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10 Funny Relationship Goals That Are Just Too Real & Relatable

Funny Relationship Goals

We’ve all see those posts about what a relationship should really look like but THESE are the funny relationship goals you actually need to have.

There are a lot of things you should want in a relationship. Having fun together, getting comfortable, and trusting one another are among the best goals to have. But you also want to have some funny relationship goals to aim for.

Because if your relationship is serious all the time, it’ll get boring. Therefore, you have to be able to open up and get a lot more comfortable. And that means you’ll be faced with some embarrassing and actually funny moments together.

If you never allow yourself to be open your relationship will fail

That’s just how it is. You can’t be in a happy, healthy relationship without being yourself and allowing yourself to open up 100%. That’s because you never really show someone who you are. You always have to put on a certain personality and that’s a lot of effort.

And that’s a lot of pressure. That pressure eventually builds and builds until you can’t take it anymore. The resentment forms and you can’t stay with that person. That’s why having some funny relationship goals will help you open up and remain true to who you are. [Read: How to be yourself with 14 steps to unleash your life]

Funny relationship goals we can all relate to

If you want something to aim for in your relationship, these goals are where it’s at. Although they’re funny, they’re also real and relatable. All couples who want a happy and healthy ever after should have these goals.

#1 Being able to look like a mess together. We all have those days where we just don’t want to shower or even change out of pajamas. Then we proceed to eat nothing but junk and look like a hot mess all day long.

The best types of relationships are when you can do that together. The funny thing is that you’re “supposed” to look great for your significant other but it’s the best when you don’t even have to. [Read: Do you really want to be a hot mess?]

#2 Being able to fart in front of each other. Let’s be real, you know your relationship is on the next level when you can do this. You’re comfortable enough together to just let one rip and maybe even laugh about it. Because that’s just natural.

This type of relationship goal is just one all couples should strive for. It shows how close you are and how comfortable you are being yourselves together. And you can occasionally laugh at the funny sounds.

#3 Being able to talk about bodily functions together. Things happen. That’s life and you have to be able to talk to someone about them. And sometimes they’re really funny things that go on and you want to be able to laugh with them.

Having the type of relationship where you can tell them anything and know they won’t judge you but instead laugh with you is the best thing. [Read: 15 signs of a committed relationship you should look out for]

#4 Being able to laugh at nothing together. You know what’s funny relationship goals? Being able to laugh and laugh for absolutely no reason. It’s like the smallest thing can set you both off and you continue laughing until you don’t even know why you’re laughing anymore. It’s fun, funny, and shows you have a great relationship.

#5 Wearing matching pajamas and having a movie night together. Not only is this funny and goofy, it’s also super fun. You get to kick back and do nothing all night while in matching pajamas.

There aren’t too many couples who are at this level. One or the other will complain about the matching set of pajamas and just want to avoid it altogether. If you and your partner can do this, you’re goals. [Read: 32 awesome sleepover ideas for a fun night together]

#6 Being able to make fun of each other. Every couple has got to be able to tease each other without getting offended and hurt by it. Making funny jokes about one another is definitely relationship goals.

The thing to remember with this, however, is that something that one person doesn’t think is that bad can really hurt the other. So you have to know each other really well in order to tease and poke fun without injuring your egos.

#7 Being able to nerd out together. If there’s one really funny and adorable thing some couples do together, it’s getting dressed up in your favorite nerdy costumes and just having a great time together. It’s not only a great way to bond, but it shows how great your connection is.

This is definitely funny relationship goals for a lot of reasons. It’s funny for other people to see, you’ll both have a blast, and it just creates a deeper connection between the two of you. [Read: 18 pros and cons of dating a nerd you need to know]

#8 Being able to hang out naked together without the sex part. I’ll be honest: clothes are super annoying. And in the summer, they can be downright mood-ruining. It’s really funny when you can just get naked and hang out while everything… hangs out.

Nothing is awkward and you can just enjoy each other’s company while being naked. It shows a level of comfort in yourselves and even in your sex life where you can just sit back naked and not have sex.

#9 Being able to binge your favorite junk foods together. And I’m not just talking about eating some bad food and calling it a night. I’m talking about stuffing your face until it’s no longer attractive, but still being attracted to each other.

It’s funny, cute, and just a great time. You should always be able to do that in a relationship and have it be judgment-free. It just shows how strong your connection is. [Read: 30 fun date ideas that’ll leave them wanting more]

#10 Being able to do nothing and still have the best time together. You could be lying on the floor staring at an empty ceiling with your significant other for hours and still have a good time. That’s definitely relationship goals.

You don’t need anything but them to have fun. That not only shows you how compatible you two are, but also ensures that no matter what happens in life, you’ll enjoy being with them and just them.

[Read: 15 real relationship goals most couples have no idea about]

Funny relationship goals aren’t just about being comfortable together, they’re about being able to have a good time and just enjoy the fun things in life together. If you want a successful relationship, these are the relationship goals you need.

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