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30 Secrets to Get Over Someone You Love Fast & Not Give A Damn Anymore

Yes, there are 30 ways, and you can learn the steps to get over someone you love fast and get to the stage where you just don’t care or grieve about them. Try this!

How to Get Over Someone You Love Fast

What do you do when you’re madly in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? It’s not easy to know how to get over someone you love fast, but there are some very powerful steps that can take you to a better place!

Almost all of us know what it’s like to be heartbroken. Pure torture doesn’t even come close to describing that feeling of being cruelly rejected, either by someone you have a crush on or someone you were in a past relationship with. [Read: How to get over a crush ASAP and make yourself more desirable too]

It happened to me, it happened to her, it happened to him, and it happened to you. Learning how to get over someone you love fast is not easy, but it can be done.

The negative emotions you feel are unlike any other and undoubtedly leave you wondering if there’s anything in the world that can hurt so much. And honestly, there is just something about heartache that no other kind of physical pain in the world surpasses.

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Everyone deals with the pain of a breakup and heartbreak in unique ways

Before you try to figure out why love fades or how to get over someone you love, and fast, you need to understand that how people deal with this pain is very subjective. Some turn into party animals. Some turn into hermits. No matter how you deal with it, you always wonder why is it so hard to get over someone. It’s not easy, and it just sucks.

You lose all your confidence. You start caring less about people who love you and care for you, and the important things around you. And the world turns into something ugly and devoid of the smells, sights, sounds, and feelings of being alive.

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Why is it so difficult to get over someone you loved deeply?

Getting over someone is easy to execute in theory, but it’s way more difficult in real life. It seems like they got over you, and it seems almost effortless to them. But why exactly aren’t you over them?

Every heartbreak is another episode of us crying into a tub of ice cream and the person you love going on and leading their lives as if nothing happened. In the midst of it all, you check out your social media feeds and see the “love of your life” chilling with their friends and not looking like the train wreck that you hope they would be!

That feeling you get when you can’t seem to let go of someone you love may be unique to you, but there are a few traits of broken hearts that are universally common. It can be worse for a few people, but the mechanism stays the same. It hurts, you find it hard to forget someone and you can’t get over the relationship. Why is that? Here are the reasons.

1. You are driven to want to be loved

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D., people are programmed to crave romantic experiences. It is not because our emotional minds tell us to look for love. The truth is, love is a primal need.

After a breakup, your brain starts to go into withdrawal because the romantic experience of being in a relationship has been snuffed out by your loss. You can’t get over it yet because your brain is telling you that you desperately need love. Unfortunately, the only source currently on your mind is your ex.

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2. The thought of not having the person you love in your life is the same as experiencing physical pain

And what do we do when we feel pain? We focus on it because there is nothing else stronger than that feeling. If someone constantly pinches you, you would not be able to think about anything else until you make that person stop.

When you break up with someone you love, you feel the same level of discomfort and unease that stems from physical pain. So, the two things you end up doing are to either focus on that pain or try to make it go away.

3. You were addicted to this person you loved

No, really! You were. You may hate them, but somewhere deep inside, you want to get back together and you still want them back into your life. Researchers found the same areas that light up the brain when a person is high on drugs, is the same area that lights up when they are in love.

Once you take away that high, a person undergoes the same feelings of withdrawal, but not as physically damaging as with actual recreational drugs *even if you were in a toxic relationship*. Without the help of a great support system and a proactive approach to make you feel better, you end up hanging on to the feeling of loss.

Unfortunately, most of the easy methods are always the hardest to follow. Forgetting about your ex, seeing a therapist, talking about your pain, accepting that the relationship ended, etc. Those are all helpful, but not if you don’t want to do any of them. Therein lies the problem of letting go of the relationship. You will not let go of the past if you do nothing to make it happen. Reading this article is your first step.

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Tips on how to get over someone you love in the fastest and healthiest way possible

Whether you were dumped, cheated on, ended a long-term relationship, or simply did not get the response you hoped for, when you professed your love to someone, here’s what you need to know about how to get over someone you love, in the fastest and healthiest way possible.

And if this is someone you work with or have to see every day, yikes, but fret not, because here’s how to stop obsessing over someone you have to see every day without losing it!

1. Don’t put a time limit on yourself

People make this mistake all the time. And this actually makes the process even longer and harder to go through.

Instead of focusing on a rigid time frame or forcing yourself to get over someone fast in a specific period of time, you need to give yourself space and time to grieve and process what happened. If not, you end up bouncing from relationship to relationship with this person in your head the entire time.

2. Feel like shit if you want to

There are people who put on a fake smile and pretend they’re completely fine. Truthfully, they’re not fine, so why bother pretending? If you’re sad, then be sad.

Stay in on the weekend, watch a sad movie, cry it out, and pass out holding a bag of chips. Give yourself the opportunity to truly be sad and to process the negative feelings, even if it means allowing yourself to feel like shit.

Do whatever it takes to numb the pain. Once that’s done, snap out of it and get over it. You’ll know when you’re ready to rejoin the real world. This usually happens 10 pounds later.

3. Rome wasn’t built in a day

Be patient. Don’t think that you can get over things in a heartbeat. You don’t need to try to convince yourself that everything’s okay when it patently isn’t, as that will only make you feel worse. Give it time and do everything else you need to do to ensure that you are making healthy, step-by-step progress.

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4. Talk it over

Try not to keep all that heartache and hurt to yourself, especially if you’re just ended a long-term relationship.

It’s exactly times like these that you need friends and family members to talk to, to maybe shed a few tears with, and to start processing your strong feelings objectively by talking the relationship through.

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5. Mourn your loss

Imagine how long it takes for a flesh wound to heal. Now recognize the fact that inner scars take far longer.

Go through the grieving process of your lost love, listen to sad songs and let yourself feel the pain. One of the best ways to start is by trying to accept that it’s over, irrespective of whether it was a one-sided love or a long-term relationship.

6. Find someone else *but chances are, you can’t handle this!*

You know the saying, “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”? Well, it’s true for some people. If you can play it cool, call it an alternative, a rebound, or whatever you want. If you’re occupied with someone else for a few weeks, there is a lower chance you’re worrying about the doofus who won’t love you back.

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7. It’s dangerous to fill the emptiness with sex

Okay, this is totally contrary to the tip we’ve made above about getting over an ex. Honestly, sleeping with someone else doesn’t work. And it’s a risky proposition. So many people think that if they rebound, they’ll get over the person quicker, but that’s usually false.

If anything, it makes you realize either a) how good the sex was with them or b) that you two had a connection. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have sex with a random stranger or friend, but give yourself some time before you do, or you’ll more likely regret it later.

Here’s where having sex with someone can help. Getting into a casual relationship, a hookup, or a one-night stand can help in those weak moments when you’ve hit rock bottom and you find yourself feeling like there’s no reason to exist without being loved by this person you love. When you’re heartbroken, just receiving a flirty or complimentary text can make you feel just a wee bit better about yourself.

So, rebounds work for some people. And they don’t work for many others. Use a rebound as a last resort. But never as a long-term solution. Almost always, a rebound will help you for a few weeks, and if you don’t focus on getting over this person you love and healing from the emotional pain at the same time, you’ll only end up feeling worse in the long run.

8. Go out and flirt

If you realize that trying a rebound is something you just can’t handle, or it doesn’t interest you, try this. Just go out there and flirt with someone new if you want to get over the person you love. Being social reminds you there’s a whole world of potential partners out there ready for the taking.

Of course, it won’t help you get over the person you love. BUT it will give you a social boost and the confidence to remember that you’re still hot stuff. A broken heart is not the end of the world. It’s just a phase, and you will get through it.

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9. Delete them from everything

Don’t keep their number on your phone. Don’t follow them on Instagram, unfriend them or their mom on Facebook— they are now nothing to you. And when we say nothing, we mean nothing. Remove them completely from your life, at least for now. If you are trying to get over someone fast, then stop stalking them on social media accounts.

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10. Be honest about why it happened

Why did you break up with them or why did they break up with you? This is the time to be terribly honest with yourself so you can begin the process of healing. Just because you love them, doesn’t mean they love you back. There’s a reason why it happened. This is the chance for you to accept the real reason for why it occurred.

11. Focus on their flaws

Focus on all the stuff that made you angry. From her talking back to you, to him being an arrogant ass. Yes, you want to remember the good, but we’re sure there are plenty of things your former love did that got on your nerves. As unhealthy as this step may be, it is a rather effective one.

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12. Closure is for movies

That whole thing about getting closure from a failed relationship, confronting this person who doesn’t love you back, and getting them to sit down and have a great debate on the reasons for separation won’t do any good, whatsoever.

All it will do is have you thinking about them all over again, without providing any of the answers that you were probably hoping to hear. Closure works brilliantly on the big screen. But in real life, it falls far short of any of the intended objectives and causes you pain. There’s no guarantee this person would even sit down with you and talk, or even give you the honest answer you’re looking for. In all probability, you may just feel insulted. So instead, give yourself time to grieve and heal.

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13. Recognize you’re worth more

Why pine over someone who broke your heart and didn’t think you’re worthy enough to be their partner? If they don’t love you back, screw it. You’re better off without them anyway. Just a reminder that there are seven billion other people on the planet. You’re bound to find at least one who thinks the world of you. [Read: How to stop loving someone else… and love yourself more]

14. Get back into the real world

Right now, you’re probably theorizing, thinking about the future, and the “what if” questions run through your head. Now, we get it. All of us do that, but it’s not going to help you get over them.

Get back into the real world and what’s actually happening around you. The fact is, you’re not with them anymore. As of now, it doesn’t look like you’re going to be with them.

15. Stay occupied

To keep your mind off your failed love and the broken relationship, keep yourself busy. Move on and find a new hobby, throw yourself into work, get out of the house and see the world, make new friends and focus on extracurricular projects. Take this time and make a list of all the things you want to do, even when you may not feel like actually doing them.

16. Release your anger and pain

Binge eating and crying only get you so far. Find other outlets to channel your pain so you can let go of everything and stop living in the past. As difficult as it may seem, one of the best things to try is working out. If that isn’t enough to tire you out, start volunteering and helping others.

The world is a harsh place filled with problems, and making a difference puts things into perspective. By engaging yourself in other people’s problems, you realize losing someone who didn’t love you back is minor, and you can move forward. [Read: Life’s a bitch? 17 feel-good ways to make yourself feel better]

17. Set your emotions free

So many people bottle up their emotions inside, locking them tightly inside their hearts. But this only prolongs the post-breakup period and makes it harder for you to move on. You need to get your emotions out. Do whatever it takes, write a song or poem, take up a kickboxing class, or talk to a therapist. The point is—get them out.

18. Meditate

Similar to physical exercise, meditation is a form of self-care that could help you deal with post-relationship withdrawal. Especially if you have to get out and go somewhere to learn how.

19. Regain confidence

Starting over both mentally and physically is very important. Why not start with a physical change? Get a haircut, change your style, and rev up our workout and diet regime. Once you look good, you’ll start feeling good too.

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20. Step away

You need space that will allow you to heal. Seeing this person every day is not going to help you get over it. If you work together, request to move departments. You live in the same area? Stop going to the same watering holes.

Share the same group of friends? Decline party invites from mutual friends if you know they’re going to be there. In time, being in the same room with this person will be tolerable, but until then keep your distance.

21. You don’t need to always be busy

People think the best way to get over someone fast is to make sure every minute of the day is spent doing something. That’s wrong. You need time to reflect, time alone to sit with your thoughts, that’s the only way you’ll get through it.

Perhaps you love them, or perhaps you love the idea of love, or maybe this special someone means the world to you but they hurt you so bad you feel broken inside. Whatever it is, you need to take time to sit down, and you need to process your thoughts. if you’re busy all day, you ignore the real issue and bury it.

22. Bring back your social life

When you were with them, you probably didn’t see your friends much. Now, that’s normal, but it’s time to get your social life back to how it used to look. This doesn’t mean you hang out with people every day, but surround yourself and reconnect with positive and supportive friends, those people who make your life better.

23. Talk to someone

Don’t underestimate the power of the third-party point-of-view. Chatting with a friend is good enough to grieve the loss and overcome it. Sometimes it’s important to just let it all out and have someone who cares about you offering up advice. You know they only want what’s best for you. So, trust what they have to say.

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24. Remove any memories of them

You don’t have to burn photos, just put them in a box and keep them stored somewhere so that you don’t feel the pain whenever you see them. You don’t have to burn all your memories with them if you’re trying to figure out the best way of forgetting someone fast and get over all those unresolved pain and grief.

Remember, at one point, this person was a part of your life, you’ll want to look back at the good memories and see how much you’ve changed from that relationship.

25. Discover who you are

Now is the best time to focus on yourself or change your life for the better. If you wish you could be someone else or a much better version, figure out who you are and what you want in life. The next time you allow yourself to fall in love, you won’t make the same mistakes. Take some time off to travel, switch up your routine, find happiness in trying new things, and live for yourself.

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26. Spend time with loved ones

Be sure to surround yourself with friends and family. They reinforce what you already know, and the plain and simple fact that there are other people in your life who love you. Focus on them instead of on that one person who doesn’t.

27. Use psychology

One of the most powerful ways to convince your subconscious mind to believe something is repetition. The more you repeat the fact that the relationship is over, the more this statement is likely to turn into a solid belief.

If you keep telling yourself that this person doesn’t love you and that you need to move on with your life, you will eventually believe it.

28. Don’t be hopeful

They’re not coming back to you. This is the mindset to have. You may remember the good times, and save space in your heart hoping they’ll realize you’re the best thing that happened to them and come back.

But hope is what prevents us from moving on and accepting what happened, especially when it comes to heartbreak. We think they’ll come back to us and in some cases they do, but the best thing is to assume that they’re not. This way, you focus on healing.

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29. Do you

You probably feel that you lost something meaninful – it could be a loss of appetite, or a loss of purpose, or even your reason to live. But it’s time to change that way of thinking.

Think of this as an improvement. As if you shed a layer of skin. Now, it’s time to focus on your mental health. Go get a haircut, get your nails done, go for a walk—it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you show some self-love.

30. Speak to a therapist

You may have great friends or a very understanding family, and that’s all great. Most of them may even be willing to listen to your problems and help you out.

But if it gets to the point where you feel like you’re burdening your friends with the same stories and problems over and over again, or you’re just not able to move forward and forget this person you love deeply, do not be ashamed to ask for help from a therapist or a grief counselor. Just make sure to do this because you want to be helped, not because you just want a soundboard.

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Wanting to get over someone you love who doesn’t love you back is one of the hardest things to do. But once you finally get over it, you’ll be a much stronger person. Follow these steps to get over someone fast, and they’ll be the healthiest steps for you, and your future.

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