How to Approach Your Crush: Get Noticed & Impress Them All at Once

how to approach your crush

You’ve been drooling over your crush, but you haven’t spoken one word to them. It’s time to pluck up your courage and learn how to approach your crush.

Having a crush, let alone knowing how to approach your crush, is definitely an exhausting experience. Your emotions are all over the map, any slight move they make towards someone else makes you lose your mind. It’s not easy.

Sure, dating apps have helped connect people, but at the same time, it’s stunted our ability to flirt and talk with people in real life. When you see someone cute at the grocery store, you’re not going to open your Tinder account to try to find them. Or if you’ve been seeing the same person at your gym and can’t get them out of your mind, why not just approach them?

For me, it looks like online dating has ruined those small moments and made us fear those opportunities to talk to our crush.

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How to approach your crush

And, let’s be honest here, what do you have to lose? If you approach your crush and find out they don’t like you, it’ll sting, but you’ll be able to move on with time. If they do like you back, well, now you have the chance to go on a date with them and get to know them. It’s a risk you need to take for yourself.

Plus, it’ll help you work on approaching people you’re interested in for the future. Trust me, practice helps. So, if you finally want to approach your crush, well, it’s about time you learned.

Let’s get on our big people pants and learn how to approach your crush.

#1 Your crush is just a person. We tend to put our crushes on a pedestal and fantasize about them. And this is why it’s so hard to approach our crushes. In our minds, we treat them like celebrities. But your crush is a normal human being. Don’t make yourself think they’re above you because they’re not. [Read: Here’s how to start a conversation with your crush that will excite their mind]

#2 Don’t linger around them. You probably think they don’t notice, but they do. Everyone notices when someone is hovering around them. And even though this shows them you’re interested, it also sends up huge creepy signs.

Seriously, no one is going to go for that. I know you don’t probably mean to look creepy, but be aware that that’s what it looks like. [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

#3 Be you. You don’t need to try to be mysterious or pretend you’re some CEO executive when you really are a university student. These things never work, at least for the long-term. If you really want your crush to like you, always be yourself. And if they don’t like you, well, it’s their loss.

#4 Pick someone nearby your crush to strike up a conversation with. Approaching your crush head-on may be a little intimidating for you. I get it! So, you can always work your way towards your crush, by starting a conversation with one of their friends who’s standing by them. That way, it’s an easier transition, and they’ll most likely get introduced to you by their friend. 

#5 No, you don’t need a cheesy pickup line. You have no idea how many horrible pick-up lines I’ve heard. I even had a guy do a magic trick in front of me at a club. Yes. Well, he didn’t get my number. So, leave the pickup lines at home. You don’t need them, and most of the time they don’t work. Just be yourself. [Read: 20 really terrible pickup lines you’d be crazy to use]

#6 Don’t force the conversation. If you’re talking and your crush isn’t saying much back, you don’t need to push the conversation. You want the interaction to feel as natural as possible, and conversation is a two-way street. You can only do your best. If they’re not meeting you half-way, end the conversation. 

#7 Use your friends for practice. You have a great group of people around you who love you and want you to be happy. So if you want to learn how to approach your crush, why don’t you try practicing your approach with your friends first? Your friends will be able to tell you how your approach is and if there’s something you should change.

#8 Trust your gut instinct. We all know deep down when someone else has feelings for us. This is one reason why having a crush is so hard. Sometimes, crushes are people we know don’t share the same feelings as us, but we can’t accept it. Follow your gut instinct when approaching someone. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

#9 No one is going to judge you for being bold. You’re following your heart, and that’s admirable. Let’s say you did everything right, and the person isn’t interested, well, there’s not much you can do. But no one is going to judge you for making a bold move. Approaching your crush isn’t easy, but you’re doing it.

#10 Get their number. Okay, so you approached them, and things are going well, but you just can’t end it there. You need to keep the momentum going. If you’re able, ask for their number. If you get it, it’ll be a huge achievement, and you’ll be able to possibly ask them out on a date. Isn’t that what you wanted? [Read: Don’t walk away! How to ask someone you like for their number]

#11 Keep the spark going. You’ve managed to talk to them, which is a huge step, and now you even have their phone number. But, it is not the time to pat yourself on the back and take it easy. You should keep the spark going. Send them a text message, have a small chat, and ask them out.

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Learning how to talk to your crush isn’t easy; it’s terrifying. But, eventually, you must step up and make the first move. It’s the only way you have a chance of getting anywhere with them.

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