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How to be Sexy as Ever and Own Your Unique Type of Attractiveness

how to be sexy

Nobody is the same type of attractive. If you want to highlight your best assets and learn how to be sexy in your own unique way, here’s what to do.

We all have our own little things that make us sexy and attractive. Someone that’s not conventionally hot to the majority of people might be the sexiest person someone else has ever seen. It’s all about finding what makes you unique and learning how to be sexy in your own way.

You can’t try to be sexy the way someone else is because you can’t. If you try emulating a celebrity you say is sexy, you could end up suppressing the parts of you that are truly enticing.

Sexy can mean different things to different people

It’s not always the same thing. Certain people could say confidence is sexy while others might indicate shyness and being bashful as sexy. No two people have the exact same opinion on what makes someone sexy.

For that reason, you have to know that you can’t please everyone. Trying to be everyone’s kind of sexy will result in you becoming a hot mess – and that’s not a good thing. Finding what’s unique about you and bringing that forward in an enticing way is how you’ll be sexier than ever. [Read: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

How to be sexy and own your unique qualities

If you don’t feel sexy or have a hard time feeling good about yourself when it comes to your type of attractiveness, we have a few tips that can help. Here’s how you can learn how to be sexy and bring forward your best self.

#1 Figure out your unique and attractive characteristics. This might sound weird, but think back to all the people you’ve been with. What’s a commonality they all thought was cute or sexy about you?

There has to be something everyone has mentioned that you may not have even thought about. Your laugh could be the sexiest thing about you if everyone has always said so. Think about what it is so you can focus on it. [Read: 20 dos and don’ts for real attractiveness that play a very big part]

#2 Work on your confidence. I know that confidence isn’t something everyone finds sexy but in order to figure out what’s best about you, you’ll need to work on this. Confidence isn’t just about thinking you’re the hottest and best looking.

In fact, it’s more about loving yourself fiercely despite many flaws. When you gain confidence, you’ll understand what it is that’s special about you and it can help you own it.

#3 Dress in whatever makes you feel good. Notice that this doesn’t say to dress in something sexy. That’s not always needed. If you dress in something that makes you feel great and comfortable, your sex appeal will be evident.

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. Allowing that confidence to come through will do more for you than a tight-fitting dress – unless that’s something that makes you feel good. You can dress in jeans and a t-shirt and be just as sexy. [Read: How to look good in bed when your man comes over]

#4 Let out your goofy side. Being goofy and having a fun personality is incredibly sexy. If you’re a naturally silly person, then be silly around the people you like. Not everyone has this quality and it can be extremely attractive to the right people.

#5 Highlight your best traits. If you have big ears and don’t like them, it’s fine to wear your hair down to shield them. However, you should also highlight some of your best traits.

If you have great skin and sexy collarbones but don’t like your ears, throw that hair up. Don’t hide the great things just because they might expose the stuff you dislike. People will pay far more attention to that glowing skin and décolletage than they will your ears. [Read: 30 sassy traits that make a feisty girl dangerous and sexy]

#6 Don’t be insecure about your less attractive traits. We’ve all got something we don’t like about ourselves. Like stated above, don’t hide these if it means you’re also covering up great qualities. Just because you’re not that happy with certain things doesn’t mean someone else won’t like them.

#7 Flirt the way you know how. Flirting changes depending on who you are. You’re never going to flirt the same way another person does. Don’t try. It comes across as not genuine and that’s often annoying. Just flirt the way that makes you feel sexiest and it’ll do you a lot of favors.

#8 Laugh often. You’ll never believe how incredibly attractive laughter is. Even if you have a ridiculous laugh, do it a lot and do it loud. Allowing other people to hear your joy can be a lot sexier than you think. You never know who might fall in love with that laugh. [Read: How to smile and laugh more often to change your life for the better]

#9 Get fit. This has nothing to do with making your body more attractive. This is entirely based on the idea that when you work out, you feel stronger. When you feel stronger, you’ll ooze sex appeal.

Being active and working out is a perfect way to feel sexy if you’re not too happy with your confidence right now. Hit the gym and you’ll feel a major difference.

#10 Find someone who thinks your type of attractiveness is sexy. You know by now how difference attractiveness can be. You really have to find someone who likes you as you are. There are people out there dying for someone just like you.

You can’t be going for people who just aren’t into you. You aren’t every single person’s type. Accept that and you’ll start finding the people who appreciate and are attracted to you. [Read: 15 guaranteed ways to get your crush to like you]

#11 Be yourself. Yes, it’s cheesy. However, there are too many people trying to be sexy in ways that just aren’t them. You ARE sexy already. You’re your own type of sexy and you can’t try to cover that up by trying to be something else.

That only makes you awkward and seem like a fake person. Let your own light shine. Don’t snuff it out in order to use someone else’s. It’ll appear duller and much less attractive.

#12 Have fun no matter what you’re doing. There’s something irresistible about someone who is always having fun. No matter what someone prefers in a person attraction-wise, they can’t deny this.

They’ll want to know why you’re having so much fun and they’ll want to be a part of that. So enjoy life. Being free and happy is one of the sexiest things there is.

[Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

Knowing how to be sexy is all about figuring out what makes you uniquely attractive and owning it. Learn what your sexiest trait is and work to highlight that and attract those who find you enticing.

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