The Three Commandments of Spying on a Partner

Are you a serial snooper who just can’t help but spy on your partner? You may like the drama, but are you prepared for the consequences? Read these commandments to know if you’re ready to snoop in love.

The Three Commandments of Spying on a Partner

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But all said and done, even if both of you aren’t sharing every intimate detail of your individual lives with each other, think twice before you put on your snooping glasses. As exciting as snooping may sound, it can actually bring about a rift in your relationship that you wouldn’t have expected.

Ask yourself a question. If you partner always suspects you, however hard you try to make them understand that you’re not a lying cheat, would you really stop yourself when someone really attractive flirts with you, and wants you real bad? Sometimes, we end up making our own partner fall into an affair in our constant pursuit of loyalty and insecurity.

So think twice before you snoop. After all, are you willing to jeopardize everything in your relationship just because you’re an insecure person? Think before you decide to cross the boundary and snoop. It hurts to find out that you’re not being trusted in love. And definitely, you too will pay the price, whether you find something fishy or otherwise.

The Three Commandments of Snooping

#1 You will always find something you wish you hadn’t

As annoying and miserable as this first commandment may sound, it does nothing to change the fact that it’s true. Almost all the time you snoop, you are bound to find something or the other that you may not like, even if it is an insignificant thing.

#2 You will get caught if you don’t find anything important

This commandment is the loophole to the first one, but can be just as disastrous as the first one. If you’re snooping and trying to find any evidence of a secret shag, but don’t find anything, then it is certain that your partner would walk into the very room as you feverishly grope through their underwear drawers.

#3 You will regret snooping

A wet blanket couldn’t feel any wetter! Every time you snoop, you will always end up regretting, whether you find something or otherwise. If you find something, you might regret having found such a dark secret. On the other hand, if you don’t, you would just be frustrated or you would regret having doubted your partner. Either ways, there will be regrets.

Snooping comes with its own trick-or-treat bag of the good and the bad. What you may find is completely left to chance or assumption. But the consequences of snooping are something that you may not always like.

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