Flirting Flings

friend zone or interested
Friend Zone or Interested? 15 Hints to Decode Your Crush’s Behavior

Are you in the friend zone? Are they interested in you? How do you even know the difference? Here are the signs of both friend zone or interested.

How to Recognize a Bad First Date
How to Recognize a Bad First Date: 12 Subtle Red Flags People Ignore

You’re on a first date. It’s going… horribly. Is it actually a bad date? Maybe you’re overthinking things. Learn how to recognize a bad first date!

early relationship red flags

Why You Should Run if You See These Early Relationship Red Flags

We all want to fall in love, but you know the old saying, love is blind, right? Catch the early relationship red flags to avoid the heartbreak.

ignoring someone for attention

Ignoring Someone for Attention: How to Do It to Get What You Want

There aren’t any rules when it comes to ignoring someone for attention. All we end up doing is testing out different strategies until we get what we want.

Friendly vs Flirty

Friendly vs Flirty: 12 Subtle Hints to Stop Reading the Wrong Signs

We all get caught up in the issue of friendly vs flirty from time to time. It is important to understand the difference and avoid any embarrassment.

Dating a Perfectionist

Dating a Perfectionist: 12 Things You Must Know Before You Date One

Most of us aren’t perfectionists. However, some of us end up dating a perfectionist. Though you know no one’s perfect, they might not be on the same page.

what to say on a first date

What To Say On A First Date to Keep It Light, Easy and Flirtatious

First dates are the room temperature coffee of the dating world. But knowing what to say on a first date can make them a whole lot easier.

how long should you date before having sex

How Long Should You Date Before Having Sex? Weighing the Options

How long should you date before having sex? This has been a question that has been asked through history for I’m not even sure how long.

how many dates before sex

How Many Dates Before Sex? The Complete Guide to Help You Decide

When it comes to having sex for the first time, everyone is different. But how many dates before sex should you really wait? We can help you decide.

Dating a workaholic

Dating a Workaholic: How to Do It & Maintain a Happy Relationship

Some people love their jobs. Dating a workaholic can present its own set of challenges when it comes to keeping your relationship in a healthy state.

how to be less clingy

How to Be Less Clingy: 13 Ways to Avoid Being a Stage 5 Clinger

If your nickname is the “stage 5 clinger” we have a problem. Well, you have a problem, but we offer a solution to learn how to be less clingy.

first kiss red flags

10 Major First Kiss Red Flags that Lead to a Toxic Relationship

There’s not much worse than an awful first kiss. Knowing how to read first kiss red flags can help you avoid the duds so you can find the studs.

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