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15 Happy & Naughty Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh Forever

how to keep your relationship fresh

All couples go through their ups and downs, but the couples who pull through always find ways to keep your relationship fresh and fun.

After being with my partner for almost three years, I can tell you that being in a long-term relationship has its ups and downs. There are moments when you’re crazy in love, and then there are times when you’re feeling you should keep your relationship fresh. This is totally normal.

It’s easy to get sucked into the routine and forget to connect with your partner. And that can go down a dangerous road. You don’t want that to happen. So, what can you do to keep your relationship fresh?

How to keep your relationship fresh and exciting all the time

This is definitely a task that will require both of you. You cannot be the only one trying to keep the relationship fresh and fun. If that happens, you’re in a one-sided relationship, not a true partnership.

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But if you both want to work on your relationship, that’s great. It sounds like you have a genuine partner next to you. Now, you need the tools to work on your relationship. If you’re looking for ways to keep your love fresh, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s keep the spark alive.

#1 Discover each other’s love language. You’d think that humans all show love and affection the same way, but it’s not true. People have different ways of showing love. Do you know your way? Learn about the ways to love and figure out where you and your partner stand. Do you both show love the same way? Or are you different? [Read: These 20 questions to ask your partner will tell you everything you need to know]

#2 Keep the eye contact going. Eye contact is absolutely crucial in a relationship. Usually, we avoid eye contact with people we’re not interested in. But this is your partner; you’re into them. So, don’t hesitate to look into their eyes with passion and love. If it’s something you haven’t done in a while, you should.

#3 Go to bed naked. Have you ever gone to bed naked? If not, you should try it. So much ventilation and freedom! But seriously, if you’re looking to keep the relationship fresh, try sleeping naked. Your partner will probably be pleasantly surprised and will love to feel your skin against them while they go to bed. [Read: The sexy benefits of sleeping naked you had no idea about]

#4 Share positive news with each other. When it comes to bad news, most of us can talk about the negative things in our lives for hours. But that doesn’t excite people. It pushes people away.

Of course, there will be hard times in your life, and you should talk to your partner about those moments. But don’t be afraid to share positive news with your partner either because the good news is exciting!

#5 Don’t hesitate to tease your partner. Do you want to keep things fresh and fun? Then you need to bring back teasing and flirting in your relationship. After a while, couples forget the importance of teasing and flirting and how it’s used to bring sexual tension and arousal between them. Give a sexy wink to your partner and tell them how hot they make you. [Read: How to be a seductive tease and tantalize your lover’s mind]

#6 Add some spontaneity to the routine. Switch up the routine. I know that routine is comfortable and nice, but it’s boring. Instead of staying at home on a Friday night, go see a movie with your partner or head to a bar. Add some things into your routine that you don’t normally do.

#7 Stay curious about your partner. If you want to keep things fresh, you need to stay curious about your partner. You probably don’t know everything about your partner, and you shouldn’t stop finding out more about them. Ask questions and work on continuing to get to know them.

#8 Show your appreciation. You don’t need to buy your partner a new car to show appreciation. It can be telling them, “Thank you for everything you do,” or surprising them with takeout. I know they don’t sound like big acts, and they’re not. But they do show your partner that you care about them. [Read: How to show your appreciation and gratitude to someone you love]

#9 Try out a new fragrance. Let’s just say most people aren’t fans of stale and stinky scents. For example, most women react positively towards the smell of their partner’s sweat. Now, I’m not telling you to never shower; that’s not the point. Play around with scents and see which ones arouse your partner. [Read: What are pheromones? The scent of sex and the part they play in love]

#10 Send each other naughty texts. You have the advantage of texting your partner, so why not send them naughty texts when they’re at work? First of all, they probably won’t expect it, and second of all, it’s way better than texting, “Hey, what’s up?” You can even send them a provocative photo – they won’t be able to concentrate at work.

#11 Create goals together. A couple that creates goals together, stays together. No, you don’t need a list of twenty goals you must complete by a certain day and time. But you should create a couple of long-term and short-term goals. For example, you can make a joint goal of traveling somewhere new this year. [Read: 15 real relationship goals most couples have no idea about]

#12 Travel somewhere new. Sometimes a weekend getaway to a new town can help shake things up in a relationship and create excitement. Pick a place you haven’t been before or maybe a place that’s special to the both of you. It’ll certainly bring back the romance.

#13 Try something new together. Why not? Maybe you have never tried taking a cooking class, well, this is your chance to cook together. Or try a new activity out like rock climbing or golf. Make sure it’s something you haven’t done before – that’s what makes it fun. 

#14 Have a date night. You’d be surprised how many couples skip date night, even though a weekly date night is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and fun. You don’t need to go somewhere fancy.

Instead, grab a couple of paintbrushes, paint, and canvas from the dollar store and have a painting date night. Or, Netflix and chill. What’s important is reserving time for just the two of you. [Read: Naughty date night ideas to keep a sexy sizzle going]

#15 Spend time alone. We assume that to keep a relationship fresh, we must find different things to do together, and to a point, that’s true. But, to keep your relationship fresh, spending time alone can also help. Taking time to do things alone helps you grow and develop as a person. Plus, you have space to self-reflect and reconnect with your partner.

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Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but it takes both partners to find little ways to keep your relationship fresh and the spark alive.

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