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How to Tell if Your Crush Likes You With These 15 Subtle Clues

When we start liking someone, we immediately want to know how they feel about us, too. This is how to tell if your crush likes you back just as much.

how to tell if your crush likes you

Crushing on someone new is a fantastic and terrifying thing. You get all those butterflies whenever you see them and you just can’t control the blush that slowly fills your cheeks. The scary part is learning how to tell if your crush likes you, too.

Because you can never know what someone else is thinking. They could be completely ignoring you and only showing very simple, subtle signs that they’re into you. This is usually the case with people who are shy.

Why some people never show signs that they’re interested in you

The truth is, sometimes people completely hide the fact that they’re into you. This can be on purpose or by accident. Instead, they end up shoving all of their own feelings deep inside and they avoid you completely.

Doing this can be a defense mechanism, they might just be shy, or they may even think you’re just out of their league. If someone never thinks they have a shot with you, why would they go out of their way to show you they’re into you? [Read: 20 signs of attraction in the first conversation]

How to tell if your crush likes you back

On the flip side, some people will give you little hints and clues about their true feelings. Obviously, the people who are very up front about their feelings make it easy to tell. But knowing how to tell if your crush likes you back when they’re shy about it can be more difficult.

If someone new has recently caught your eye, these are some of the ways you can tell if they’re feeling the same about you. Just remember to watch for these subtleties the next time you’re together.

#1 They look at you a lot. This is one of the biggest signs someone is into you. They look at you all the time! Unless you have something on your face or are wearing something odd and distracting, someone who looks at you a lot totally has a crush on you. [Read: Why do guys always stare at girls?]

#2 Their friends talk them up to you. Have you noticed their friends starting to talk a lot more about your crush? Maybe they’re talking up their features or skills. No matter what they talk about, it means they like you.

#3 Their face blushes around you. Some people blush a lot easier than others. However, a big sign your crush likes you back is if they blush every time you walk up to them. Pay attention to the tops of their ears because those will get pink even if their face doesn’t flush as much. [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#4 They start acting hyper or excited when you’re near. This is a really easy thing to notice. When you walk up to your crush, how do they act? Do they just sit there and do nothing or do they lighten up and start talking in an excited way? The latter proves just how much they like you back.

#5 They always end up asking you personal questions. This doesn’t mean they ask too personal of questions. It’s more like they end up asking you about your hobbies and interests rather than make idle conversation. Instead of talking about the weather, they’ll ask you questions about your family or what you do in your free time. [Read: 50 personal questions to ask someone you like]

#6 They’re always by you in groups. Whenever you’re in a big group setting together, pay attention to where they always migrate. A big sign someone likes you back is if they end up next to you the majority of the time. This shows that they want to be close to you so they’ll have a better chance of talking to you and getting your attention.

#7 They laugh whenever you do. Some people do this on purpose and others have no idea they even do this around someone they like. One way of knowing how to tell if your crush likes you is by paying attention to their response when you laugh. Do they laugh too or are they not even focused on you? Someone who likes you will definitely laugh and smile when you do.

#8 They smile a lot when you talk to them. This is just because they’re excited you’re talking to them in general. People who seem happy and smiley whenever you’re talking to them are genuinely enjoying themselves. And that could mean that your crush likes you back. [Read: What men like in women more than anything else]

#9 They tell you personal things about themselves. And this is without you asking. Obviously, if you ask someone when their birthday is or how many siblings they have, they’ll tell you no matter if they like you or not. However, if someone is giving you this information without you asking, they totally like you.

#10 You hear their friends talking about you. If you walk by their friend group and hear your name, it’s very possible your crush likes you. This is because people tend to gossip about their friend’s newest crush and it’s a big reason their friends would be talking about you.

#11 Their body language suggests they totally like you. Are they leaning in when they talk to you and making eye contact? Then it’s possible they have a crush on you, too. Many people give certain body language and they don’t even know it. So if your crush is showing all the physical signs of being into you, then they probably are. [Read: 18 body language signs that show a person likes you]

#12 They like your stuff on social media. The only reason you should take notice of this is if it starts randomly. Maybe you two just recently started talking more and now they keep liking all of your posts and photos on social media. This is a big sign they’re into you.

This is even more noticeable if they like posts and photos from a long time ago. It means they’ve sifted through your stuff simply because they want to see more of you.

#13 You notice they’re dressing nicer. If you’ve picked up on the fact that they’re dressing nicer and staying well groomed, it could mean they like you. However, this can only be a sign if they’re also showing you some more indicators that they’re interested in you.

#14 They tell you jokes. People who like you will want to make you laugh. They’ll try their hardest to make you smile and laugh because they enjoy seeing you like that. Therefore, if you notice your crush trying to make jokes around you, they like you. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#15 They pay attention when you’re talking. And I mean they really pay attention when you’re talking. It’s like they hang on every word and can keep a really good conversation going. The fact that they’re paying really close attention to what you’re saying is a great way of knowing how to tell if your crush likes you.

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Knowing how to tell if your crush likes you back can mean the difference between remaining single and catching yourself a new lover! These signs can help you determine just how they’re feeling.

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