Are you Snooping on your Partner?

Are you snooping behind your partner’s back and trying to find out what they’re up to? Do you feel insecure about your relationship and want to know what your partner’s been doing? Then this is just for you.


Do you love reading your partner’s mails or spending hours with their cell phone, in the hope of uncovering an unidentified finger print, a secret message or a photo of some ‘old friend’?

Your hands may itch however hard you try to take your mind off the new scented mail your partner may have received in the mail, or you may be dying to know if they have any old photos of their ex on their laptop.

But whether you’re sure they’re banging their secretary or you just want to know what gifts they’ve got from their exes, make sure you’re prepared for the consequences of snooping in relationships.

Snooping on your partner might be just as exciting as the beginning of a relationship, but it’s also riddled with insecurities, frustrating moments, loads of jealous tirades, excessive clinging and game playing. And all this happens because you want to know everything that’s happening in your partner’s life and mind all the time. And perhaps, it also happens because you just need to have a bit more drama in your life.

The Temptation of Snooping in Relationships

How many times have you checked your partner’s cell phone, pockets, their underwear and gone the whole nine yards? Is snooping in relationships a part of human nature or are you just dying to find a fault in your partner?

We humans can be really weird at times. When the relationship is topsy-turvy, we whine about the lousy partners we have to put up with. On the other hand, when love blooms and we feel warm in love, we just can’t imagine things to be so perfect, and try picking flaws or try to uncover any dark secrets of our partner, however old it may be!

If there was anything that could get you to snoop, it would be the temptation. You may be crawling on your fours and trying to reenact an old scene from CSI in the hope of uncovering any evidence of your partner’s party quickie. But more than your urge to confront your partner, it’s the temptation to find something out of the ordinary that gets your snooping goggles out in the open.

The prospect of finding something to trap your partner might make you want to pee in your pants with excitement, but before you do it, think a while and ask yourself if you’d be pleased to walk into your room and find your mate digging through your underwear drawers.

Snooping on your Partner

Says Cindy about a time when she snooped on her boyfriend, “I was involved in a long distance relationship, and one time, I went down to his place to spend a week during the summer. I found his diary while he was out at work, and I excitedly flipped through the pages. I hardly found anything written about me! I did find a lot of mention about another chick’s name though. It was Kristina, and she was everywhere, Kristina said this, Kristina said that… and at last I found something about me – Cindy said she’ll come down next week. That’s it. One lousy line! And I’m supposed to be his girlfriend. And the worst part was that I couldn’t even mention it to him that I had snooped into his things. It felt terrible.” Cindy did break up with her guy after telling him that she snooped on him, but it wasn’t a pretty sight!

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