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Memorable Ways to Propose Marriage to Your Girlfriend

What are the things you should know before proposing marriage to your woman? There are plenty of proposal ideas, but planning a beautiful proposal takes a personal touch.

how to propose marriage

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How much money should you spend  when you propose marriage?

Here’s the big cruncher, isn’t it? Money. So how much can you spend? The best way to deal with this is by planning it out. That’s why a proposal is never easy.

If you know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this one special woman, why bother rushing things up?

Take it slow, check your financial resources, take your time to buy your girlfriend the perfect ring, and plan the day with a few trusted friends. But don’t ever go the cheapskate route if you want to look extravagant. Things might be back to normal by the next morning, but that one special day when you propose marriage to a woman will be with you and her for the rest of your lives.

Should you record your proposal of marriage?

Proposing marriage to your girlfriend is a memorable, yet private moment. Some people would like to capture the moment, while a few want to treasure it in their minds. So how’s your girlfriend when it comes to seeing a friend suddenly jump out of a bush and click snaps or voyeur-video both of you?

It is great to record the moment, but not at the cost of your woman’s discomfort. You know your girlfriend best. You figure that out.

Which is the best place to propose marriage to your woman?

This is one of the most important aspects of a good proposal. Always pick a place that either has a lot of memories for both of you, or a place where your girlfriend’s always wanted to go. Proposing at home is great, but unless you’ve planned something special at home, it can turn out to be a boring affair of twiddling thumbs after the first five minutes.

Try digging info out from your girlfriend. What’s her idea of a perfect romantic date? Is it a walk on the beach, with a little cozy white tent with wild flowers and a lantern? Make your sweetheart fall even more in love with you by taking her to her favorite best place in the whole world.

Do you need accessories when you propose?

You definitely do need to accessorize. It’s great that you want to go down on one knee, but what more can you do? Get a lot of props, several bouquets of roses, sparkling wine, firecrackers, candles, heart shaped balloons, crepe papers, glow-in-the-dark flowers and stars, and more. It’s a special day, so bring on the Grand Brigade. Every small thing matters, sometimes it matters more than the ring itself, so don’t ever skip the finer points.

Propose to your girlfriend with personal touches

The best parts of the proposal are the little things. Well, the ring is one tiny, expensive thing, isn’t it? It’s easy to pick up romantic greeting cards and cute, cuddly soft toys. But to stir the chords of your lover’s heart, you need to get personal.

Scatter rose petals all over the floor or over the pool, make little notes of love, and all the works. But one thing you should never forget is a love note. It is an absolute must, and preferably, it should be written completely by you. No internet poems, and no forging from pals. Write what you can, the best way you can. It would hold more value to your speech of love.

And understand that this note is going to be there forever. So use the best, most unique antique-ish piece of parchment and write on it with a black ink pen. You can then add your personal touches around it by burning the edges off or creating intricate little details all around.

Popping the question!

Just remember to keep your girlfriend happy and on top of the world when you go down on one knee and propose. As hard as your heart may pound and your throat may go dry when the clock inches closer to that special moment, remember this is what you wanted to do, and it is one of the most special days of your life. And your girlfriend too, would feel just the same.

Go on, make your girlfriend’s day! And yours too! Or you know what, better yet, bring your lives together on that day!

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