How to Know if Your Best Friend Loves You: 15 Signs That Don’t Lie

Best friends falling in love is not anything new. It happens all the time, so let me help you figure out how to know if your best friend loves you.

how to know if your best friend loves you

Sure, you and your best friend love each other. But, here’s how to know if your best friend loves you in a deeper, more romantic way.

There is certainly a possibility. You spend a lot of time together. You know each other very well. You get along. Romantic feeling rising to the surface is not all that uncommon.

But, with that being said, you do not want to risk your friendship to ask them flat out if you are not sure. So, how do you know if your best friend loves you? [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

Do you love your best friend?

If your feelings for your best friend do not rise above platonic love, why do you think your best friend might love you more than that?

Have they shown signs? Did someone mention something to you? If you are worried they have feelings for you, but you don’t for them, you can certainly be subtle about letting them know. But in my experience, just wait it out. If they have feelings for you, eventually they will make it known. If not, you don’t need to worry.

But, if you do love your best friend and think there is a chance they may love you, you definitely want to know how they feel. You deserve to. [Read: How to get over a crush on a friend and stay platonic]

You invest a lot into your best friend. If those feelings have grown into love, there is a good chance this could be an amazing relationship. But you also do not want to risk ruining your friendship by holding back your feelings, being jealous, or behaving like Ross from Friends.

So, instead of wondering and hoping they will sweep you off your feet, here is how to know if your best friend loves you.

How to know if your best friend loves you

It is not as complicated as you might think to figure out if your best friend loves you. You know this person well. It is easier to tell if they love you than it is a stranger or acquaintance.

Chances are you know if they were hiding something from you, just like they know if you are. So, it is best to figure things out as soon as possible so you can both face the feelings and go from there.

#1 Other people have noticed it. When your family and friends say something that is a pretty good way to know if your best friend loves you. When other people notice changes in behavior or chemistry it is pretty obvious. [Read: Friend to lover – What you really need to know]

#2 They are more touchy-feely. Maybe you always hugged, but now they hold on just a bit longer. Maybe they sit closer or even brush against your hand. These small signs may look like nothing from afar, but body language can be very telling. [Read: Clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction]

#3 They rave about you. You might think it’s normal for your best friend to rave about you to others. But, think about it, best friends often tease each other. If your best friend is listing off all your amazing qualities to their family or friends, there could be a deeper reason.

#4 They are uncomfortable talking about your dating life. If you notice your best friend clamming up when you bring up dating or someone you like, it is likely because they secretly love you. This is especially noteworthy if they used to be totally fine with it.

#5 They haven’t dated in a while. When your best friend loves you, they are probably terrified to say anything. It is also probably more than a crush. This means they are not interested in dating anyone else.

They are focused on you and are probably pinning. So, if they used to date a decent amount, but they are now single and they haven’t given you a legitimate reason for it it could be that they love you. [Read: 18 signs a friend likes you romantically even if they’re hiding it]

#6 Teasing has turned into flirting. All best friends tease and joke. But if that joking feels more like flirting and leaves you feeling something different, they could be putting their feelings out there subtly. We normally do not flirt with our best friend, so if you’re wondering how to know if your best friend loves you, keep an eye on their flirting game.

In fact, we often feel comfortable with them. If all of a sudden, you notice a different vibe from them it could be love.

#7 You notice moments. This is a big one. Some people think it is all in your head, but I think it is one of the most obvious signs your best friend loves you. If you share moments where you think they could kiss you or you just know there is a spark, they love you.

Sure, you could be off, but this is someone you know well enough to call them your best friend. So, if anyone would know, it would be you.

#8 They bring you on friend dates. What the heck is a friend date? I am glad you asked. This means they bring you to events that would be dates, but they aren’t calling it that because, well, you are best friends.

Maybe they bring you to their family member’s wedding or they bring you to work events. Sure, it could be to just have a date to these more awkward events. Most people only bring someone very special to such important things. [Read: 10 signs you’re dating your best friend already and just don’t know it]

#9 You have a history. If you have hooked up before or even dated in the past it is much more likely that feelings have resurfaced. It happens. It is pretty common.

In this case, it should be relatively obvious. You have experience with this person romantically so you know what to look for.

#10 They notice the little things. Are they the only person that noticed your hair cut or when you are in a bad mood? Best friends are very tuned into us, but someone who loves you romantically sees things in a different light.

They are genuinely upset to see you upset and are beyond happy when you are happy.

#11 You talk all the time. I talk to my best friends a lot, but when things go from friends to feelings, things change. Conversations do not just start up randomly, but they go all day and into the night.

When someone loves you, they want to hear from you and interact with you as much as possible. [Read: 13 friend zone hacks to get your friend to like you a lot more]

#12 Things are different. You know your best friend and your friendship. It is likely that you have been close for quite a while. But, if you notice changes to your relationship, something is up.

If things go from totally normal to them surprising you or dressing up more around you, these are signs they love you.

#13 Their family adores you. If your best friend’s family loves you, that often sparks even more love from them. If they are close with their family, seeing them love you, makes them proud and happy, and probably relieved.

If their parents adore having you around and you are comfortable with them, there is a good chance that they see how their child feels around you. They are glad you make them so happy.

#14 You feel it. Go with your gut. If you know, you know. This is your best friend we are talking about. They may be trying to play it cool, but you know what’s up. If you question it, it is probably true. [Read: How to listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

#15 They said they do. If they told you they love you even in a subtle way or when drunk, it is probably true. They are probably dying to scream it from the rooftops.

And if they haven’t already, ask them. Tell them how you feel and ask them what’s up. Once everything is out on the table, you will both be so much happier.

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Figuring out how to know if your best friend likes you is easier than you would think. Most of the signs have been right in front of you all along. 

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