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How to Not Cry: 13 Easy, Discreet Ways to Hold those Tears Back

how to not cry

Crying is something that all humans do. However, there are moments when it’s okay to cry and others when you’re dying to know how to not cry.

If you’re wondering how to not cry and hold those tears back, that’s completely okay. But at the same time, remember that the old attitude of crying being a “feminine” emotional response is old news. Get with the times, people – all of us cry. In fact, it’s actually healthy to cry as it balances your emotions and relieves stress.

Take the time when I watched The Notebook – let me tell you, once those tears started streaming down my face, there was no stopping me.

How to not cry – 13 ways to hold back the waterfall

Of course, there are times when crying is something you’d prefer not to do. Fair enough. You have the right to decide when and where you’re going to cry, right? Well, if you don’t know how to control your tears, you may be showing them at times when you wish you weren’t.

You don’t have to be the watery-eyed one in the room, so if you want to know how to not cry and hold your teary eyes up high, here are 13 tips that’ll help you.

#1 Breathe. Ah yes, just like in the movies. “Just breathe, God damnit!” Well, now it’s my turn to say it. You need to breathe. Focus on your breathing by taking long, deep breaths. If you’re having problems focusing on your breathing, try to focus your attention on someone else’s breathing. [Read: How to stay calm and get those inside voices out of your head]

#2 Pinch yourself. Crying is hard to control because it’s a psychological response. So, you can actually control it by using a physical distraction. If you want to know how to stop crying, pinch yourself. Surprisingly, it’ll distract you, and you’ll be focusing on the physical pain instead. Now, don’t get too crazy with the pain part, all you need is a quick pinch.

#3 Tense your muscles. If you want to control the tears, try tensing your muscles. When people cry, it signifies that they’re feeling passive and helpless. Therefore, you want to do the opposite. By tensing your muscles, it’ll make you feel more in control, and thus, prevent you from trying. I do this by using one of those stress balls. Works like a charm.

#4 Drink something cold. This is kind of a weird tip when it comes to learning how to not cry at the wrong moments, but bear with me. Your tears are stimulated by the facial nerve. So, what you want to do is stimulate the facial nerve with another sensation.

So, get yourself a glass of cold water and start guzzling it down. It’ll stimulate the branches of the facial nerve and remove the attention from the one that’s just about to make you cry a river.

#5 Step back. Obviously, there’s something in your surroundings that’s making you upset. So, if you can, try to remove yourself from the situation. Try to avoid situations that will bring up these emotions for a while until you settle down. It’s not worth it. [Read: 10 signs you’re lovesick and 10 ways to get out of it]

#6 Pay attention to your thoughts. What’s making you cry? Why do you cry when you see two people hug or when your dog licks your face? Is there some childhood connection to these emotions? Ask yourself these questions so that you’ll be able to become self-aware. That way, the next time a situation similar happens, you’ll know the triggers.

#7 Move your eye balls. This one may sound and look a little odd, but if it works, why not? Moving your eye balls around can actually help prevent you from crying. That’s right, you may get a couple weird looks, but wiggle or wink those babies around. Whatever helps you stop the tears. [Read: Crying during sex? What it means and how you can end those tears]

#8 Physical movement. Don’t stay seated in your chair, that’ll only make it worse. You need to get up and move around, clean your room, or go for a coffee break. By walking around and moving your body, you’ll be able to distract yourself. Your main goal is to keep your mind off the trigger.

#9 Get the lump out of your throat. You know the lump I’m talking about. That lump is causing all the problems. When you’re just about to cry, you can feel it develop in your throat. If you want to stop yourself just in time, you gotta get rid of the lump. So, take short sips of water, yawn, or swallow slowly. [Read: When a woman is crying – the gentleman’s dos and don’ts]

#10 Don’t listen to happy music. I know you probably thought that putting on positive music would not be one of my tips for how to stop crying, but it usually evokes the tears. In fact, put on sad music. It’ll help you process your emotions and calm you down. Fast-paced music does not help you calm down, let’s be honest, Beyonce’s Ring On It is not something I can hear while on the verge of tears.

#11 Think of the future. Maybe you just broke up with your partner or lost your job. If you can’t cry in that moment, then think of the future and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. You may be freaking out on the inside, but it’ll help you look at the future instead of the current situation. [Read: 15 moves to get over a breakup and move from pouty-land faster]

#12 Talk it out. I know this may sound a little weird, but when I’m about to cry, I talk to myself. Yeah, it probably looks weird, but this really helps me calm down, especially if there’s no one else to talk to. If you have some friends around you, talk to them about how you feel. Verbally releasing your emotions may prevent those tears from coming.

#13 Let it out. You can maybe stop your tears in that moment, but at some point, you’ll need to let them out. There’s no point keeping those negative feelings locked inside of you. Find a place where you feel comfortable to cry. [Read: Good cry – 15 romantic movies that are a must watch]

Take a warm bath, or watch a chick flick in your bed with a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter how you want you let it all out, just do it. You’ll feel much better in the morning.

[Read: 14 more ways to stop yourself from crying no matter where you are]

While it’s important to release your emotions, sometimes you don’t want to, or shouldn’t. So, try out some of these tips for how to not cry the next time you feel the tears starting to build up.

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