Revenge Sex: My Own Experience and Everything I Learned from It

revenge sex

Have you ever had revenge sex? Revenge sex may be the perfect payback for a cheating lover, but you need to know a few things about how it works first.

Revenge sex is one of the sweetest ways to get back at a straying lover.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

You get back at your horny lover.

And you get to have sex with someone you have a crush on.

Sounds fair, right?

I mean, after all, your cheating partner deserves it, don’t they?

What is revenge sex really?

How did you feel the last time you caught your partner cheating on you with someone else?

Did you feel like a complete idiot for being so loyal and truthful while your lover was making out with someone else?

Did you wish you could have cheated on your partner just to show your partner how much it hurts?

Now after catching your partner, if you did have sex with someone else just to get even with your partner, then that’s the clear definition of revenge sex.

Experiencing revenge sex firsthand

I am a nice guy, and have always been loyal in my actions. But after four years of being in love with a girl, I caught her cheating on me. With my best friend! [Read: What do you do when your drunk girlfriend kisses another guy?]

I was furious. And as soon as I found out the truth, I avoided her and her calls. She cried and begged me to take her back. But I was mad with rage. Really, she was banging my best friend behind my back *now ex best friend* and that made me feel so stupid.

After a lot of failed persuasion, she said she’d do anything to get me back and that she was really sorry.

And then she said something shocking. She told me she’d convince her best friend to sleep with me so we can get even. Her friend was really hot and I’ve always liked her. I pretended like that idea was ridiculous and out of question, but almost immediately I was quickly aroused by the whole idea. [Read: What should you do when you start liking someone else?]

After a while of fake negotiation, I agreed to it.

I had wild, passionate sex with her best friend who was more than willing to help my girlfriend get back with me *surprise surprise!*.

My girlfriend’s friend and I had sex, and then I got back with my own girlfriend. But then, I realized that I didn’t get back with my girlfriend because I loved her. I got back because it was an irresistible deal. I used my girlfriend to sleep with her best friend.

I had always loved my girlfriend and couldn’t believe I had stooped so low. I was never the kind of guy who’d go sleeping with someone else just like that.

Passionate revenge sex at its best

The revenge sex was a high that I just can’t explain. It felt powerful and made me feel good again. But once I had revenge sex, I knew that things could never be the same again. I didn’t love my girlfriend anymore. In fact, it pushed me away from her. The whole negotiation to have sex with her friend made me feel sick in my throat.

Cheating was one thing, but revenge sex felt like premeditated murder!

If you’re swapping partners or swinging, that’s on mutual consent to explore new sexual options. On the other hand, revenge sex is different.

Revenge sex is only a way to satiate your ego and to nurse your ego and confidence back. It’s only a sneaky way to bring the balance back in the game of love. She cheated, so I had to cheat, even if I didn’t intend to. [Read: Affairs in a relationship and the games both your egos play in it]

3 things I learnt after having revenge sex

#1 People can stoop to any extent to get back what they had. My girlfriend wanted me back, so she was willing to do anything just to get me back.

#2 You’d do anything to get your ego back. When you’re cheated on by your partner, you feel shattered and your ego is bruised. You may not realize what you want, but somewhere deep, all you’d want is revenge and payback. And what better way than revenge sex.

#3 Most of us just need to find a good excuse to cheat. I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend, but when an opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t help but get aroused. How many of us can stay away from temptation when it so willingly comes your way?

Not too long ago, an attractive friend of mine caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She ended up having sex with another guy who liked her and had a huge crush on her for a long time. And she did that the very night she got to know her boyfriend had been cheating. [Read: 25 reasons behind why women cheat so easily]

It’s shocking how we throw all the love away in a moment of haste just to balance the egos and reassure yourself that you can do anything your partner does, if you choose to. Revenge sex is your way of telling yourself that you can get anyone you want if you choose to. You don’t need your partner anymore.

Making out with someone else just to get revenge is just a game of egos and dominance in the relationship.

People who indulge in revenge sex don’t do it out of love. They do it out of hate. You’d want to hurt your partner for hurting you, wouldn’t you?

Revenge sex doesn’t make things even. It only pushes both of you apart. If what you feel is hate instead of sadness, then your relationship is based on egos and dominance instead of love.

Love hurts, it doesn’t hate. [Read: Reasons behind why love hurts so much when it goes bad]

Secret revenge sex

Revenge sex is far more common than you think. In fact, it’s the first thought that comes to anyone’s mind if they’re capable of getting attention from anyone they want.

Go ahead and have revenge sex if it makes you feel better. If you don’t have sex with someone else, you may end up feeling bitter because your partner got to experience a lusty fantasy while you get the attention but don’t do anything about it. And once you have sex with someone else, feel good and forget all about it. Don’t tell your partner about it and make sure they don’t ever get to know about it later. [Read: Should you ever confess to cheating on your partner?]

This is a risky call, but this road is the most common one taken by many lovers. Most people just end up having revenge sex, feeling better about it and end up forgiving their partner too. By cheating, the power is back to neutral in the relationship again.

This is definitely not the right way to go about it, but go ahead if you can’t hold yourself back. You may hate yourself for it, but at least you got even in love, right?

[Read: I cheated on my boyfriend and feel a lot better now]

A better alternative to revenge sex

Forgive your partner. It’s a better alternative.

Or end the relationship. It’s the other alternative.

I did love my girlfriend a lot. And I would have forgiven her after a few days. It was only my crushed ego that made me feel weak and small, because I felt smaller than another guy who got to sneak in and have sex with my girlfriend behind my back. Perhaps, had I not slept with my girlfriend’s friend, we would still have been in a happy relationship.

But now, the relationship is over because I realized the shocking things I could do just to get even. It made me understand that ego was too deeply involved in my relationship to ever have a blissfully happy love life with my girlfriend. [Read: The good and bad sides of cheating and not cheating]

An eye for an eye

We’ve heard this line before. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

When I first had sex with my girlfriend’s best friend, all I thought was, “so what if the world goes blind, at least I get my revenge!”ย

But now, all blind and lost without love, I wish I could have saved my eye. Revenge sex with my girlfriend’s best friend was fun, but it was never worth losing sight of the bigger picture. [Test: Will you ever cheat on your partner?]

Have revenge sex if you must, but try to understand the foundation of your relationship and think about what matters and what you really want from the relationship. It’ll make all the difference to your next step.

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10 thoughts on “Revenge Sex: My Own Experience and Everything I Learned from It”

  1. Megan says:

    I had cheated on my bf and he believes that I should allow him to sleep with another girl. He said that it would make things even and he wouldn’t be angry anymore. But what he doesn’t understand is that he will only turn the tables. If he does this he will make me an angry person. He says he can never forgive me unless he can sleep with another girl. He doesn’t realize what this will do to me. I don’t care if i know who it is, I dont feel it’s right that he “Gets even”. Why can’t he just learn to forgive me? So it’s a matter of do I let him cheat and be bitter towards him and possibly break-up or tell him no and he has to learn how to forgive without revenge? Im so lost with this.

  2. Alex says:

    Megan, You cheated. However, If I were your Boyfriend, I simply would break It off. I wouldn’t have Sex with Someone Else For “Revenge”. It Is immature. Sex To Me, Is An act Of Love To express.

  3. Ashley says:

    I suppose I once had revenge sex. Three months into our relationship, my boyfriend attended a wild party, got really really drunk, and ended up sleeping with the hostess. I found out about it about a month later. I was really depressed over it but I stayed with him. Shortly after, I met one of his friends, an older guy who was really charming, hot, flirty, funny, and played the guitar. He had a girlfriend as well. Within the next year, my boyfriend, myself, the other guy, and a bunch of their other friends spent loads of times hanging out (mostly drinking). Everytime we would drink, me and the other guy would flirt majorly. Eventually one night, we ended up making out when we were both black out drunk , and my boyfriend walked in on it, and the whole party turned into a brawl. Neither me or the other guy remembered it happening at all, other people had to tell us what happened that night. About a week later, he threw a rock at my bedroom window and asked me to sneak outside (it was 2am and I lived with my parents). We talked about the kiss that apparently happened, the sexual tension between us, and he confessed that he recently found out his girlfriend had cheated on him, and brought up the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me. And we ended up having passionate wild sex in the backyard.

    I never told my boyfriend it happened. The only problem with the experience is that my feelings for the other guy intensified afterwards, but he just went back to his life, satisfied with finally getting into my pants. Three years later, haven’t even spoken to the guy in 2 1/2 years, and I still kind of want him to be mine.

    So, revenge sex may be worth it, it definately heals your ego. However, it’s a problem if you end up wanting more than just the one night.

  4. Robbie says:

    Megan are you fuckin serious? This is a perfect example of double standards. Stop being a slut and calling others a slut. You cheated. He is trying to keep you. If he can’t do what you do, then what the fuck is equality about. Shut up, you’re wrong, you deserve to be cheated on

  5. YukonBloamie says:

    Sounds like stupid excuses for people to have sex. Why bother to make up stupid reasons? I was used as a revenge fuck and I didn’t particularly like it. Oh, I liked the sex, but I didn’t like how I was treated after the fact. As the sex, a pawn in someone else’s relationship, to heal their own wounded ego. Especially when it was someone I cared about and would’ve wanted a relationship with otherwise.

    Why not just have sex and stop blaming other people for it?

  6. kayla says:

    I had revenge sex two days ago to get back at my cheating slut of a husband who decided to neglect me after I had given birth to our son. It took me three years of pure rage and head fuck, questioning myself as a wife. What did I do wrong all the rest of it to actually do it! I met this guy whilst away and we exchanged numbers. After negotiations we met at his hotel and had sex. God it felt good. Never felt bad. Now I am smiling since and laughing at my husband hahaha someone fucked your wife. It’s the best thing to do if you can’t get over it.and I am going to do it in with the same partner. Maybe after 12 months of having revenge sex I will be over it. We are not even yet. We have arranged the next time already. My advice do it! It really does heal a broken heart!

  7. King Smith says:

    My wife cheated on me, it hurt for almost 2 years and I felt the love was gone. I was ready to leave her. Every day the images would go through my head. Every day I would see glimpses of how I used to love her, but those glimpses turned into pain and agony of knowing what she did to me. She was remorseful and loves me very much.

    I ended up cheating on her – she was fine/hot. Sex wasn’t great…but – I no longer feel the agony. I feel more of the love.

    Ultimately – I can truly forgive my wife now, and start fresh.

  8. Natasha says:

    Back in December my boyfriend and I broke up. I had no intentions of ever getting back with him. I had sex with 2 different guys during the 4 months we weren’t together.. long story short I got into some trouble he was mu hero I sat him down and told him everything that had been happening when he seemed hurt but okay with it
    . now a month into it he wants to have sex with two girls to get even. I don’t know what to do. help!

  9. J. says:

    A few years ago when I was 16, my girlfriend (now ex*). Cheated on me with a guy that I hated more than anyone. He was a friend that i had knew for a really long time but i just didn’t like anymore. My ex had a friend who convinced her that we hooked up, She made a fake text conversation and everything. After i dated and put my heart and soul into this relation ship for 8 months, she cheated on my with my friend, and she was a virgin. I had never been so hurt in my life and i still feel it to this day. (Now 20*) Getting revenge sex crossed my mind but i chose not to at that time because i wanted her to feel guilty for what she had done. I partly regret not doing it now because what she did is still a prominent thought in my head today. Not to mention i got addicted to drugs after that and my life went down hill. I feel like i did the right thing by being the bigger person in the situation, Its not easy but i feel like i’m a lot stronger and wiser now because of it. Though it kind of sucks because its hard for me to find some one new while she has moved on and i stay a virgin/ hopeless romantic, at least she respected my wishes and stop talking to my friend forever, at least that’s what my “friend” told me. In my opinion get the revenge sex and then brake it off. show them how happy you are without them.

  10. Lyd says:

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