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12 Quick Tips to Make Your Relationship a Little Better

Want to instantly improve your relationship? Don’t think it can stay alive long enough to weather the long-term solutions? Try these quick fixes now!

make your relationship better

Ever dreaded the thought of heading home, because you have to deal with a world of negativity from your partner? Tired of constantly bickering over petty stuff? Feel like you’re carrying the weight of a failing relationship on your shoulders and don’t know how to fix things?

Well, when there’s a will, there’s always a way. If you think that your relationship is worth saving, then you should spare no expense when it comes to making things work. Your partner should be your number one priority, and making them happy is the key to staying together.

Nobody wants to be stuck in an unhappy partnership, and it’ll do you good to always remember that. There are plenty of things that you can do to make your relationship better. Some are long term solutions, whereas others are quick fixes.

Keep in mind that while you’re on your quest to make things right, you may be faced with questions like, “What’s gotten into you?” and “Are you high?” but you have to persevere and make it happen. Let your partner know that you’re trying something new, and you’d appreciate it if they kept the jokes to a minimum and jump on board. This way, they’re fully incorporated in your grand plan to make your relationship a little better and will play an active role in it.

Quick relationship fixes that every couple should try

Here are 12 quick yet effective things that you can do to instantly make your relationship a little better.

#1 Surprise sex. A surefire way to instantly make your relationship better is to spring surprise sex on your partner. Ladies, get yourself a sexy wax, and boys, be sure to trim the rainforest. Surprise your partner by reliving the passion and spark that was there in the early days of the relationship.

Make things even more interesting by doing it somewhere different and introducing toys, sexy lingerie and/or costumes. Let your partner know that you’re still hungry for them, and they will reciprocate in kind. [Read: 10 naughty ways to get over a sexual dry spell]

#2 Home cooked meal. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the same can be said for women. No woman in their right mind would turn down a delicious home cooked meal by her sweetheart. Be sure to sign off from work early, pick up fresh ingredients, and get cooking way before your partner gets home.

From a simple sushi dinner to a complicated confit de canard, put effort and love in whatever you make, and your partner will be sure to see and taste it. You get bonus points if you pair the meal with a good bottle of vino. [Read: 13 romantic dinner date ideas for two]

#3 Sensual bubble bath. Another simple way to improve your relationship is to surprise your partner with a simple yet effective gesture: a bath. Many couples are starting to find that bathtubs are no longer for luxurious soaks but for kids’ bath times. Bring back the vibe that you two shared pre-kids and draw a sensual bubble bath for your partner.

From scented candles and fancy bubble bath bombs to rose petals, go all out and impress your loved one. This isn’t just a treat for women. Even the manliest of men will appreciate a quiet soak in the tub after a long day at work.

#4 Quickie getaway. Stick your kids with the in-laws and head off for a quickie getaway with your lover the next time a weekend rolls around. There’s no need for a long, drawn out and expensive trip to the Bahamas. All you have to do is pick a lovely hotel in town and plan a nice stay-cation for two.

Make love all weekend long, order fancy room service and play tourist in your own city. Not only will this set the stage for a great and relaxing week ahead, it’ll also remind the two of you that you can still have fun together. [Read: 10 things a sex vacation can do for your relationship]

#5 Communicate well. Communication is key when it comes to maintaining a good relationship. Silence isn’t golden when it comes to making things right, so be sure to talk to each other, and be sure to keep tempers out of it. Turn off all electronic devices and focus on one another. Outline the problems that you’re having and come up with effective solutions to combat them.

There’s a chance that talking about your problems may make things worse, as it can be tough trying not to get too aggressive and defensive. If you think that’s the case, then you can try talking about everyday stuff, but be sure to pepper the conversation with interesting points.

Ask you partner fun hypothetical questions like what they would do if they won the lottery, how they would solve the problem that your best friend is having with her mother, and so on. Just sit down, have a lighthearted chat, and enjoy each other’s company. [Read: 30 questions for couples to keep the spark alive]

#6 Do something your partner loves. You can also immediately improve your relationship by surprising your partner and doing something that they love. It could be procuring tickets to the ballet, proposing a day at the museum, planning a summer surf trip, inviting the in-laws over for dinner, or joining your partner on their weekly volunteer excursion at the local shelter.

No matter what you end up doing with your partner, they will appreciate the gesture, as they know just how difficult it was for you to take that step. Don’t ever get stuck in a mindset that says, “I’m not interested in doing this, so I’m not even going to bother.” Whether you like it or not, do it for your partner.

#7 Go to bed at the same time. Try to sync your schedules, so that you go to bed at the same time. According to published author and psychologist Melissa Orlov, whose piece appeared in Psychology Today, “Inevitably, those couples I work with who follow this advice find that they are more relaxed with each other, feel closer, and sleep better.” By adhering to a routine of getting into bed together, you get into a routine of feeling closer to each other, which is a very important step in mending a cracked relationship.

#8 Work out together. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “The couple that works out together stays together.” Well, it may not be true for everyone, but why not give this tip a go? Not only will exercise get your heart racing, taking up the challenge of getting fit with the one you love will undoubtedly bridge the gap between you. Give it a go, and start with a stroll or jog around the neighborhood tomorrow. You can be sure that it’ll have a positive impact on the rest of your night.

#9 Give thanks. Whether you thank your partner by putting it into words, giving a delightful foot massage or volunteering to take care of dinner and putting the kids to bed, your loved one will appreciate it. Let them know that you care through simple yet meaningful gestures. Everyone likes to know that they’re loved, so there’s no doubt that it will instantly improve your relationship. [Read: 25 romantic gestures that will make your lover melt]

#10 Indulge in flattery. Compliment your lover on a daily basis. Examples are, “Wow! You look like a bombshell today!” or something like “You’re an excellent speaker and will definitely knock this presentation out of the park.” Whether you’re taking note of how they look, what they did or showering praise on their skills, you can be sure that flattery will boost your relationship. [Read: 25 compliments your guy will never forget]

#11 Start and end the day with a kiss. Touching is a surefire way to feel more intimate with your lover, and nothing screams intimacy more than a kiss. Be sure to start and end your day with one. Whether it’s a simple peck on the cheek or a full blown French session, just do it and watch in pleasure as your relationship takes a turn for the better.

#12 Be in a good mood. One of the most important tips to keep in mind if you want your relationship to be a little better is to always exude positivity. No one likes being around a grouch, so try to be in a good mood no matter how stressed out you are. Your partner may be the grumpy one in the relationship, but that’s no reason why you should slack on positivity.

Even more so, you need to be the one to bounce happy vibes off your partner. Instead of ice cold silence at dinner, crack a joke or talk about something happy that happened to you that day. It’s only a matter of time before they catch on and start exuding positivity themselves. [Read: 9 ways you bring out the best in each other]

When it comes to relationships, people always hope that things will get better no matter how bad they seem. But instead of just hoping and waiting, try these 12 quick tips and they will positively affect your relationship, and breathe new life into it.

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