Flirting Flings

Sexual Transmutation: How to Use It to Harness Your Sexual Energy

If you’ve ever heard of sexual transmutation, you might be wondering what it is. The good news is that it could work for you, too.

How to Know if Someone Is Thinking about You Sexually & Desires You

Wondering how to tell if someone is thinking about you sexually and find you irresistible? There are 16 signs, once you know them, you’ll never miss them!

How to Seduce a Friend Subtly

How to Seduce a Friend Subtly & Find Out if They’re Into You Too

Your feelings towards your friend have changed. You’re confused and not sure what to do. Learn how to seduce a friend with some risk taken out.

Cheating Fantasy

Are You *Should You Be* Worried about Your Cheating Fantasy?

Is it normal to have a cheating fantasy? There are many reasons why it might be happening, but also, it’s pretty normal, so you can calm down a bit!

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship

Emotional Cheating vs Friendship: Where Is the Line Crossed?

Ah, emotions… they’re pesky things. How can you tell whether it’s emotional cheating vs friendship you have going on? The lines can easily be blurred.

drunk kiss

Drunk Kiss Dilemma: So You Drunk Kissed Someone… Now What?!

So, you shared a drunk kiss with someone, and now things are just plain weird. So, what should you do to break the tension?

Can You Be in Love with Two People

Can You Be in Love with Two People? Of Course! But Should You?

No matter what your situation, wondering can you be in love with two people is a hard question to answer. Is it actually possible?

What You Can Learn from a First Kiss

Simple Peck or Steamy Makeout? What You Can Learn from a First Kiss

Kissing is a stepping stone to the vibe and intimacy of the relationship, so, knowing what you can learn from a first kiss is important.

Signs of a Bisexual Woman

How to Read the Signs of a Bisexual Woman When You’re Around Her

She may be into you, but she also checks out women when you are together. Is she just observant or do you think she has the signs of a bisexual woman?

Signs Your Crush Doesn't Like You Back

13 Painful & Soul Crushing Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Back

You’re drooling over your crush, you daydream about them. But do they feel the same about you? Here are 13 signs your crush doesn’t like you.

how to tell if two people are sleeping together

Ever Wondered How to Tell if Two People Are Sleeping Together?

There is a certain closeness when two people have done the deed. So, how to tell if two people are sleeping together? Watch their body language!

how to become a good kisser

How to Become a Good Kisser: 15 Moves to Lose Your Imperfect Pucker

Kissing is definitely an art form. Since it’s usually the first step in building intimacy, learning how to become a good kisser is a must-know skill!

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