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15 Best Honeymoon Destinations that Scream Adventure and Romance

If you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations, look no further! These 15 destinations are perfect for newlyweds looking for romance and adventure!

Best Honeymoon Destinations

After the big day, your honeymoon is the time for you and your partner to connect and enjoy time together as a married couple. If you look for the best honeymoon destinations, these 15 places are filled with romance and adventure!

15 of the best honeymoon destinations you can try

From fun-filled cities to exotic islands, these 15 destinations will get you excited and ready for your new life together.

#1 Las Vegas. Your wedding may have been the most beautiful, serene, loved filled day, or it might have been one big party, but if you look for somewhere to continue the fun, or to really go wild and celebrate those first few weeks as a married couple, there is no better place than Las Vegas! The bright lights, the hustle and bustle, the world-famous casinos, the glitz and glamour—it’s all there for the taking.

Splash out on a suite in one of the amazing theme hotels such as the Venetian with its own mini-Venice, complete with gondola rides. Laze by the pool sipping cocktails during the day and then get dressed up to the nines to hit the clubs complete with dreamy roof top terraces, indoor waterfalls, and some of the world’s best DJs to party the night away. For style, excess and a whole lot of fun, Vegas could be the best honeymoon destination for any couple. [Read: Couple’s road trip – A perfect escape with your lover]

#2 Japan. For food, culture, and breathtaking scenery head to Japan where you’ll enjoy all that and more. If you and your partner want a honeymoon destination with a difference and want to do more than just laze on the beach or frolic in the waves, Japan offers much to see and do.

From amazing, experimental, and fine dining cuisine to imperial palaces, stunning gardens, shrines and temples, and national parks where mountains tower over you, a visit to Japan could be a honeymoon you’ll truly never forget. [Read: The 25 couple hobbies to create more fun and adventure together]

#3 California. The sun-kissed shores of California are ideal for honeymooning couples who want to head somewhere warm and indulge in a little bit of everything. From beautiful beaches to bustling, but laid-back cities, to incredible hikes through Yosemite or Big Sur, you’ll never be short of amazing things to do and beautiful sights to see.

#4 Sydney. Situated on Australia’s coastline, Sydney is a hugely popular honeymoon destination and best known for its gorgeous harbor where sundowners are a must as well as iconic sights such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Here you can enjoy romantic meals, fantastic tourist attractions, and great weather all year round. [Read: Understanding the wedding night woes]

#5 Provence. France is pretty synonymous with romance. Perhaps no area more so than beautiful Provence. If you want to explore gorgeous scenery, ancient architecture, quaint towns and cities, beautiful, unspoiled beaches, and some of the finest food and wine around, Provence provides like no other.

Whether you and your new spouse are active and outdoorsy or simply want to float from one pretty place to the next, Provence is an ideal honeymoon destination. It really does offer something for everyone.

#6 Balearic Islands. The balmy Balearic islands are found in the gorgeous Mediterranean and the ideal honeymoon destination for couples looking for sun, sea, and sand. With great beaches, scenic countryside, and plenty of fantastic spots to eat and drink, a romantic, intimate, and relaxing honeymoon destination awaits. [Read: The secret you need for harmonious love]

#7 Dubai. There is no place on earth quite like Dubai. If you want a honeymoon where you can truly spoil yourselves and enjoy the best of city and beach life combined, Dubai is a fantastic destination. If you love ultra-modern architecture, contemporary cuisine, and places where you will be treated like a king and queen, Dubai will not disappoint.

#8 Disneyland. Getting hitched is a serious business. So, if you want to shake it off and spend a week reverting back to being kids again, what better place to head than Disneyland where enchantment and magic will be right at your fingertips?! Disneyland offers fantastic packages for honeymooners to ensure the trip is packed with romance as well as lots of fun!

#9 Morocco. Morocco is a hugely popular honeymoon destination for couples. With colors, textures, sights, sounds, and smells all mixing together, it boasts an atmosphere quite unlike any other. For sun, sea, and sand lovers there are stunning beaches at your fingertips. But you can also dine on fresh seafood after a dip in the ocean. Then head into one of the bustling towns or cities with markets, glittering lamps, beautiful fabrics, and plenty of fantastic places to eat and drink. Morocco really does have it all! [Read: Things a sex vacation can do for your love life]

#10 Botswana and Mauritius. For a truly once in a lifetime trip, hot foot it to Botswana and Mauritius. Head out on safari and spot a whole range of exotic animals in their natural habitat. Then, why not stay in a beautiful beach hut and fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves?

Spend evenings enjoying romantic candlelit dinners in the bush. And swim with wild dolphins enjoying breathtaking scenery and feeling as though you are the only two people in the world.

#11 Uruguay. In Uruguay enjoy romantic beachside strolls, fresh seafood, gorgeous vineyards, and plenty of great nightlife. And if you love to relax and soak up the culture during the day, but want to really let your hair down at night, Uruguay might just be the place for you. [Read: What you need to know to spruce up your honeymoon sex]

#12 Bermuda. Who wouldn’t love to head to Bermuda on their honeymoon? Here you know you get fantastic weather. Enjoy lazing around on the beach and swimming in the sea to your hearts content. Of course, Bermuda has plenty more to offer besides sun, sea, and sands. If you feel more adventurous, explore this tiny, yet perfectly formed island. Try your hand at a range of sporting and daredevil activities.

#13 India. While many honeymooners prefer living in the lap of luxury for a couple of weeks post wedding, there are also those who choose to do something a little more unusual. India offers a little bit of everything. Make your honeymoon as rough and ready or as luxurious as you want. With plenty of beaches to explore, bustling city centers, bargains to be had, and great cuisine to try, India is the honeymoon you’ll never forget.

#14 Greece. Greece is an ideal honeymoon destination for those looking for great food, beautiful places to relax, stunning scenery to explore, and a fantastic nightlife. In Greece, you choose to head to little towns and villages, discover unspoiled beaches, and relax away from the crowds. Or head to one of the bustling cities and throw yourself into the party atmosphere and really go wild! [Read: All the tips to have a great time when you travel as a couple]

#15 Seychelles. The gorgeous group of islands off the coast of east Africa are a hugely popular honeymoon destination. It’s easy to see why with welcoming locals, pristine beaches, indigenous wildlife, and beautiful flowers and plants. Here you enjoy days lazing on the beach, hiking around the countryside, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, or trying your hand at a range of water sports!

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Choosing your honeymoon destination can be tricky. The best way is to decide exactly what kind of holiday you hope for. Do you want it to be action packed or totally tranquil? Once you know, it will be so much easier to pick one of these best honeymoon destinations!

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