Texting Her Wild: How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

Trying to get your girl feeling hot and bothered from afar? Follow these dos, don’ts, sexy examples and ways to turn a girl on over text.


Learning the power of the written word can be a huge help to you in pretty much every aspect of life, and your sex life is no exception! Not only will learning how to turn a girl on with your words get her hot and ready for you later, but it’ll also help you learn what to say in person to get her wet.

Foreplay *including your words* is a huge part of a woman’s ability to orgasm, making this technique all the more tantalizing to learn. However, turning your girl on is easy peasy in person. You have the option of using touch, taste, and your sexy voice.

But if you’re looking to get her hot and bothered over text, it may not be so easy! Over text you lack tone, sensuality, and of course, the ability to caress her leg, touch her hair, and kiss her lips. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! In fact, there are so many fun and sexy ways to turn a girl on over text that we couldn’t help but share.

The benefits of turning a girl on over text

The fact is that people are less inhibited when it comes to typing and texting. If your girlfriend is of the shy persuasion, she’ll probably be a lot more comfortable exchanging some dirty-wordy via text rather than sexily whispering it in your ear *as much as you wish she would*.

Exchanging some dirty words together can benefit your relationship in the following ways: your girlfriend may feel more comfortable with you sexually and may open up more in person, you will be able to share fantasies together, and you’ll get to learn what does and does not work when it comes to turning your girl on. She may also feel safer and less judged if she’s able to text you about dirty things instead of having to reveal them to you in person.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s tons of dirty fun? Yeah, that too. [Read: How to get a shy girl to feel relaxed and open up in bed]

Joking and flirting via text

Flirting is a great way to start off with some sexy talk. There’s an art to planting the dirty-talking seed in a woman’s mind. Start with some simple flirtations, make her laugh, and then inadvertently make a sex joke or innuendo.

If you mention sex, a body part, being shirtless, just having worked out, etc., it’s going to plant that thought in her mind. Once the thought is there, it can be hard to shake and easy to build on for even dirtier texts later! [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make her smile]

Women are visual creatures, too

We’ve all heard that when it comes to sex, men are visual creatures, but so are women! When you sexy talk to your girlfriend via text, she wants to be told a story, and that includes your fantasy. Give details and really draw her into your fantasy. The more turned on she gets by yours, the more likely she’ll be to share her own dirty thoughts with you.

Ask her about her fantasies

Remember that part where we mentioned that a girl is much less inhibited via text than she might be in person? This gives you a great opportunity to get her to live out her fantasies with you over the phone. Start by asking her what her wildest or mildest fantasy is. If she’s shy, start by telling her yours. As much as your wildest fantasy might include a horde of lesbians all looking to serve and pleasure you, try to avoid this cliché and tell her one of your fantasies that involve her instead. Some examples include:

– I’ve always dreamed of touching you somewhere public, like in the back of a cab or at a restaurant, making you so wet that you can’t stand not being alone anymore.

– In my fantasy, I have you sit on my face where I can feel you buck your hips against me while I give you orgasm after orgasm.

– I’ve always fantasized about licking your clit for hours before finishing hard inside you.

Remember, no matter what your fantasy, she’s going to want to be included *especially if she’s the jealous type!* [Read: Types of fetishes – Dirty little secrets in bed]

Straight up dirty text

Think you know exactly how to turn a girl on over text? If you’re confident in your abilities and believe you know what’s going to get your lady love hot and horny, then we say go for full-on dirty talk! Remember, girls love a story, so don’t be afraid to send some longer texts than the standard “I’m so horny” or “My dick’s hard.”

In reality, girls aren’t going to want to hear about your end of the horny spectrum alone. No, she’s going to want to hear something dirty about herself. Examples include:

– Thinking about you is getting me so hard.

– Your body is so sexy. I can’t wait to get my hands on it later.

– Tonight, I plan on licking your clit for hours, making you moan, and having you beg me to let you come. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

Should you send a dirty photo to a girl over text?

Aside from the many, many reasons why you shouldn’t sent a nude or risqué photo to anyone, ever… when it comes to dirty photos, women are not generally as interested in seeing your dick-pics as you are in seeing pictures of their boobs. Here’s our only advice to you on the subject: if you’re going to send one, you’d better be damn sure she wants it. [Read: Should you take naked pictures of your partner?]

When to call it quits

Hey, you’re a smart guy, right? That means you’ll know when to give up the dirty texting for the night. But, if you’re still confused, here are a couple of tips:

– She’s upset. If your girlfriend seems upset or is dealing with a stressful family, school, or work issue, now probably isn’t the time to try to get her panties wet. Instead of thinking you’re a sexual master, she’ll probably think you’re an insensitive jerk. Brownie points lost: 100.

– She’s not receptive. If you keep throwing out cute, flirty texts and she isn’t responding or is only giving you uncomfortable, one-word answers, it’s probably time to quit it.

– She’s mad at you. With some girls, fighting is it’s own aphrodisiac. Sometimes when we fight, all we want is for you to unzip our pants and show us your goods. But other times, like when you’re having a serious argument, she’s going to want to rip your balls off if you’re over there initiating sex while she’s pouring out her frustrated heart to you.

– She keeps changing the subject. Take this as a polite decline, at least for the night. If your girl keeps changing the subject or making jokes about your advances, chances are she’s not into it.

You know what’s super sexy to a woman? Respect. Be a sexy guy and know when to give it a rest for the night. And hey, just because she’s not into it now doesn’t mean she won’t be into it later. As the old adage goes, “Try, try again!”

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If you want to learn how to turn a girl on over text, you’ll really have to know the girl in question. All girls will respond to different avenues of textual pleasure, so get to know her and start experimenting.

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