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11 Profound Relationship Quotes Anyone Can Relate To

Looking for the perfect quote to summarize your current relationship predicament? Here are 11 of the most profound ones that are sure to inspire you! By Lianne Choo

relationship quotes anyone can relate to

Sometimes, the bad can overshadow all the good there is in your relationship, and all you can seem to think about is how unhappy you are with your partner.

This is especially true if something big happens to you such as infidelity, a problem that’s slowly getting out of hand or major life changes. As morose as this may sound, try to remember that as bad as things are now, they can always get worse. [Read: 10 relationship deal breakers you need to watch out for]

Do remember, however, that they can also become better with the right mindset and a whole lot of effort. The effort is your share of work. As for the mindset, we’ve got a couple of interesting and enlightening quotes that may help you regain a mental foothold on what to do with your relationship.

Relationship quotes to help you through a rough patch

Forget about trawling the internet for tips on how to be happy in your love life. The relationship quotes below will be enough to get you through even the darkest of hours.

Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, after all. With the help of these 11 bits of advice that are fashioned into quotes, you may just be able to find your way into the light sooner than you think.

1. “Choose to be happy.” -Anonymous

Like everything else in life, happiness is a choice. No matter how down in the dumps you are, you can always look at the bright side to see that things aren’t as bad as you think. There is happiness and joy in your relationship, if you look hard enough. And once you see it, you may learn that this little spark of joy is worth fighting for. [Read: 6 ways to be a much happier person]

2. “Be the hero in your story.” -Anonymous

It’s your life and you should play the starring role. Once you realize that you are the hero in your own story, you will be empowered to be the best version of yourself. With this comes confidence, and with confidence comes respect for yourself. As with heroes you see in movies, you can overcome just about any obstacle in your own way, particularly those you’re facing in your relationship. Go forth and thrive!

3. “People change, but they don’t change much.” -Anonymous

Remember this quote when you are in a tough spot trying to decide if you should stay in your relationship or leave. For example, you may have an abusive husband who promises repeatedly that he will change and never hit you again. The same goes to your wife who was caught cheating more than once.

Always remember that people are capable of change, but only up to a certain point. As kind as it is to give your loved one yet another chance, think twice before doing so. [Read: 16 signs it’s time to move on and end the relationship]

4. “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.” -Anthony Robbins

When you are happy and healthy, your relationships will thrive. Expel toxic people from your life, eat healthy and add exercise into your daily schedule. When your body looks and feels good, so will your mind. Once your mind is happy, you will find that the quality of your relationships, not just with your spouse, but with everyone around you, will significantly improve. [Read: 10 toxic relationships you should avoid]

5. “Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.” -Miles Franklin

This quote should resonate with those who believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy and communicative relationship with their partners. Being able to communicate with one another is supremely important, if you want to make your love life work.

Whether it’s happy or sad news, don’t bottle everything up inside, as the weight will take its toll on you. When you are able to communicate freely with your partner, your relationship will develop into something far more meaningful than one built on just lust and passion. [Read: How to communicate effectively in your relationship]

6. “Once you figure out the why, you can tolerate any how.” -Jillian Michaels

Although this quote was made to motivate people to lose weight, there is no denying that it can be applied to multiple facets of your relationship. Whether you’re with someone for the companionship or you’re staying strong to make a long distance relationship work, figuring out why you want to stay is the first step towards overall improvement. The human mind is a wonderful tool and the thoughts that you have can be channeled towards make you a stronger, happier and more successful individual. [Read: 5 ways to fix a relationship that’s falling apart]

If you’re stuck in an unhappy relationship, think of this quote. Never let anyone, especially your significant other, bring you down. The only reason you’re being brought down is because you allow yourself to stay with a person who treats you that way. When you find it within yourself to resist the pressure they put down on you, you can stand up for yourself and find the strength to walk away. [Read: 15 signs you’re being controlled in your relationship]

8. “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Whether it’s something as menial as your husband leaving the toilet seat up or something heavy like your wife having a slip up with her boss, you have to learn to forgive. Forgive your spouse for the small stuff, and forget about the whole ordeal, because at the end of the day, life is too short to be spent brooding over the little things.

However, forgiveness does not mean letting the heavy stuff go and pretending like they never happened. It just means that you need to rise above it all, work through it and be strong enough to do the right thing.

#9 “Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” -Mother Teresa
When you love someone, there has to be a whole lot of giving. Give your time, love and loyalty only to those who are worthy. No matter what, always remember that being in a relationship is a two way street, and that your spouse should be living by this mantra as well. If you are the only one taking this quote to heart, then maybe you should start considering finding someone who can reciprocate.  [Read: Should you make someone a priority if you’re just an option?]

10. “Assumptions are the termites of relationships” -Henry Winkler

Assuming something before confirming it only serves to make you jump to conclusions. When you’ve preemptively put a thought in your head, it can be nigh on impossible to get it out. Whether that assumption is a wayward spouse or an unhappy partner, the conclusion you’ve jumped to can eat away both at your mind and your relationship. Always confirm before you make assumptions, because those assumptions have a nasty habit of turning into accusations. [Read: 10 ways your negative thinking is ruining your relationships]

11. “We cannot really love anyone with whom we never laugh” -Agnes Repplier

This quote should remind you to always have fun with the one you’re with. Being able to laugh and share joy with your spouse is perhaps one of the most important parts of making a marriage work. When the money, the looks, the prestige and all those things are gone, you can always fall back on the joy and laughter you find in each other. [Read: How to be funny and make everyone love your company]

Quotes are a great way to remember important life lessons in the way of eloquent words. The next time you feel like you need some sagely relationship wisdom from those who have a penchant for inspiring prose, these quotes will be able to help you through your predicament.

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