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Totally Smitten or Mildly Crushing? 10 Ways to Split Them Apart

Have a crush on someone, but not sure exactly how much you really like them? These tips help you decide if you are totally smitten by your crush.

Totally Smitten

It’s impossible not to develop crushes on people throughout your life. Whether it’s the attractive bartender, the hottie who is friends with your friend, or the cute person you met on the subway, people come across others they are interested in frequently in their lives. But how can you tell if your crush is someone whom you are totally smitten by?

Just a simple crush or something more? All the signs you’re totally smitten!

A basic understanding of how much you like a crush is key for figuring out what kind of action you take in pursuing them. It helps you decide whether the person is a potential candidate for love, or just a pretty face who brightens your day. These tips help you figure out if you are completely smitten by them or just crushing.

#1 You get butterflies in your stomach every time you are around them. The sensation of butterflies in your stomach when you see your crush or spend any time with them is almost like a natural signal going off in your body letting you know that you like this person.

Your body says, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” So, if your stomach literally feels like it contains a field’s worth of fluttering butterflies when you interact with your crush, they have a lot of potential and you really like them. [Read: How to tell if you like someone: 15 weird unlikely signs]

#2 You think about the person all the time. If you find yourself daydreaming about the person you like at work, home, the gym, and the grocery store, you really like them.

Sometimes the people you come across simply appeal to you that you can’t get them out of your head. Although this might temporarily affect your work performance, it is a great sign for your love life.

#3 You check your phone a million times to see if they have texted you. If you are constantly looking at your phone more than necessary to double check that your crush hasn’t texted you yet, this signals it is more than your average flirting situation. In a more casual encounter, the overwhelming need to check your phone usually isn’t there. [Read: Texting your crush – A step-by-step guide to doing it right]

#4 Time seems to move slowly while you wait to hear back from them. Sometimes, when you really like someone, the waiting period between text messages seems to last an eternity. It might be as short a time period as a few hours. But if you really like the person, then these few hours drag like days or weeks.

So, if you experience the time slow-down phenomenon after you text your crush, most likely it’s a good sign that you’re totally smitten by them. [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for]

#5 You get jealous if you see the person giving a lot of attention to someone else. Jealousy is a big sign you are smitten by your crush. If you didn’t really like them, then you wouldn’t find yourself feeling unnecessarily emotional about the fact that they are talking to a member of the opposite sex.

Be careful! Being overly clingy or needy can be a turnoff. So keep those jealous feelings in check while you pursue that special someone. *If you notice your crush acts jealous around you, it might mean they are smitten by you too!* [Read: 12 things you do that’ll make anyone think you’re a stalker]

#6 You aren’t as interested in other people. Losing interest in other people is sign six that your crush is someone whom you really like. It means you find this person so appealing to you that other people fade into the background. Your mind has no problem prioritizing them, because they are actually worth all of the attention and energy.

#7 You contemplate marriage with this person. The most telling sign of all in terms of being smitten by someone, if you find yourself contemplating marriage to this person. Marriage is the strongest form of commitment that exists. If you think about getting engaged and starting a family with them, a red alert that you are completely into them.

#8 You constantly discuss this person with your friends. If you constantly blab about your crush to your friends, this is another sign you’re totally smitten. This is especially true if your friends are completely sick of hearing about the person and tell you to shut up about them every time you bring them up. [Read: How to know when you’re in love – 50 signs you just can’t ignore]

#9 You flirt with the person whenever you see them. Not being able to go a full conversation without complimenting or otherwise flirting with your crush is another telltale sign you’re really into them.

If the flirting feels like it’s on autopilot, you really are trying not to waste any opportunity to win them over or show you are interested. AKA, uncontrollable flirting means you definitely want the person. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

#10 You are extremely sensitive to their opinions. You are completely smitten if you find yourself totally concerned with your crush’s opinions on things. For example, say your crush is obsessed with hockey. If you never watched a single game of hockey in your life, but you suddenly find yourself reading newspaper articles about the National Hockey League, this could definitely be significant.

Or, if you suddenly find your entire political philosophy shifting to accommodate your crush’s political leanings, this could be another clue you are totally smitten by them.

[Read: Does your crush like you back? 15 things you HAVE to do next]

Finding out just how much you like the person can be crucial for making the right decisions in your love life. You don’t want to miss out on some great opportunities because you couldn’t read the signs that you really, really liked them.

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