4 Movie in a box. Want a movie night in with your sweetie when they can’t actually be with you? Let it be so with this long distance relationship gift idea: A movie in a box!
Send your sweetie a box filled with microwave popcorn, movie-must-have snacks like gummy candies, licorice, and chocolate covered raisins, and top the box off with a USB stick complete with a wide selection of movies worthy of a marathon. Once your lover receives the box and pops their snacks, jump on Skype or Facetime, sync up your movies, and start your date night! [Read: Long distance pillows and other really cool LDR essentials]
Open when… letter ideas
Have you ever heard of an “Open when…” letter? These little gems are absolutely perfect for sending to a LDR lover. Basically, send a series of 10 letters or packages in one big parcel for your mate to open. All of the letters should have different captions on them, such as:
#5 Open when… You’re missing me. In this letter, tell your mate how much you miss them and reminisce about all of your memories together. Include a photo of you *or of the two of you together*, and spritz the letter with your perfume/cologne. If you’re a female, you can even include a lipstick kiss on the letter itself! [Read: 10 perfect songs for long distance relationships]
#6 Open when… It’s the first day of winter. Talk about all of the ways you would spend winter together, and draw a picture of the two of you as a snowman couple. Gift inclusions could be a pair of winter gloves, a scarf, the perfect button eyes for a snowman, or a package of hot chocolate mix with an adorable mug.
#7 Open when… You’re feeling frisky. In this letter include a sexy photo of yourself, a USB with your favorite sex playlist songs, a vibrator if you’re sending the package to a female, a pair of your underwear if you’re sending it to a guy, and a naughty, dirty-talkin’ letter about all the things you’re going to do to your lover when you finally get to see them! [Read: 10 naughty games for long distance relationships]
#8 Open when… You’re mad at me. This letter is a great idea for when you’re fighting, since you can have your apology pre-written for you! *Because let’s be real: nobody likes apologizing!* Include a single Hershey’s Kiss in this box and let them know you never want to hurt their feelings or upset them.
Print out a picture you found online of two adorable animals kissing and write in the caption: “I’m sorry. Let’s kiss and make up?” If this incredibly cute box doesn’t end your argument, we don’t know what will! [Read: 17 aww-so-adorable ways to genuinely say you’re sorry]
Tangible long distance relationship gifts
Letters and candy are both great packages to receive, but if you want to go that extra mile when sending long distance relationship gifts, then these ideas are for you.
#9 A mapped heart in a frame. Send your boyfriend or girlfriend a picture of your love in this adorable framed gift. You’ll want to get out trusty ole’ Photoshop for this one.
Simply do a shape of a heart in the middle of the frame with your names and the year you started seeing each other underneath. Then on the left side of the heart have a map of your city, and on the right side of the heart do a map of your lover’s city. Then two cities and two hearts become one in this super-cute LDR gift idea. [Read: 10 myths people believe about long distance relationships]
All together now: “Aww!”
#10 Matching mugs. Whether you’re in a LDR or not, matching mugs have become an Internet sensation as far as gift ideas go. Find a “His and Hers” mug complete with an adorable design. For example, have both of your countries/states/cities marked on the mugs, or have one mug say “Good morning, beautiful” and the other “Good morning, handsome.” There is nothing cuter than knowing you are both starting out your morning coffee together!
#11 Long distance jewelry. Many websites such as Etsy and Coordinates Collection feature awesome embossed wrist-cuffs for long-distance lovers. These gold metal bands feature the coordinates of each of your locations and ties them together in a pretty fabulous piece of jewelry.
Another great jewelry piece is a duel timed wrist-watch, which could potentially feature your local time, and the time-zone of your lover. That way you’ll always know if it’s an appropriate time to text!
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No matter what your fancy; sentimental, sexy, cute, or fun, we’ve got the perfect long distance relationship gifts to share with your special someone! Have a great idea we haven’t listed? Leave some LDR gift ideas in the comments below.

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