How to Kiss Someone Deeply and Make Them Crave Your Lips Always

how to kiss someone

There’s not much better than an incredible kiss. Knowing how to kiss someone in a way that makes them ache for you is very powerful.

If you really want to leave someone wanting more of you, it’ll be in the way you kiss. Now, it might sound shallow that someone could judge you based on the way you kiss but humans can be shallow creatures at times. Which means knowing how to kiss someone the right way can really help get your foot in the door.

People like to feel like you have a connection. And yes, the connection SHOULD be emotional when determining whether or not you want someone to be your partner, but we’ve somehow learned that it’s physical. At least at first, it is.

Establishing a connection physical will allow for a chance to connect emotionally

I know it’s backward. That’s just how humans operate, unfortunately. Even our first judgment of someone is physical. It’s based on appearance. And because of all those romantic movies depicting a woman falling for a man only after that first, magical kiss, we think this is how it’s supposed to be.

While there are plenty of people who prefer to establish an emotional bond before even kissing, the large majority of people will get to know you minimally, and then decide how deep your connection is based on that kiss. So you want to make sure you get it right if you truly like them. [Read: 15 reasons why an emotional connection is so important]

How to kiss someone and leave them thinking of you days later

To truly connect with someone through a kiss, you’ll want some tips to get it right. Leaning in for that one moment that could make or break your chances with someone is terrifying, but these tips on how to kiss someone the right way can make it less daunting and give you more success.

#1 Make sure they want it. You can’t just go around kissing someone without making sure they actually want to. Assuming they do just because they’ve been nice and even flirting doesn’t mean they really want your lips on theirs.

You should wait for verbal or very, very clear body language that suggests they actually want to do it first. Which means you have to watch out for eye contact, their eyes on your lips, and even them leaning in really. If you kiss and they don’t want it, you’re in trouble. [Read: 6 signs she’s definitely ready for you to kiss her]

#2 Initiate physical contact beforehand. Don’t let the first time you even touch them to be a kiss. That’s not the way it should work. You have to be sure they’re comfortable with your touches first. If they’re not, then kissing is the wrong thing to do.

First, just lean in and bump shoulders or just touch their shoulder if they made you laugh. Gauge their reaction and if it’s a good one, you can try again. Don’t move in for the kiss until they’re comfortable with closer physical contact from you. [Read: 15 subtle signs to predict the magic moment of the first kiss]

#3 Start with lots of eye contact. Looking someone in the eye is a very initiate move, especially when you hold that eye contact. This is a way to get their attention and make sure they see your intentions.

So if you want to know how to kiss someone and get the right message across, be sure to make a lot of eye contact and frequently. Let them know you’re engaged. This will also increase the intimacy and let them know a kiss could be coming their way.

#4 Set the mood. You want to make sure the mood is right for a kiss first. That can mean actually moving to a more secluded, intimate room when you’re with other people, or just stepping closer to close the gap.

Not only does setting the mood make the kiss a lot better, but it also allows them the chance to figure out what’s happening. Having a warning of your kiss arriving the crucial for making sure they want it in the first place. So set that mood right! [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

#5 Make them laugh. The more they laugh, the more they like you. And the more they like you, the better the kiss will feel on their end. Even if it’s not that good, having that emotional connection and having their attraction will make it seem even better.

So tell some jokes. So long as you’re avoiding any sexual innuendos, you’ll be safe. Focus on being yourself and letting your humor out in order to show them what a great kiss can be like.

#6 Gradually move closer. Now’s time to gear up for that kiss by moving in closer. Do this slowly. The goal is to not even let them realize you’re doing it. They shouldn’t be alarmed that you’ve suddenly stepped up right next to them.

As you talk, simply scoot or take a tiny step closer. The gap should close seamlessly and they might even be the one closing it. Allow them to move in and then just wait.

#7 Read their body language correctly. After you’ve moved in, you should wait and read their body language. Are they leaning away from you and not even facing your direction? If so, they don’t want a kiss and you may have moved too fast.

If they’re into you and actually want you to kiss them, they’ll be facing you, your proximity should make them seem happier, and they could even be upping that eye contact themselves. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on before your first kiss]

#8 Move slow as you lean in. If you’re going in for the kiss, don’t make the mistake of trying to be hard and passionate. Those kisses should be reserved for romantic comedies – not for your very first kiss with someone new.

Instead, move slowly and lean in while moving your eyes from their own eyes to their lips. This signals your intentions and also helps heat up the moment. The anticipation is what you really want in that moment.

#9 Make it soft and sweet. Again, don’t try to force your face against theirs. Instead, just keep it soft and sweet. It’s not about seeing how much you can kiss them, it’s about making that single kiss say more than you can with words.

Which means you want it to be very soft and gentle. Don’t push harder when you finally kiss. Instead, let it be soft, sweet, and over before they want it to be. [Read: How to kiss passionately and sweetly]

#10 Let them make the next move. When you kiss them softly and pull away after a really gentle kiss, they’ll want more. But you should let them go in for the next move. Don’t be the first to kiss again because you want to make sure they want it just as much. If you’ve played your cards right, they do.

[Read: 22 tips to master the art of the perfect kiss]

With these tips, you’ll figure out how to kiss someone and leave them with a lasting, amazing impression of you. Just remember to keep it simple and just enjoy it.

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