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How to Know if Someone Is Right for You: 23 Signs You Found the One

Wondering how to know if someone is right for you? Join the club. There are always doubts, but these signs can help you figure it out.

how to know if someone is right for you

How to know if someone is right for you… Should you have a lot in common? But opposites attract. Should you be close in age? But women mature faster than men.

Your forever partner should be your other half. Right? All these things may sound easy, but finding the right person can be really complicated. Sure, some people meet the love of their life right away and are set for life. But, for the rest of us, finding a genuine partner takes time and a lot of it.

When you date someone, you think about how you get along and if your lifestyles align, and if you want the same things in the future. Are you just good as friends? Maybe there is physical chemistry, but not much more. Perhaps you’re a good match now, but how do you know if it will last?

Some people meet in high school and last until their golden years. Others meet their one and only in their fifties or sixties or even have more than one love of their life. But, no matter what your journey is, how do you know if you’ve met the right person? [Read: Are soulmates real? The 20 signs you’ve found the one for you]

What does it mean to meet the right person?

First of all, what does it even mean to meet someone who is right for you? The right person is “the one”? Right?

They are the person that makes you happy even on bad days. You might describe them as your soulmate, your true love, or your best friend.

Some people would say that life is meaningless without this person. Although we would argue that not everyone needs a partner, and your life is perfectly valid without one. If you want to meet the right person and that is the journey for you, you feel fulfilled around them.

It could take time, but you will find this person if they’re out there. It could take years or decades, but that person is out there and worth the wait.

But, one thing many people worry about is letting their right person pass them by. How do you know if you’ve already met the right person and let them pass you by? Hopefully, the coming signs will open your eyes to your person. [Read: What does true love feel like?]

How to know if someone is right for you

If you’re wondering how to know if someone is right for you, try to relax. Worrying too much leads you to overthink. You don’t want to be putting pressure on yourself. Enjoy your time with the person you’re seeing, and you’ll find the answers you’re seeking.

Take your time and really reflect on your relationship. These signs will help you figure out if someone is right for you.

1. You’re willing to risk it

When you’re with this person, you’re not scared to open up and be vulnerable. You want them to see the real you, even if it risks them not feeling the same way.

Now, this sign alone doesn’t mean you found the right one because love is a two-way street. But the fact you’re willing to put it on the line shows your true feelings. [Read: 12 genuine signs of true, unending love in a relationship]

2. You don’t fear the relationship

If someone is scared of committing to another person, odds are they don’t feel that person is really the one for them. But you don’t fear the relationship, and neither do they. Instead, you want to commit yourselves to each other.

3. They don’t hold you back

You don’t want to have to carry your partner on your back throughout your life. This isn’t what a relationship is about. Your partner walks beside you, not behind or ahead of you. They don’t hold you back from doing what you love; instead, they push you forward. [Read: 50 questions to test your compatibility in the relationship]

4. You fit into each other’s lives

You can imagine living your life with this person. They like your family and friends; you have similar interests and enjoy spending time together.

If you can visualize being together in the future, it shows that you fit together in each other’s lives. You want the same things and see your lives meshing for years to come.

5. You don’t want to snoop

You don’t feel the need to snoop through your partner’s things or check who’s messaging them. Instead of being jealous or suspicious, you trust your partner and your relationship.

If you feel the need to check where they are and what they’re constantly doing, there’s distrust on your side. Why? You need to figure this out. [Read: Should you trust your gut? How to listen to it or ignore it]

6. They don’t want to change you

You are who you are. And, of course, there may be things about yourself you want to change, and that’s fine. But your partner didn’t come with a list of things they don’t like about you. They accept who you are, flaws and all. They may even see your flaws as cute little quirks.

7. You feel safe and secure

If there’s one person who should make you feel safe, it’s your partner. If you don’t feel safe and secure around them, they’re not the person.

Trust is everything, and if you don’t trust them, you don’t have anything going for your relationship. [Read: How to date someone with trust issues and win their love and trust]

8. You want to work on your relationship

To be with this person, you want to put effort into the relationship. You want to build a future with them and be vulnerable around them.

No relationship is perfect, but if you’re wondering how to know if someone is right for you, ask yourself if you’re willing to work out the issues you have, to make things work. When they’re right, you’re willing to put in the effort and have the hard conversations to be the happiest you can be.

9. They listen to you

If you’re upset or hurt when you express your feelings, they don’t dismiss you. Instead, they listen and talk to you about what happened.

A good partner is someone who shows genuine interest in your life and well-being. They actually want to know what’s going on in your life. [Read: These 18 emotions are things you should never feel in a healthy relationship]

10. You talk openly about sex

Well, this is important. Most couples have sex, but very few can comfortably sit down and talk about sex. You want a partner you can talk to about sex and all aspects of it. They should be interested in how to please you and vice versa. 

You should talk about what you want, what you like, and more specifically, what you don’t like.

11. You’re a team

When you are together, you’re a team. There’s nothing that can come in the way that you won’t conquer. You don’t fight against each other but rather work together.

Your relationship isn’t about competing with one another; it’s about becoming an unbreakable force. Your strengths and weaknesses balance each other, and that’s a great sign this person is the right one for you. [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for happy love]

12. When you’re happy, they’re happy

Now, we don’t mean “happy wife, happy life.” Because a relationship is about two people, but if you both make each other a priority and pursue your best interests as a couple, your feelings begin to merge. Your partner should be happy when you’re happy, and vice versa.

13. You can argue

Can you imagine being with someone you can’t disagree with? That would be boring and impossible. Even the best relationship has disagreements. And feeling comfortable and safe enough to express your feelings even when they don’t align is vital to know if someone is right for you.

Disagreements are normal in all relationships, but if you feel you should suppress your voice, that’s a problem. [Read: Why fighting in a relationship is important and how to do it right]

14. You inspire each other

You two aren’t only a team, but you inspire each other to chase after your dreams and goals. Your partner wants the best for you and will cheer you on while you complete your goals.

If you’re wondering how to know if someone is right for you, try to see if both of you support each other. The right person is someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. [Read: The signs your partner is truly supportive of your goals] 

15. They comfort you when you’re upset

You want a partner who will be able to support you when you’re feeling down. Though this sounds simple, it’s not easy finding a partner who’s compassionate and attentive.

Instead of making fun of you or criticizing you for being upset, they listen and comfort you. They hurt when you’re hurting.

16. You are comfortable with them

You don’t feel nervous or on edge around them. It isn’t that you feel familiar, but you feel like you can be yourself. You aren’t hiding your weirdness or hesitating to say something. Being with them feels like home. [Read: How to feel secure in a relationship]

17. You make each other better

You shouldn’t want to change each other but when you meet the right person, you want to be better. Maybe you weren’t the best partner in the past. But with them, you’re better, and they are too. Wanting to be better for each other is a sign you met someone right for you.

18. You’re on the same page

You don’t just click and read each other’s minds. Instead, you communicate openly and honestly.

Since you met, you’ve been so genuine with each other that you don’t have doubts. Instead of assuming things, you talk about everything to ensure you are clear. [Read: How to effectively communicate in a relationship]

19. You life isn’t absorbed by them

Some people think meeting the right person is about your life feeling fulfilled by them. That can happen, but they should be a part of your life, not all of it. When you meet someone, and your life doesn’t flip upside down but is rather made better, it is a sign someone is right for you.

20. You compromise

Compromise sounds easy, but it can be hard to meet someone in the middle when you aren’t with your person. You don’t want to give up anything for someone else.

But, when you find someone that’s right for you, compromise doesn’t feel so bad. You want to make them happy. [Read: How to compromise in a relationship and not feel like you lost out]

21. You’re confident

This relationship doesn’t make you second guess yourself. You aren’t constantly wondering if they’ll dump you or leave you. You feel confident that they’ll answer when you call and that they’ll be there at the end of the day. Instead of wearing down your self-esteem, they raise it.

22. You enjoy being bored together

You can be bored together, and it isn’t awkward. Sitting in a car in silence for hours isn’t painful. It is enjoyable because you’re together. You can sit around watching TV, reading, or cleaning and still enjoy your time just being near them. That is rare but a sign someone is right for you. [Read: Why women love the strong silent type]

23. You respect each other

If you respect each other, you have something many couples don’t. Respect is wildly overlooked. If you truly respect and appreciate each other’s opinions and care for one another as partners and people, you may have found the right person.

[Read: Real soulmates? The 20 signs you’ve met the love of your life]

Learning how to know if someone is right for you isn’t easy. But, after looking at these signs, reflect on your relationship and how you feel about it. Is this person the right one for you?

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