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Tinder Conversation Starters: 31 Ways To Intrigue Them Instantly

The world of online dating, can get complicated and fast. Here are the best Tinder conversation starters for you to intrigue them.

Tinder Conversation Starters

No matter who you are, you’ve probably heard of Tinder by now. This dating app’s popularity has been booming since it first came out, and for a good reason, too. For many people, it’s turned into the perfect way to meet singles near them, and it works wonders if you have great Tinder conversation starters.

You might even be surprised by how many married couples met via Tinder. But, if you want to hit that sort of luck, the one thing you need to do is find something intriguing to say. That’s where we come in with Tinder conversation starters that’ll leave someone wanting more.

The first thing you say to someone sets the tone for the entire conversation. And many studies have discovered that your very first discussion has the power to either make people want you more or turn them off completely.

What we say plays the biggest role in attraction

I don’t care if you look like Zac Efron or Beyoncé. Your match won’t either. In the case that you are terrible at conversing and don’t click, it’ll go nowhere. What you say can even affect how attractive someone thinks you are.

It is true. We connect with people through emotions. The higher level of emotional attraction we have for someone, the more we’re physically attracted to them, too. And, all of this emotional attraction bleeds through in conversation. Therefore, you have to say the right things to reach a certain level.

So, having great Tinder conversation starters sets the tone for your entire connection. Why do you think the person who gets the first impression rose on The Bachelor almost always makes it to the end? It is because first impressions do count.

So, if you’re planning on meeting in person and hoping for a relationship, the emotional connection is vital. If you can’t have a solid conversation on Tinder, how will you enjoy a date? [Read: Meaningful topics that ignite intellectual conversation]

Tinder conversation starters that’ll leave them wanting more

It’s easy to think that you just have to say “hi” to get someone to like you. But there’s so much more to that initial attraction than you may think.

Saying hi doesn’t get anything started. In fact, simply saying hi can turn someone off. You weren’t creative or interesting, and you may not even get a response, and if you do, things are likely to die down quickly.

Here are some specific Tinder conversation starters you can use to boost your chances at a date. [Read: 15 signs a girl likes you on Tinder]

1. If you were just given the opportunity of a lifetime to pack a bag and leave tonight for a trip to anywhere of your choosing. Where would you go?

Talk about trAvel. This is a neutral topic that gets people excited.

2. So, how are you spending your day? Netflixing, causally sippin’ on something alcoholic, or out on an adventure?

Just chat about your days. This is simple and honest.

3. Congratulations! You were just given Monday off of work. How are you spending your three-day weekend? Will you sleep in, go on a short road trip, or celebrate with drinks?

You are pretty asking how they spend their free time, but it is a much less boring way.

4. Spontaneity is said to be the spice of life. Tell me about the last spontaneous thing you did and loved.

This can start you off with some entertaining stories.

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5. You just won a million dollars. What is the first thing you do with the money?”

Would they donate it? Maybe they’d go on an elaborate vacation. This can get you talking about some pretty important topics.

6. If you received a dollar for one thing people frequently get wrong about you, what would be responsible for making you rich?

Are they messy? Do they run late? This is like asking your date what their biggest weakness is but less professionally.

7. I’ve heard there are two types of people in the world. What do you think those two types are?

Find out how they see the world. Do your ideas align?

8. Someday, we will look back on the day we met, surrounded by grandchildren, and say, it all started with a swipe right. Romantic, huh?

Do they like online dating, or is it a means to an end?

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9. If you had to choose just one to eat for the rest of your life, would it be ice cream, brownies, or cookies?

Do they have a sweet tooth or do they prefer salty snacks?

10. Hi there, Tinderella. Do you mind if I am your Tinderfella?

This can obviously be reversed too. But it is pretty darn clever.

11. Your travel photos are amazing. Where were they taken?

This is another way to talk about travel, but instead of dream trips, you can share your best travel stories.

12. Wow, I think you’re the first [their job] I’ve come across on this app.

Compliment their job. Ask about it. Show your interest in what they do.

13. I’m super hungry right now and need inspiration. What are you making for dinner?

Food is never a bad topic. Everyone loves food.

14. What a cool [band] tee! What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Talking about music is perfect. You can debate your favorite band or songs and talk about concert experiences.

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15. What attracts you to somebody? For me, it’s always a great sense of humor and loving animals.

This can show you if you will click or if you are each other’s type.

16. I couldn’t help but notice your bookshelf. Impressive! What are you reading right now?

Books are a more romantic version of TV. Why talk about what show you’re binging when you can talk about your favorite books.

17. What’s the best (or worst) opening line you’ve received on here?

This is sure to be a great joy for both of you. There is a never-ending cycle of weird lines.

Tips for getting a response

The thing about using a specialized Tinder conversation starter is that it can be very impersonal if misused. Your job is to use these lines in addition to these tips for getting a response and carrying on a conversation. [Read: Creative Tinder lines to get you a date on the first try]

1. Be genuine

If you’re acting and being obvious about the fact that you’re not at all how you sound, it will show. Be genuine and honest. Nobody likes someone who is so obviously being fake. Have fun with these Tinder conversation starters, but don’t try too hard. Be vulnerable and open. That will get you further than putting on a show.

2. Mention something that’s in their profile

Showing you paid attention is a GREAT way to get a response, maybe even the best way. When you’re choosing a Tinder conversation starter, always read their bio. It’ll give you things to use as material. Not only does it show you paid attention, but that you care about their interests in general. [Read: Spot a good Tinder profile with these great examples]

3. Avoid mentioning physical attraction

I know it’s tempting to tell someone they’re beautiful, but it’s very overused. And in general, commenting on physical attraction indicates that you’d like to get physical with them – which is a turnoff. Plus, you’ve already matched. They know you find them attractive.

Save the comments about their beauty after you’ve already been talking for a while. And even then, just mention it in passing. Finding a more substantial Tinder conversation starter is best.

4. Make them laugh

Laughter really goes a long way to hooking someone on Tinder. When you make them laugh, you’ll almost always get a response. Why? Because they’ll remember you. It leaves a lasting impact when someone found what you said funny. So use a joke or get creative with the above Tinder conversation starters. [Read: How to make a girl laugh and like you instantly]

5. Be yourself

This is said a lot, but it’s true. Don’t use a pick-up line that doesn’t resonate with you. If you’re asking something about traveling when you hate it, it’ll be hard to back up. It just won’t make sense, and if you lie about liking to travel, it’ll show after a little while. So just be yourself and go with your personality.

6. Ask engaging questions

Questions are by far the best way to go about getting a response. You’ll notice the above Tinder conversation starters almost always ask a question. When you need an answer, people will most likely give it to you. It also intrigues them, and they feel much more invested in the conversation. [Read: 30 meaningful questions to ask someone]

7. Don’t be too serious right away

Getting really serious – especially at the start of a conversation – can scare people away. They want to have fun. They want to flirt. So keep things light and interesting without crossing the line into serious. It’ll bode well for you.

You don’t want to ask them how many kids they want or what their 5-year plan is right off the bat. Keep things light.

8. Find a way to connect your interests

If you see in one of their photos that they’re skiing, and you love to ski, mention it. Find a way to work it into your first line.

People like to know that you have something in common almost right away. When you discuss an interest right away, you’re showing them several different things instead of giving a boring compliment.

Firstly, you’re showing that you paid attention to their pictures and bio. Secondly, you’re telling them that you’re interested in more than what they look like. And lastly, you’re engaging with them about something they love to do. All of these are beneficial for you when starting a conversation on Tinder.

9. Use a cheesy pick-up line, but as a joke

We all know how annoying a really cheesy pick-up line can be. But what’s great about using it as one of your Tinder conversation starters is that you can make fun of it. Using a corny line followed by, “can you believe people actually fall for this type of thing?” can work wonders for getting a response.

It will help lead to a flirty and casual conversation. Going for this option will show you are a lot of fun.[Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pickup lines that’ll leave them laughing]

10. Let it be natural

Don’t force it. Let the conversation be what it is. Do your best to send out a Tinder conversation starter that they’ll be intrigued by, but don’t force it. If they don’t respond, they don’t respond. Don’t be that annoying person who double messages.

You don’t want to date someone when you have to force it. If it isn’t working, let it go and move on.

11. Ask what they’re looking for

This may sound like an intense question to ask right off the bat, but it can prevent you both from wasting time. If they want to have fun and you are looking for a solid connection, this can help you move forward. And if you both want the same thing, this conversation could help you connect even better.

12. Talk about your goals

You may think talking about yourself too much will turn them off, but sharing your passions as a Tinder conversation starter is actually super sexy. People love to hear about what excites you. It helps them learn that you love what you do and you are moving forward in life.

13. Ask to meet

You don’t want to do this right off the bat because it can seem presumptuous. After you start one with one of these other Tinder conversation starters and things are going well, give it a try. Talking online too much can make meetings seem nerve-racking.

Bonus tip

14. Send a GIF or meme

It’s been proven time and time again that breaking the ice with a GIF is the way to go. It can ease tension, make someone laugh, and we all know a strategically placed GIF can really make the conversation better.

Plus, this is a great way to bond over an internet sensation, TV show, or celebrity.

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Getting someone to reply on Tinder can be difficult, but not impossible. As long as you know what to say, it can go your way. Use these Tinder conversation starters to increase your odds.

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