Flirting Flings

How to Not Be a Boring, Dry Texter & Keep Your Crush Interested

Want to be a better texter? If you want to keep your crush interested, you need to learn how to not be dry and boring in your texts. Find the secrets here!

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome: What It Is & Why the Sudden Repulsion?

Ever been smitten, only to find yourself repulsed by them a week later? You’re not going insane, you’re just suffering from Sudden Repulsion Syndrome.

Signs You're Simping

The Big Signs You’re Simping and How to Change Your Needy Behavior

When trying to attract a partner, are you entertaining, or do you fawn to get attention? Check out these signs you’re simping and change your behavior!

double date ideas

The Best Double Date Ideas & Why Every Couple Should Double Date

Double dates are fun, and it can also help you grow your relationship, and keep things exciting. Try these double date ideas and find out for yourself!

things to talk about on a first date

30 Things to Talk about on a First Date that Make a Date More Fun

Do you want your first dates to be fun and exciting? Here are 30 things to talk about on a first date that’ll charm your date and make them want a second!

Fun Questions to Ask on a First Date

20 Fun Questions to Ask on a First Date for the Best Conversation

First dates are nerve-racking! Make sure to arm yourself with these great questions to ask on a first date to be sure the conversation will flow.

My First Kiss Story

My Embarrassing First Kiss: My First Kiss Went a Little Like This!

First kisses are remembered fondly, but they can also bring back embarrassing memories. Here’s my first kiss story and it’s as awkward as it gets!

How to Be Relaxed on a Date

How to Be Relaxed on a Date and Confidently Feel Like Yourself

Dating brings up a lot of nerves for most people! However, learning how to be relaxed on a date can make dating fun for you.

Dating App Terms

17 New Dating App Terms & Their Meanings for Easy Online Dating

Even just a short time online dating, you probably notice that there is some new lingo out there. Here are the most common dating app terms defined.

things to know before your first relationship

13 Things to Know Before Your First Relationship to Love Better

There are several things to know before your first relationship. These tips will help you navigate the dating world with a little more ease.

Exclusively Dating

Exclusively Dating or Casual Fling: 14 Signs to Know Your Status

You’re digging your partner, but the thing is, you don’t even know if they’re your partner! So are you exclusively dating or is it just a casual fling?

Getting Left on Read

Getting Left on Read? What It Means & Why You Shouldn’t Even Care

Anyone who has dated in the last 10 years knows how much it sucks getting left on read. You don’t have to take it lying down. Here is what to do about it.

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